M E Z A  1 
(in German: Mehrzweckapparatur) (in English: Multipurpose device)

The couple Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach received information from beyond of how to build a device that would allow to make two-way communications. Information can be found in INFOnews 01/92  C.E.T.L. Cercle D'Etudes sur la Transcommunication Luxembourg. 

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The MEZA 1 is a cylindrical container housing seven radios (without antenna) arranged stepwise, and each connected to a loudspeaker fixed to the outer wall. The exact dimensions of the cylinder had been transmitted by Swejen Salter on November 15, 1988. Cylinder height: 0,77 m and diameter: 0,49 m (excerpt from CETL INFOnews 01/92). 
Several people (Eva and Rudi Diblik, Jochem Fornoff, Martin Wenzel, Jean Mohnen, Friedrich Malkhoff, Roger Harschworked) work together in order to meet the requirements the entities from beyond had asked for.   

Friedrich Malkhoff gave in his report more information. An excerpt you can read here:

MEZA 1 has been built by several groups in order to enable contacts with groups beyond. Since 1991 the equipment had been in the private research center "Centre de Recherches" of CETL in Luxemburg. There we were also shown how a contact field can be generated through coherent thinking of the experimenters so as to enable receipt of contacts via computer, telephone and MEZA. By the end of 1992, the research center was closed for cost reasons.

The whole report from Friedrich Malkhoff (not only on MEZA 1) you can read here on this website.

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