Extraordinary voice contacts
© 2001 Mark Macy

Audiotaping became popular for the first time after World War II. People around the world would tape conversations, music, and nature sounds, and sometimes when they played it back they could hear tiny voices on the tape—voices that by all rational thought should not have been there. That electronic voice phenomenon led to the widespread research underway today called EVP, in which thousands of men and women around the world collect tiny spirit voices on tape. The most famous pioneer in that work was Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who taught college in Sweden. Before his death in 1974, Dr Raudive collected more than 70,000 voices on tape, many under strict laboratory conditions. Today there are literally millions of these tiny spirit voices caught on tape around the world, and they're often called "Raudive voices".

Breakthroughs occurred in the mid-1980s when researchers began to get more extraordinary voice contacts through their telephones and radios. Dedicated spirit teams would actually call their colleagues on Earth on the phone and deliver long messages through radio sounds.

Marcello Bacci of Grosseto, Italy, born in 1927, began experimenting in the paranormal in 1949. Soon he began recording voices using an old vacuum tube radio. A spirit team developed around his work, and they spoke to him through the radio sounds. People would visit him in his lab at home, and very often their departed loved ones would talk to them through Mr Bacci’s radio.

Today, in this new century, Marcello Bacci still uses the vacuum tube radio, and his spirit friends not only talk to him, but sometimes they sing to him. 

We have been told by our spirit colleagues that it is not an easy thing for them to speak into our world loudly and clearly in a voice that sounds natural and normal to us. When they come through our equipment, they somehow have to transduce the subtle energies of their world into electrical and acoustic energies of our world. They say they employ techniques and apparatuses in their world that are currently beyond our understanding.

Since his death, the EVP pioneer Konstantin Raudive has told us it is his calling to continue the job of opening the communication bridge between worlds. When I visited colleagues in Europe in the summer of 1994, we sat in front of a set of radios that were emitting a soft blanket of white noise into the room. Suddenly a tiny, voice broke through the sounds, "Contact!" Then the radio sounds were absorbed as though by an acoustic sponge, and the voice of Dr Raudive faded in:  "It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony, and when their aims and intentions are pure."  

He went on to convey a personal message to each person in the room. To me, he said, "Finally, last but not least, Mark Macy. My dear friend, we bring our greeting to Colleague Meek and the Uphoffs. Also to Hans Heckmann with whom he realizes a beautiful job to spread ITC information. You know by experience, Mark, how dangerous drugs of all kinds can be. Try to warn humanity that they not only alter their present lives on your side, but also influence in a negative way their future lives. Go on with your experiences and you will see that the bridge to the States will soon be strengthened. Regina, as your twin soul, can help you a lot. Listen to her inner voice, and you will be in the right way." "Thank you," I said.  

Apparently the processes which our spirit colleagues employ to make their voices sound normal to us don’t always work. We are told that spirit beings from higher or subtler realms find it a special challenge to convey their voices into our dense world. That seems to be the case with a departed German philosopher named Keyserling who came through the telephone of researcher Fritz Malkhoff of Schweich, Germany. In this short dialog, the voice of Keyserling sounds, well, other-worldly.     

Among the most miraculous contacts ever received by an ITC researcher was a voice message of an ethereal being left on the telephone answering device of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg, in 1996. It was a message for our international association, and it arrived shortly before our second annual meeting, which would be held in Tarrytown, New York. The ethereal being, whom we fondly refer to as "Technician," was conveying a special message of hope, inspiration, and warning to our group, and since we would be meeting in America, he spoke to us in English on this occasion. The entire message lasted nearly four minutes. Following is the first sentence, which gives the ethereal flavor of an ethereal being's lilting, beautiful voice.

The amazing message can be read in its entirety on page 139 of my book, Miracles in the Storm.

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