Burton - Bridge  II

The experimenter (the couple Harsch-Fischbach) received from beyond what to set up and how to proceed (CETL  INFOnews 02/90). Several beings in beyond were involved in these experiments.

Richard Francis "Burton" is the name of a man who died in 1891 and who gave messages at the end of November  in 1987 via computer. 

in the Phase of build-up in 1990

Large TV (set to an empty channel); mal function


2 loudspeaker  DUAL CL 101

Telephone with a build-in answering machine

Videocamera to take pictures

PC, Intel 8088, 640 KB RAM, DOS 3.3


Radio  Philips D 8454   set to white noise


2 UV lamps which shine on eathother frontal

Cassette recorder Philips D 6920 Mk 2 with an external mikrophone to address the entities


Marble slab with the following items on it:
TV portable s/w, Radio AM 118, crystal ball, druden star from copper


Fluorescent lamp (circle type) circolux el OSRAM

The first contact with this device was achieved on July 28, 1990 in the presence of:
Jan and Liliane Mohnen, Josette and Victor Stasiak, Jules and Maggy Harsch and as guests: Georg D. Meek, Metascience (USA) and Dr. Theo Locher SVVP (CH). The technician and Konstantin Raudive gave messages which were recorded on the tape.
Svejen Salter (the partner in beyond) confirmed three days later via telephone this contact and the difficulties that occured.


Burton Bridge II Setup in 1993

Large TV (set to an empty channel)

2 Telephones with a build-in answering machine

PC 1, Intel 8088, 640 KB RAM, DOS 3.3

PC 2, Intel 80386, XT 486, DOS 5.0

Fax Panasonic KX-F50


Radio with build-in cassette recorder

Device GA II

the setup of this Equipment started in summer 1992 with first experiments. In November 1992 this device was set up in the following way:

GA II (Gegensprech-Anlage) or (Two way working device)


Radio with 2 loudspeakers  Philips D 8454, connected to mains, set on SW 25 m


2. Radio, supplied by batterie, Satellite Receiver U.K. , set to white noise


Receiver for 40MHz, Stabo SH 7500 DBP K/p24/85, set to white noise


Metronome, quartz type, METRINA Zenon Modell 315


2 additional loudspeakers MDC SB 618 with additional amplifier (custom made)

Cassette recorder Philips D 6920 MK 2

The first contact was received on November 15, 1992. Konstantin Raudive confirmed the contact using this device and asked to shut it off until next Monday. Final adjustment information were transmitted using the Burton Bridge II. Using this device it was possible to achieve almost undisturbed fluently two-way communication for several minutes. 

All this information can be found in INFOnews 02/90 and 01 + 02/93 of C.E.T.L. (Cercle d'etudes sur la Transcommunication) Luxembourg page 174. Copyright at C.E.T.L.  and in the book Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication by Dr. Theo Locher SVPP (Switzerland)/ Maggy Harsch C.E.T.L. (Luxembourg)  in autumn 1989.

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