ITC and the fate of the Earth

The founding of World ITC in June, 2002
by Mark Macy


Implementing World ITC



Philosophy of Collaboration

Making Miracles

After much thought, I still believe that the ITC contacts enjoyed by INIT members during the first four years of collaboration (1995-8)* were the most important miracles of this modern era洋aybe of any era. After all, this could be the most crucial era humanity has ever faced. With wonders of modern technology that could restore paradise on Earth or reduce civilization to rubble, we stand at a fork in the road. One path葉he path of resonance through decency様eads to a new age of enlightenment for our world. The other葉he path of conflict among narrow interests様eads to annihilation. I知 certain that ITC could help us make the right choice.

I am in the process of forming an international network of ITC researchers called World ITC, which is dedicated to that end. In fact, the stated purpose of World ITC is:

A new ITC network will be built upon information I received from Konstantin Raudive and Spirit Group Timestream during a telephone conversation in May 1996. During my talk with Timestream, they told me that they monitor us on a sort of computer screen, and each of us is a point on an image. Konstantin Raudive said, "You and other INIT members are all on coordination points, and our aim is to join these coordination points."

I said. "We are trying to form a network on Earth without a traditional structure, not a hierarchical or bureaucratic type of organization. I think that can be done with the Internet."

Konstantin Raudive agreed that a simple network is a good idea. He explained that there were some large dots and some smaller dots connected by lines. The large dots represented the individuals who were the most committed and dedicated to the group and the most resonant or in harmony with each other, at that moment. The size of the dots would change with time as each person痴 interests changed, and as resonance became stronger or weaker. "From big dots there are departures for other dots. Smaller dots. And it痴 only from these big dots that ramifications (branches) may be made," he said.

The new association will be built upon trust, love, friendship, confidence, courage, and decency among researchers. Based on my experience, I believe that these attitudes can:

The ethereal realms are formless worlds of love and wisdom. Most inhabitants of those realms have never lived in physical bodies, and they cannot associate with the dark, troubled thoughts that often pass through the minds of us humans on Earth.

The astral realms are much like the Earth. There are forms and structures, and beings have astral bodies much like our own physical bodies. There are places of great beauty and light in the astral realms.

The quantum realms are dark, dismal pockets of fear and confusion. Our aim is to associate with the ethereal and astral realms, minimizing contact with beings in the quantum realm. (Exceptions might be spirits who are "stuck" in the quantum realm for the moment and can be moved quickly to the astral realm by our spirit friends, with our help. However, this sort of "redemption" work is not a stated part of World ITC at this time.)

The new association will strive to remain anchored in the light, ethereal realms of existence while collaborating with astral spirits who reside in places of beauty and light.


Core group. At the center of World ITC is a small core of researchers who represent the various regions and cultures of the world. These individuals have the responsibility of maintaining resonance or harmony with each other and with our spirit team, including the ethereal beings who work with us. This responsibility involves much work within each person to overcome their doubts, fears, and insecurities, always預 constant challenge for us humans because perfection does not exist on Earth, and it is easy to become dissonant with each other through simple misunderstandings which grow out of proportion. The individuals in the core group are committed and dedicated to the association and work hard to keep it stable. The plan is to start with a small group of individuals and couples who can represent humanity and the world. We hope to grow slowly, adding researchers who are willing to represent different bodies of humanity and who are able to work together, placing resonance with our core group at a higher priority than political and religious ideologies.

At first we hope to find an ITC researcher representing each of the following:

  1. North America (already found),

  2. South America,

  3. Europe (already found),

  4. Asia, preferably someone from China (which today accounts for about one-fifth of world population),

  5. the Moslem world (which also accounts for about one-fifth of world population),

  6. the "Third World" (representing the less fortunate inhabitants of the planet, especially in Africa), and/or

  7. possibly other large segments of humanity.

Later there may be more members as representation reaches to smaller regions, but I think this group will never be large, because the larger the group is, the greater chance there is for dissonance and conflict.

Core members will probably be the large dots or coordination points on the "computer screens" of our spirit friends, and they will enjoy the challenge of helping the world in a profound way. I believe the core members will also have an opportunity for perpetual bliss in their lives because of a close rapport with ethereal beings and supportive relatives, friends, and colleagues in spirit.

World ITC researchers.
Any and all researchers from around the world may attach to the core group葉o tap into the miracles while committing themselves to some degree to the association and its purpose. Those researchers will be represented (among our spirit friends) as dots of various sizes. The larger dots (I believe) will be those individuals who can resonate well with the core group, who get involved in World ITC projects, and who dedicate themselves to the values and the aims of the association. The smaller dots will be those who are motivated mainly by personal interests and might still have some doubts or insecurities about the work. The research members will receive these benefits: an opportunity for self-reflection and inner development, and a chance to experience the miracles made possible by group resonance.

Advisory panel. This is a group of older, wiser men and women from various countries who know of spiritual existence and afterlife, and whose backgrounds indicate they have walked the path of decency in their life. They promote worldwide equity and justice. They oppose cruelty and injustice. They might or might not be involved in ITC research. They are an inspiration to ITC researchers. They may assist the network if they wish, but nothing will be expected of them. Their presence in the network as wise and loving spirits on Earth will help to cement the ethereal connections we will need in our work. A member of the advisory panel might be represented by a large dot if he or she is also involved in ITC research.

