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A cross-section of ITC communications
© 2001 by Mark Macy

A hundred years ago, the American humorist Mark Twain opened a newspaper and was surprised to read a news story reporting that he had died. He pinched himself to make sure he was still alive. Then, in characteristic style, he sent off a cablegram to some friends, saying, "Reports of my death are highly exaggerated."

ITC researchers have been communicating with the spirit worlds for more than a decade via radio, television, telephone, computer, and other means, and one of our aims is to redefine the concepts of life and death, and afterlife. We’ve received contacts from hundreds of people who once lived on Earth. They died and got settled into a wonderful existence that awaits all of us. And then they chose to re-establish contact with the Earth through ITC systems, to share with us—sometimes in vivid detail— their lives and their worlds.

Some of the names and faces are familiar. A picture of Austrian actress Romy Schneider appeared on a TV set in Europe more than ten years ago, several years after her death. 

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Romy Schneider (spirit image)

This is one of many images that came through a process used by German experimenter Klaus Schreiber in which he aimed a video camera at a television and fed the output of the video camera back into the TV. The result was a continuous feedback loop that produced a churning mist of static on the TV screen. Images such as this would gradually emerge from the mist.

Klaus Schreiber (lifetime)

French author Jules Verne sent a three-page FAX to Maggy Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg describing how he died and awakened in the next world. After years of suffering from rheumatism, gout, diabetes, and blindness, he said he was somehow magically transported to a lavish temple. He awakened to find himself amid solid silver furniture and aromatic fountains. Tanned dancing girls in skin-tight, blue and orange silk costumes inquired as to his every desire. He was free of pain, and he was overwhelmed by the heavenly sensations of it all.

We’re finding that many people who die and awaken in the next world are overwhelmed by the heavenly sensations of it all.

A picture of Hollywood filmmaker Hal Roach was planted by invisible hands in the Harsch-Fischbach computer in Luxembourg in 1992. It gives a glimpse of the breathtaking beauty in that part of the spirit worlds, which our spirit friends call the "fifth level," or what some of us call the "higher astral planes." I believe that is the same spiritual realm which Christians call "Heaven" and spiritualists call "The Summerland."

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Hal Roach and Jeannette Meek (spirit image)

The way images such as this come through computers is interesting. For several years, when Maggy and her husband Jules would leave for work in the morning (they both had full-time jobs and did their ITC research on the side, as many ITC researchers do), they would make sure that everything was turned off before they locked the door to their flat. When they returned home in the evening, sometimes the computer would be running, and new files had been planted on the hard disk by invisible hands. The files might contain images such as this one, or they might contain text.

The face on the left belongs to Jeannette Duncan Meek, the wife of ITC pioneer George W. Meek. Jeannette died in 1990, and a couple of years later the Timestream spirit group helped her send this picture to George through Maggy’s computer, while George was at home in North Carolina. The young lady in the dark dress is their daughter Nancy Carol, who died as an infant and was reunited with her mother after Jeannette died and got settled into her new life.

Apparently all three of the people in the picture—Hal Roach, Jeannette, and Nancy Carol—are associated with Timestream, a group of more than a thousand spirit beings dedicated to the task of opening the veil by improving communications between our world and theirs.

Jeannette Meek also sent a computer letter to her husband George, again with the help of Timestream, through the Harsch-Fischbach computer in Luxembourg while George was at home in North Carolina. The letter mentioned three incidents from their life together. 


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Jeannette's letter to George (spirit text)

One incident in Jeannette's letter to George had to do with a house key that their tenant Debbie had lost, and the Meeks had to loan her a key. A second had to do with a box of research books that were sent to their colleague Ann Valentin in California, but somehow got lost in transit. And the third item involved a yard light which a local electrician replaced in their back yard and then charged the Meeks what Jeannette considered to be an outrageous sum of money for the small job.

The three incidents were of no particular interest to anyone—including George—but they provided solid proof that Jeannette was alive and well two years after her physical death. No one but George and Jeannette and their assistant Molly knew about the house key, the books, and the yard light. Despite the trivial nature of the message, George knew it was a very important letter. His main goal in life, after all, was to convince the world that we live forever. There is no death. His dear Jeannette had proven that with this simple computer letter.

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George and Jeannette Meek (lifetime image)

Most contacts received by ITC researchers are not from celebrities. The mother of the German researcher Adolf Homes died when Adolf was just a baby. As often happens, Elise Homes got involved in new possibilities once she crossed over, and she forgot about our troubled world. Adolf, on the other hand, was left with a hole in his life—a yearning to know the mother who’d left his world. When he got involved in ITC research later on in life, higher beings apparently responded to his yearning, found his mother, and reminded her of her recent lifetime and the son she’d left behind. Elise returned close to our world to help her son usher in a new era of peace and understanding through ITC research. She worked with her son from the other side to open the veil. Adolf began to get letters in his computer, phone calls, images on his TV set—including a picture of his mother—and more.

