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Why we’re not interested in authentication projects


ITC is mind-boggling to many people, and it is understandable that some people would like to see ITC contacts authenticated in ways that might prove to them that the contacts are for real. While we think it is the responsibility of every experimenter to be as discerning as possible, and to experiment in ways that remove as much uncertainty as possible, we are not interested in authentication projects, because of the following reasons. 

  1. We do not believe that we on Earth, with our best science, are in any way qualified to give a thorough analysis of contacts received from the spirit worlds. We have been told through ITC contacts (and we believe it is true) that their "physics" on the other side is so much different from ours that it would be presumptuous to assume that any test carried out on this side would provide a conclusive analysis. (There are already good proofs of ITC's legitimacy coordinated from the other side that are really conclusive, such as cross-contacts, and messages containing highly personal information.)

  2. If a person's mental model of reality doesn't include spirits residing in structured bodies in worlds superimposed over our own, then no amount of conclusive proof is going to convince that person. Experience tells me that he or she would reject or ignore the proof.  Also, if such a person were doing the analysis, the results would most likely be skewed.

  3. Subjectivity is an inherent part of ITC. The receiver has a psychospiritual rapport with the spirit team. Objectivity could harm ITC by trying to create a sterile environment, which would neutralize the contact field. Many of the luminator pictures on our website are very clearly (subjectively speaking) two or three distinct faces showing up in the same space. It does not take scientific equipment to prove or disprove that.

  4. We are very deeply interested in understanding what factors keep the contact bridge open (factors such as resonance), and in knowing the kinds of good information that we can receive from the other side. On a scale of 1 to 10, these issues are around 10 in importance to us. Authentication is around 1, because we know already that ITC is for real.

We are genuinely happy and excited when we learn of successful authentication experiments. It's exciting to us when researchers whom we know find an ITC path different from ours that rests well in their hearts and they get good results.


We also have found a path that sits well in our hearts - - the path of trying to sustain resonance, and to understand other factors that make ITC bridges possible. Authentication is not an interest of ours.


While we choose to pursue our ITC research in a different direction from some other researchers, we can see the tremendous importance that their line of research (as well as ours) will bring to the field.


We feel that it would not be prudent for us to try to pull people from their path onto ours, nor vice versa.


Mark Macy and  Rolf Ehrhardt

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