ITC Ė How to avoid unpleasant situations

by Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt

Not everyone agrees on what is unpleasant, but for most experimenters it is unpleasant when they make contact with beyond and get unexpected frightening noises, hear entities who menace and perhaps announce that the experimenter will have bad experiences very soon. Troubled voices sometimes predict illness for the experimenter, relatives or friends, and even death. Words of hate and pessimism, destruction and violence can sometimes be heard.

To avoid unpleasant situations in Transcommunication research, a person can try to understand the principles of how Transcommunication of any kind takes place. And it helps to follow certain rules for safe experimenting.

(You might want to review the meaning of TC and energy in the "Definitions" section of this website. ITC is just one form of TC and therefore might not be mentioned separately.

You also might wish to ponder these questions before reading this section!

Let us assume, our deceased loved one has not changed so much, then we can say when having contact: Yes, that is the "person" we wanted to contact. The familiarity gives us reassurance.

Most researchers should try to answer those questions before proceeding.

Until now we only talked about deceased loved ones we like to reach in the other stage of consciousness Ė in beyond.

But what is going to happen to all the other deceased people -- those who died accidentally, or by natural circumstances in bed, or by being murdered, or as a result of illness? Do they also take their impressions with them to the other world -- to beyond? Are those "dead" persons also willing and able to contact people on earth?

Presuming that no big change in the personality of most deceased persons takes place (otherwise we would not recognize them when communicating with them), then we can say: In beyond it is not so much different than on earth.

Of course there are differences: no illness or physical defects of any kind, no need for food (although some deceased still have the feeling that they need food). Those things are very much bound to earthly conditions. There are even more differences, but we can disregard them for the moment.

The communication in beyond is quite different to that used on earth. Telepathy is the preferred way of communicating, and that means thinking. Thinking cannot be hidden there.

Now, the questions start again.

Some answers:

Here on earth we have different radio- and TV stations. To that comes much more: waves/frequencies from CB, Handy, cordless telephone, from remote control units of any kind and so on. All these waves/frequencies/energies you can find for example in your living room at the same time. Do they disturb each other under normal conditions? Each frequency stands for a certain type of information (please have a look at "Definitions"!). Only if transmitter and receiver are in resonance, the information sent can be received. On earth you tune in the desired station on TV or radio or CB. Here on earth you are using technical means. In beyond you use your thinking to tune in to different levels of consciousness. And just as you cannot receive a transmitted TV broadcast with a radio, you cannot reach all the other levels of consciousness in existence in beyond with your stage of consciousness. It is again resonance that determines whether you can get in contact or not. Like attract Like.

Let us make a certain conclusion as far as the situation in beyond is concerned:

  1. In beyond we have entities of different kind. The differences can be big and are shown in different intentions, will and recognitions, which result in different consciousness.

  2. Entities with an equal consciousness will communicate among themselves.

Now we have to go a step further.

What happens when we make contact to beyond? The situation in beyond has been described above, but what happens on earth? How is it with us? What or who is actually communicating when we are taping?

The consciousness of the entity (-ies) and our own consciousness are communicating with each other.

Our consciousness will be influenced by thinking/feeling, talking and acting. There are people who think and feel, but don't talk. And there are people who think/feel and talk, but don't act. And there are people who do it all. A rare type of people is one whose thinking/feeling, talking and acting show no differences.

When we face problems in our company, in the family, with a neighbor, the police, and others, then our thinking/feeling has certain qualities which of course have influence on our consciousness. To make this hypothetical situation even worse, imagine that we also experience fear.

Imagine what happens when we try in this emotional/psychical situation to communicate with beyond. To whom, to which circle, to which group in beyond will we get in contact??? Like attract Like! We will almost certainly get troubled messages. It depends on the emotions involved how strong and even how clear that undesirable message from beyond is.

Principle of TransCommunication:

The experimenter attracts his partner in communication. In other words, it is resonance that determines who gets in contact with whom. Still other words, Like attract Like.

Our thinking which is the start of the chain: thinking/feeling (closely related), talking and acting determines our consciousness and our character. That equates a certain energy which will be sent out by us. Our sent energy will be received by those in beyond that have the same or equal energetic structure. So it is very important that we send out the right energy in order to get the right receiver in beyond addressed.

How do we avoid unpleasant situations?

The basic rule is:

We have the right thoughts before a session, and then we control our thinking during the sitting.

Switching our thoughts from the purpose of the sitting to a problem and then back to the deceased loved one and then back again to another problem and so on will not make good results. And all that perhaps connected with fear or uncertainty will lead to a changing consciousness which attracts now this group/entity in beyond and a little bit later another entity during one sitting. Thatís why one gets for example short and not related messages, where we have to ask other people: Who is that? What did he say? What meaning has this? Keep in mind there are many entities in beyond that are only waiting for a good opportunity to give messages to us.

Having the right positive thoughts and feelings will result in a stable consciousness from our side, and that minimizes chances for unpleasant situations, because we donít attract them. Being anxious or desperate to make a successful demonstration of EVP/ITC phenomena will be counterproductive. In another article I called that "the human part of the energy field" which needs to be stabilized in order to get into contact with beyond.

Let me give a quote:

"Ö..Keep in mind if and when you sit down to tape. Who and what you are, largely determines the kind of spirit who comes to speak."

Quote from: AA-EVP NEWS Spring 1998 Ė Quarterly Newsletter Vol 17 Number 1 Ė Chapter "Like attracts Like".

It is no fault to ask for support, help and assistance addressed to a right spirit in beyond. If we ask for help in the right circumstances, we will get it. I am convinced that this is effective. The belief alone will change your thinking.

The messages received from the entities will be converted by the human spirit. That makes it possible that "paranormal forces/energy" can act in our reality. Converters (people) can have different capabilities. Because some can convert this energy very good into EVP effects, others better in pictures and so on. Some people are effective converters while others are less effective. It is obvious that mediumistic capabilities on the side of the experimenter will better the results achieved in EVP/ITC, because those people are good converters due to the fact that they can better stabilize their thinking, by concentration for example.

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