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13.01.2005, 14:15


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I've read the Jay Jones story and find it interesting; although I don't agree with the bad language or hostility. It makes me wonder... if the Mueller picture is not fake, then have you considered that since the bad side apparently caused problems for Timestream at one point (showing they don't like such enlightenment occurring), they may also be interested in damaging the whole project at any point they can? Disinformation is a good tactic to use, and what better than to send researchers a photo which looks doctored, whilst pretending to be someone else? Discredits WITC, puts doubt into people's minds as to the veracity of the WITC information, and perhaps makes them question the whole 'life after death' concept.

Jan 13th, 2005

Hi James, 

Those thoughts ("bad side" is interested to disinform as much as possible) are well known to us since many years.  

We all have to discern what fits to our puzzle and what doesn't fit at all. We have to make the decision due to our ability to recognize and to understand. And we all know there is no absolute truth. Politicians show every day what I mean: one thing is okay for one person or a group but not at all for the opponing people. 

Of course you can say: we (the "bad" side) like to disinform the visitors of our website. We don't like to convince anybody. What we like to do is to give the interested people (resonance!!) the tools that would allow them to make their own experiments followed possibly by recognitions. To give people tools is a kind of disinformation?? And to show that we are not the only foolish people we mention the results of others (who could belong also to the "bad side" group, of course). We share our experiences too. 

Nobody is forced to read our site. The "life after death" concept is not our idea as you know--it is as old as mankind.  

You might know (of course you do :-)) that a picture has no value at all today. It proves nothing, only the ability of the fraudster in case he manipulated. 

Convince yourself if you are interested or reject the entire idea behind the website. It depends only on you what kind of decision you make. I have learned from others and including myself: the try to find the "fake" behind these effects lead me to the situation where I am in now.  

The ability of someone to fake says nothing about the existence of the true effects. There is false gold, no doubt, but does that mean there is no pure gold? 

We are not as blind as you might feel we are. Some food for your thoughts too. :-)

Use your energy in proving something to you instead of fighting and objecting against something / someone.  

If people think that the objection of one or two persons can discredit the entire idea behind WorldITC then it is up to them. We are all used to the fact that we are "crazy" in the eyes of the skeptics or not interested people. Save time and don't visit our site. 

We are happy to get "Food for thoughts" (although we had this type of food very/too often-and don't like it any more) but is that also valid for you and the skeptics and the realists?

It is so easy to object, but it needs time and efforts to make own attempts to widen ones own perspective or horizon. 

Could you take into consideration that the bad side is spreading doubts and fears and disinformation? Each experimenter is in the position to find his truth. 

This was my last comment on these issues.


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Brian (mailto: tricolorbrian (ett) wrote on 14.01.2005, 05:49 o'clock using IP the following text:

Rolf, I think James was refering to the "bad" spirit side, that may have found a way to send a fake photo to our plane of existence in order to confuse the work.  I do not think he was referring to any of the experimenters as being of the "bad side."  this is the way I understood his comment.  Is it possible that timestream was infiltrated and manipulated in that way?

My reply:
Hi, Since resonance is working: Like attract Like it is obvious that a "bad" spirit from beyond needs a "bad" experimenter on this side of the veil in order to get in contact.
Everything thinkable is possible.
Speculation ( > Is it possible that timestream was infiltrated and manipulated in that way?) will not help us. Who is in the position to answer this question? But what would help possibly is looking forward and protecting oneself. More information on that in the articles on our side.
Rolf Ehrhardt

Original posting:
J.K. Levitan (mailto: jklevitan (ett) wrote on 14.01.2005, 05:12 o'clock using IP the following text: This is set up in careless disregard for public safety. Many EVP's are threatning and violent - and there is NO way to do what is proposed here on this site without opening yourself up to harm. I will not be suprised at all to hear about future law suits as a direct result of someone trying this at home.

My reply: (false email address mentioned above because my reply came back twice: "mailbox unavailable")
Did you study the article "How to avoid unpleasant situations?" Resonance is working also in spiritual contact. What you are, is that what you attract-although you don't like it. If you don't protect yourself then you need not to be astonished when you get this type of contacts you are talking about.

Playing a game not knowing and following the rules is bad--always. 

Rolf Ehrhardt

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