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We like to make a list of devices that have been used while making ITC contacts. This list will be split into the chapters: EVP, Video, Computer, Fax, Answering machines and Telephones. Although we know that this list will almost never be complete we like to give you an impression of what has been used already and that could make it easier for you to make your choice when searching for the "right" devices. 
Please feel free to let us know which device you are using so we can add it to that list.

Update: November 11, 2002

E V P - contacts

Cassette recorder
Marantz PMD 222
Panasonic RQ - 2102
Philips AQ 6350
AQ 6455
D 6410
D 6920 MK 2
Sanyo RD 5203 Stereo
Sony TCM - 939
Dictating machines
Panasonic RQ - L 349
Sony BM - 150
Sony TCM - 465 V
Mini Disc Recorder
Denon DN - M 2000 R
Sony MZ - R 30
Reel to reel recorder
Uher Report Stereo 4400
Software for PC
CoolEdit 2000
Gold Wave


Video - contacts

Panasonic PVDV 400


Computer - contacts

Commodore C 64
PC  Pentium III, 256 MB, 20 GB harddisk - Sound Blaster "Live" - GeForce2 MX series - CoolEdit Pro to record


Fax- and Telephone - contacts


normal telephones can be used. 
Only if there is a stable bridge to beyond with high interest on both sites one can expect to receive telephonecalls. 

Panasonic 2 Gb


Answering machine - contacts


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