Some information for skeptics and so called realists

We had our questions and doubts too when we began researching ITC (instrumental transcommunication)—Rolf in 1986 and Mark in 1991. Eager to find out whether those contacts were genuine, I (Rolf Ehrhardt) made my own experiments. Despite many early doubts and after many considerations, I can say since years I am convinced that it is possible to get in contact with entities in beyond using technical devices. Of course one can produce results that are false, just as there exists false gold. But the existence of fool's gold does not diminish the existence of true gold.  

The richest gold nuggets of the Twentieth Century were the ITC contacts reported by members of INIT—the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication. That is especially true of the ITC contacts received by INIT members Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg, from 1995 to 1998—a period during which all INIT members from different countries worked together enthusiastically in trust and harmony, resulting in close collaboration with a dedicated spirit team and a group of seven ethereal beings. These spirit colleagues told us through ITC contacts on many occasions that the harmony, integrity and mutual trust among all members made the miraculous contacts possible. As a founder and principle member of INIT, I (Mark Macy) am confident of the integrity of all INIT members and of the legitimacy of all contacts reported by them during that time. I know that those contacts are genuine, mind-boggling though they are.  

The harmony and trust within our INIT group was broken in 1998 by members who began to doubt the legitimacy of some of our more elaborate contacts. At that time, the contacts began to diminish. As the doubts erupted into terrible conflicts leading to the break-up of our group into two separate associations, and to the further deterioration of human relations within both of those groups, the contacts dried up to a trickle. That is what happened to the genuine miracles enjoyed by INIT. Today I reflect back on our experience in INIT as a small taste of a Golden age of ITC that will unfold in our world in the future. Whether it comes in our lifetime depends upon whether a resonance based on love and trust can be established--first within the ITC community, then spilling into the larger world. Our spirit friends are eager to see the Golden age of ITC dawn in our world; of that I'm certain. Whether it comes in our lifetime depends on us. Since the year 2000, I have not been in close collaboration with members and former members of INIT, and so I can no longer vouch for their research of the last few years. Even though there are small networks of researchers today sharing their results and interests with each other, I believe that the deep level of harmony and trust necessary for true ITC miracles has not yet been restored.

The founding of is an effort to restore harmony in ITC research, as well as to offer humanity a look at the miracles of ITC. Our intention is to offer people information which they can use to convince themselves of the reality of technical spirit communication, and for those interested to embark on the adventure of ITC experiments. From our website you can see there are many experimenters around the world that are in contact with beyond using different methods and achieving different types of contacts as voices, images, and text, via radio, telephone, computer, television, and other devices.  

We invite you to use our information as a step toward enjoying your own adventure. You might say, as we did: "It's unbelievable that this exists!"  And then, later, your mind will open to new considerations…as ours did. 

We are glad to support you in your adventure.  

Mark Macy and Rolf-D. Ehrhardt

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