How to get fast EVP/ITC Contacts!
by Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt

When it comes to scientific research of ITC/EVP, I like to quote Prof. Dr. Andreas Resch, University of Innsbruck, Austria:

The phenomena should not and cannot be adapted to the research methods. Just the opposite: the research methods have to be adapted to the phenomena.

If you explore the literature referring to EVP and ITC in general, then you will find hundreds and perhaps thousands of different ways to pursue the research.

Every experimenter who devotes adequate time to the work has a way to find some degree success. Success means that the experimenter gets in contact to beings in beyond when the experimenter wants it, and the messages received or the contacts made are of a certain quality so that it's not too difficult to determine what was said, nor even to find out who has said it.

Concentrated suggestions on how to get fast EVP/ITC contacts (summarized from more detailed information on this website):

Suggested Way:

1. Before you conduct a sitting or a taping you should not have had too much trouble of any kind hours before.
Troubles are defined as situations that dominate your thinking in a way that is not wished. Of course, it can be that your own way of thinking is the reason for that. So trouble needs not always be caused by others.

2. If it was unavoidable for you to have troubles, then calm down by listening to music you like very much, read a book or take a walk.

During a sitting it would be counterproductive to think in one moment of the problems within your family, the next moment you switch to problems in the company you are working in, then you remember that it is necessary to buy certain things, the car needs service, and so on.

3. Look forward to this new sitting with anticipation.
A sitting should not become a routine matter of, "Okay, it's Thursday and now I have to tape because the other people will soon be here for our appointment."

4. The room where the sitting takes place should be furnished and equipped in a way so that you don't have too many complaints. You should simply like the room and the interior decoration.
If things in the room bother you too much, then you will be preoccupied by that, at least for a while.

5. Anything that helps you to get into a good mood is desirable, even necessary: candles, fragrances, certain illumination, flowers, arrangement of the furniture and so on.

6. Protect yourself! The easiest protection is: to have no fear, to have no negative attitudes and to be detached from the outcome (messages expected or wished). Think positive!!! Many types of protection are available -- thinking positively, visualizing a protective white or golden light around you, praying, asking your spiritual guide for help and protection, and so on. These are just a few of the protective measures that can help.
Keep in mind that when contacting the spirit world, their rules will be applied to an extent that might be astonishing for you, to say the least. The same rules are valid on earth. Have a look at the article "Avoiding the unpleasant".

7. Start your session with the following attitude: I would like to get in contact with (name of the deceased loved one) and I anticipate that we, here and beyond, can accomplish that contact. If we are not successful, that is okay. We'll try again later.
It has been found by many experimenters that at the end of a sitting, when people are already a little bit disappointed that nothing happened, when the experimenters came to the point when they said and felt: "Oh well, nothing happened", when they accepted this situation, then later in the "playback mode" they heard very often a whisper voice coming through. Don't put yourself under stress! One type of stress, for example, is the strong desire to prove to somebody else that the EVP/ITC phenomenon exists. Another type of stress could be: to have the strong feeling that the occurrences should improve now in quality and duration because you have made so many attempts with so many different devices.

8. Have at the session a picture of that person you wish to talk to and from whom you wish to get messages. Concentrate on this person by thinking positive. Remember good times! The more positive emotion there is involved, the better it is.
If you would like to address more than one person in one sitting, you can 1) address the first person, 2) express your thanks for a possible message, 3) move your awareness then to the other person and concentrate on that person with good thoughts, or be looking at a picture etc.

9. For the beginner, a recorder, a microphone and a new cassette are all that's necessary, but feel free to use any additional equipment you think might help. If you have an amplifier connected to the microphone, make sure it is not too sensitive. You might catch noises even from outside the room -- for example the street, the neighbor's home, the staircase, airplanes, your refrigerator, and so on. It can help to take a metronome or an old, ticking watch or alarm clock, which you would use for background noise. The metronome and the timepiece would give the beings beyond time and noise.
It has been said very often from beyond that they have problems meeting us in our three- or four- dimensional world. They live without space and time and have to find the right way to send a message that reaches us when we want to have the contact.

10. Set the recorder to "record" and start talking. State date and time, name the people present and ask for contact. It depends on you whether you ask certain questions or whether you simply ask the addressed being in beyond to give a statement. The recorder is still running in "record" while you leave a pause between your questions to give them in beyond a chance to answer. While taping keep your thoughts focused on the intention: Making contact with a deceased loved one.
Expl.: When you use the mike with the automatic sound level control, don't forget to speak very softly, because the automatic control needs time to shift to the more sensitive mode when you make the pause awaiting the messages from beyond. It is far better to use the manual recording level mode, so you can avoid undesirable noises on the tape by adjusting the control.

11. When you are successful using this or another recording method, then stay with this method and try to increase the number of contacts, the duration of the contacts and the clarity of the voices received, always applying the same procedures. They will tell you from beyond if you should change something!
If you have received voices and start then to change/modify everything possibly involved then you will never know what was the reason that the voices became better or worse and so on. Change only one of the above mentioned procedures at a time. Be patient and give the beings in beyond a chance to adapt to you and your equipment by making more frequent attempts, always following the procedures.

These are a few suggestions intended as a brief guidance of how to get fast contacts. You might regard it as a working hypothesis to see whether it works for you, although you might be skeptical as far as some procedures are concerned. Test it!! Reports on your results would be very much appreciated here at World ITC.

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