To use the computer for processing or recording voices

When you like to use the computer either

it might me helpful to know the following facts.

The better the quality of the voices should be the more disk space is needed. The program CoolEdit 2000 allows also the following adjustments which have to be made before recording.

(f.e. 8 000 Hz = 8 kHz)

8 000 Hz

telephone quality

11 025 Hz

poor AM (middle wave) radio quality

16 000 Hz

a good compromise between 11 kHz and 22 kHz

22 050 Hz

almost FM radio quality

32 000 Hz

better than FM radio quality

44 100 Hz

CD quality

48 000 Hz

DAT (digital audio tape) quality



An example for disk space need for a 10 seconds recording:

44 100 Hz

1860 KB

11 025 Hz

411 KB


rodiehr - December 28, 2002

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