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Mark Macy was an atheist in the early 1980s, firmly convinced that notions of God and afterlife were no more than wishful thinking. Lately he’s talked on the phone with departed colleagues, and as part of an international panel of frontier scientists and researchers, he’s been in direct contact with ethereal beings—angels—who have accompanied our world for many thousands of years and have shared with us a bit of their ageless wisdom. Go figure.

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Life has many strange twists and turns. Twenty years ago Mark was trying to heal the planet by contacting leading thinkers from around the world and weaving their best ideas into a series of books. (Two of those books, Solutions for a Troubled World and Healing the World and Me, are still in print.) Then in 1988, in the midst of it all, he got cancer, his surgeon told him to heal himself before he tried to heal the planet, and he developed (believe it or not) an allergy to world affairs. Whenever he picked up a newspaper or turned on the evening news, he’d start getting sick to his stomach. He was drawn like a magnet to such books as Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, and The Supreme Adventure by Peter Hayes, which threw open the shutters of his mind to allow glowing rainbow colors and heavenly aromas of a thousand gardens of delight to sweep through him and ignite his soul. Still, his skeptical mind needed proof that the miracles described by the authors were for real. He got that proof from a small band of brave researchers from various parts of the world who were involved in spirit communication through technology. Their findings were so amazing and so indisputable that Mark became immersed in the work, and that’s what he’s been doing ever since.

Then came September 11. The horrific events of that fateful day shook him back down to Earth. It became clear that to put the highly complex and explosive world situation into perspective he’d have to reflect back on everything he’d learned and pull it all together. Mark Macy’s current book, Miracles in the Storm, is a product of more than 20 years’ working with brilliant minds on both sides of the veil. It describes what Macy regards as the most important miracle that has come to our world in more than 2,000 years. The miracle comes at a troubled time when our fate hangs in the balance. Although he wrote the book before the September terrorist attack, it’s all about the higher human qualities that can attract miracles to and sustain them in our world…also the typical human egos and troubled personalities that can generate doubts, fears, and jealousies that lead to disruption, disaster, and the ruin of miracles. How can we invite miracles once again to shine through the storm? That’s the subject of the book.

Sometimes a difficult and complex situation can be brought to light more clearly by a parable, so Mark recently wrote a parable called "The Town" based on what he’s learned over the past 20 years. It attempts to put into perspective many of the various influences on our world—the human, nationalistic, religious, and ethereal influences—and gives a clearer understanding of what’s really underway today.

Mark Macy was born in 1949, grew up in Windsor, Colorado, earned journalism and electronics degrees after high school, then spent two decades as a professional writer and editor on newspapers and in technical writing departments of high-technology corporations. Also during this period he launched a series of anthologies on world peace, with the collaboration of many bright minds from around the world. He became convinced of spiritual reality in 1991 and immersed himself in the young field of ITC (instrumental transcommunication), which is the use of electronic equipment to get information from the spirit worlds in the form of voices, images, and text.

As a founder of INIT (the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication), Macy arranged funding for the annual meetings of its members—scientists and ITC researchers from various countries. They attracted ethereal beings into the project, providing miraculous advances in ITC research. Macy gathered the research results of the various members and published the group’s journal several times a year. He also spread the word about ITC research through presentations, radio and TV interviews, books, audiocassettes, and videotapes. His latest book, Miracles in the Storm, tells the story of those fascinating years that bridged Heaven and Earth.

Mark graduated from high school in Windsor, Colorado, received electronics training in the Navy, did undergraduate studies at Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado, and did post-graduate work through independent studies and in connection with the International Institute for Integral Human Studies in Montreal, earning a doctorate in Therapeutic Counseling, Ph.D. (T.C.), from the Open International University for Complementary Medicines in Colombo in July 2003, in affiliation with the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

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