Elise C Homes (spirit)

Higher beings sometimes choose a lifetime on Earth to gain experience and to help spread the light. They know it’s going to be difficult living in the physical world, and sometimes it’s even more difficult than they expected. They incarnate as bright, sensitive, empathetic children who can’t identify with the pain, intolerance, and cruelty going on around them. The rugged nature of life on Earth troubles them, and they often die as children or as young adults.

Anne Guigne (lifetime image)

Apparently Anne Guigne of France was one of these children. Anne died in 1922 at age 11. She’s shown here during lifetime, and also in spirit, via computer and TV.

Anne Guigne (spirit image via computer)

In 1995, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach in Luxembourg received a picture of Anne in her computer at about the same time that Adolf Homes received a picture of Anne on his television screen. The two spirit pictures look different because our spirit friends tell us they were produced differently. The computer image was apparently created by spiritside artists with a technique similar to painting in our world. The TV image was produced by a sort of spirit-world photographic process. Today, Anne Guigne works from the other side to try to stop the violence that affects children on Earth. She is associated with the Timestream spirit group.

Anne TV
Anne Guigne (spirit image via TV)

Over a period of several years, ITC researchers received a number of cross-contacts, such as this one, in which two similar images or messages were received at two different locations at the same time. Our spirit friends went to great lengths to convince us and our skeptics that the miraculous ITC contacts were for real. Everyone who knew the Harsch couple and Adolf Homes at the time those contacts were received knew that it was most unlikely they were collaborating with each other. They were hardly on speaking terms after some troubles in recent years had compelled them to take different paths in their research. It was also widely known that it would have been impossible for any third party on Earth to manufacture those cross-contacts at two locations at the same time —one planted on a computer while no one was home, the other appearing on a television screen after the experimenter had been told psychically to aim a video camera at the TV at a particular moment. After analyzing the objective evidence, there is little doubt: ITC is for real.

A group of seven higher beings sent us amazing information over a three-year period. For example, they told us what it’s like from their perspective when we die, and they come to take us home. This letter came as a computer file through the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg: The higher beings said (paraphrased):

When your lives end, and we come to lie beside you in the final moments, to comfort you, we sometimes find you in a hurry to tie up loose ends and to sweep the clutter of a lifetime under the carpet. Relax, children! We don’t come to judge, only to bring you home. A single lifetime is but a moment in the day of your larger life. Your transition from Earth is a natural process. Lighten your hearts, show each other the real you, share each other’s burdens, and don’t make this important moment difficult for yourself or for each other. Relax.

A few years ago our spirit friends called me on the phone with some technical advice for my ITC receiving equipment. I answered the phone in my lab, "Continuing Life Research."

"This is Konstantin Raudive," the late Latvian ITC pioneer said in his characteristic heavy, Northern European accent. I quickly reached down and pressed the RECORD button on the tape recorder attached to the phone. "I can give you advice for your research," Konstantin continued.

"Okay, thank you!" I exclaimed.

"You should purCHAZE the VLF receiving converter," he said, mispronouncing the word "purchase."

"Change the receiving converter?" I said, repeating the only part of the message I thought I had understood. "Okay."

"It’s called the VLF receiving converter," he corrected me.

Still not understanding, I replied, "Oh, the LF receiving converter. Okay."

"It’s a receiver-radio navigation beacon, using standard frequencies, and so on," Dr Raudive began to explain.

"I don’t fully understand," I said, "but I’m going to pass this information along to people who WILL understand."

There was a faint click on the line, indicating the connection had ended. I sighed and placed the phone on the hook. I hoped the message on the recorder would answer some of the many questions in my mind and fill in enough holes to provide some direction for my research. But I had my doubts, considering the brevity of the conversation.

Seconds later, before I even had time to replay the message or turn off the tape recorder, the phone rang again. I knew it was Timestream, so I picked it up and said expectantly, "Hello. Yes?"

"I’ll try to make it clearer this time," said Konstantin Raudive.

"Okay," I replied.

"A V-L-F receiving converter," he spoke slowly. "It’s a receive-radio-navigation beacon, and you have standard frequencies—ship-to-shore, and European LF broadcasts. You have also a one-seven-five-oh-meter, license-free band. You can have a converter. You simply connect the VLF converter to your HF radio’s antenna input, and a suitable VLF antenna. Then you convert the entire VLF band—let’s say ten kilohertz to five hundred kilohertz—up to four-oh-one-oh to four-five-oh-oh kilohertz, respectively."

"Okay!" I exclaimed. "Wonderful!"

"This is technical advice from our side."

"Thank you very much, Konstantin," I said.

  Phone dialog: Raudive (spirit) and Macy (lifetime)

In the ensuing months, I reconfigured my system accordingly, and have experienced improvements in my radio contacts.

I suppose I won't be too surprised if one day I answer the phone and a friendly voice booms out from the receiver:

"This is Mark Twain. Reports of my death are STILL highly exaggerated!!!"

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