So, it is a simple structure involving a small, Core group which resonates to the higher principles of life. That resonance is amplified and refined by the existence of an Advisory panel. ITC researchers around the world can attach themselves and commit themselves to the network to any depth or level at which they feel comfortable. The entire network is monitored by our spirit friends, including ethereal beings who can see the motivations and emotions within us. They view us all as coordination points on an image.

Once this new association is well established and in good resonance, I believe we will begin to receive miracles from our spirit team様ong dialogs, detailed texts and images, and other enhanced contacts. It is difficult to predict who will receive most ITC contacts. There seem to be certain psychic or intuitive qualities and aptitudes which allow certain individuals to be good ITC receivers. Perhaps Bill O誰eil, Marcello Bacci, Klaus Schreiber, Hans Otto Koenig, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach, and Adolf Homes have or had those qualities. Once the new association is established, I believe the core group will make the miracles possible with its resonance, but most of the contacts might be received by research members (not of the core group) who can resonate with the core group and who possess the necessary aptitude for ITC contacts.

Implementing World ITC

World ITC will evolve slowly on the principle of resonance. We learned through the noble efforts of all the members of INIT that despite our best intentions, resonance is very hard to sustain.

The core group members are willing to think about principles of resonance, community, and co-creation, and foster those principles in their lives. At the present time, my wife Regina and I are in association with Rolf Dietmar Ehrhardt of Germany and his wife Helga. Rolf and Helga share our views about the importance of resonance, and the four of us met this spring to cement our friendship and discuss the new association. I have helped Rolf rebuild my World ITC website ( so that it combines his and my views about ITC research. We are now looking for a few more brave souls in different parts of the world (South America, Asia, Africa, the Muslim world, etc.) who can commit to the project as core members.

World ITC researchers are welcome to join the association at anytime, now that the core has been formed. The desire to commit and the ability to resonate with our mission will be large for some researchers and small for others, so perhaps they will be viewed by our spirit team accordingly (as large or small coordination points).

At present there are no formal steps to join. One way a World ITC researcher can associate with us is by entering one or more work groups now being established to pursue various paths of ITC research. There is a description of those work groups and their purposes on the World ITC website.

The advisory panel is also being formed at the present time. So far Victor Zammit of Australia is a member. 

At the same time that the international association comes together, all interested people are encouraged to foster resonance in local groups. As we collect knowledge on maintaining resonance in groups, we will happily share that information with anyone who is interested. Much of it will appear on our website.

Making Miracles

We often assume on Earth that when we think a thought, it quickly dissipates and is gone. In truth, our thoughts linger. They help to manifest reality in our world, and they spin off into other dimensions where substance is fluidly affected and shaped by consciousness. Our thoughts can have profound impact beyond the Earth, especially when fueled by strong emotions. They can literally help to form the worlds in the astral and quantum realms.

A contact field is formed with the attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions of researchers and their spirit team who are all working together on an ITC project. Those "subtle energies" form a pool of consciousness that is resonant if there is love, trust, friendship, respect, confidence, and common goals among all the researchers and their spirit colleagues. When there is resonance, our spirit friends say that from their point of view the contact field is clear, so they can see into our world and work with our equipment very effectively. When doubts, fears, insecurities, incompatible goals, and personal agendas cause dissonance among members, our spirit friends tell us the contact field becomes cloudy, and it becomes difficult for them to see into our world and to work with our equipment. So, clarity of the contact field is determined by resonance. Clarity is the most important quality of the contact field.

I believe that strength is another quality, and it is determined by the number of researchers involved on both sides of the veil. More members produce a stronger field. But once the resonance turns to dissonance as a result of fears, doubts, envy, and other disruptive emotions, then the contact field is hard to penetrate, no matter how many members are involved. If ITC researchers can achieve and sustain resonance, we will see unprecedented miracles pour into our world and lift us to an enlightened state.


Money, like energy and thoughts, is the potential to make things happen. If we have no money, we can稚 make anything happen because we can稚 do anything. If we have a lot of money, we can help a lot of people or hurt a lot of people, depending on how we use it. World ITC will incorporate that basic principle of money as an energy耀omething we welcome to keep the association vital. We will always try to use money in the best interests of the planet, humanity, and world ITC.

Philosophy of Collaboration

Following are a few of the basic principle of good ITC research assembled by Rolf Ehrhardt in recent years用rinciples that we have incorporated into World ITC:

Everyone has his own life experiences and a life path determined largely by those experiences. We provide information that can help people make their own choices. We help those who are ready to realize that there is more to life than they had assumed. There is a spiritual world. We offer theories and background information to support that realization.

We believe that each of us humans can increase love and harmony on Earth by starting with ourself in our own environment, and that an awareness of another "spiritual world" can help in that regard. We believe that World ITC begins with a few people who agree to create and sustain harmony among researchers with a common interest: ITC.

* INIT members received telephone calls and long radio messages from spirit friends describing new equipment configurations that could be used to facilitate ITC contacts. They found files in their computers, planted there by invisible hands, containing documents from ethereal beings (angels) who had accompanied our world for many thousands of years and now provided astonishing insights into age-old events in our solar system. They received detailed images from other worlds through computers, televisions, and cameras. They found letters from spirit friends in their FAX machines. These are just a few examples of contacts received by INIT members from 1995 to 1998.

July 10, 2002

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