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Who is Jackie Colligan?

Ten years ago, in 1992 Jackie Colligan made an amazing discovery while attempting to gather hard evidence of poltergeist activity which had been occurring in her home.

Jackie found that she had the ability to record audible speech from the energies of "spirits". Audible words and noises which reflect the thoughts, activities and "lives" of people who are no longer inhabiting earthly bodies.

Over the years, Jackie has become exceptionally gifted in the art of paranormal voice phenomena. She has assembled a continually expanding archive of spirit recordings and related material. They say that Practice Makes Perfect, and it appears that this old adage also applies to the numerous entities who have also become skilled at seeking out and establishing contact with and thru Jackie.

Photograph of Jackie Colligan


Jackie Colligan is a woman in her sixties doing a research on her haunted mobile home and land (supposedly an Indian burial ground ) for the last seven years this coming October of 1999.

Jackie and her daughter-in-law saw a white form pass by in the living room during the mid-afternoon of October 8, 1992, making it the fifth time Jackie saw the form. She tried to excuse the sightings as reflections from the television the first four times, since all four of the previous sightings had taken place at night.

She set out that very night to find out who else was occupying their mobile home from the "other side."

That evening she set up a VCR with the help of her son and they connected it to a video camera and an external mic. Every night she videotaped for six hours and then spent six hours daily watching and listening to every noise and sound.

Finally, in the middle of November, she decided to record the video earlier in the evening. At 11p.m. she ejected the video and watched it. Jackie used a large numbered clock to mark what times different noises were occurring on the tape. At exactly 10:39 p.m. a young female voice was heard on the tape saying, "Please leave me." This event was a total shock to Jackie since she had never before heard of spirit recording--she had expected to see something along the lines of "shadows".

Jackie then went to the library to search for books on ghost voices and happened to find a book by Harold Sherman. The author explained how to run a tape recorder with a clean cassette.

At the end of November 1992 Jackie began recording using Sherman's methods. She put in ten and eleven hour days for five years--both recording and listening. The voices started coming in more frequently, and by the month of February 1993 she had recorded over two hundred voice messages. From there it continued to escalate.

Jackie has more than seven thousand hours of research, logging over 4,000 pages of hand written dialogue and over a thousand voices saved to Zip Drive.

She typed a 467 page manuscript and has a literary contract with an agent, but the agent disappeared with her manuscript; however Jackie has the original. She also had a movie contract that expired, unlike the literary contract.

Jackie and members of her family have seen many of the spirits and experienced many ghostly activities. The spirits have befriended the family--although it took a couple of years--but they still have encounters at times that are not of a friendly nature.

Jackie seems to have been a conduit for the spirit world since her early teen years--meaning that the spirits are drawn to her--which has made for some rough times in her life. The spirits also like to come into her body throughout the night and use her vocal cords to express themselves.

Finally, she decided to put a camera by her bed. If the spirits try to come into her and don't take over before she can fully wake up, she starts snapping pictures. The spirits do not like having their pictures taken, so they leave. She has recorded them speaking through her in the night hours by setting up a voice activated tape recorder.

The spirit world is just as real to her as the physical world and the spirits have become part of her life.

Here we have some files recorded by Jackie. Much more on her website.

WAV-file - 23 KB - 1 sec

"Painting"  (Group 01)

WAV-file - 33 KB - 1 sec

"Oh Jackie"  (Group 05)

WAV-file - 13 KB - 1 sec

"Give her script to him." -- 08-18-99 While Les, my friend Michele (ghostbuster), daughter-in-law Barbara and Jackie sat at the kitchen table, having lunch, in the mobile home. They talk about books and scripts--Jackie thinks because she typed a manuscript about them.  (Group 09)


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A strange form has engulfed Jim while he plays keyboard. Soon after this, Jim had a lot of bad things happening to him. The entity is evil in appearance. Jackie took this picture with a 35mm camera, 800 speed film.
One night the band couldn't keep any of the guitars tuned and they blamed it on the ghost at the mobile. Her son Robert and a few of the band members had a bad argument and Jackie thinks Rick the spirit took Robert's side and kept approximately a dozen guitars out of tune during the whole gig.

Jackie's son George and his wife Barbara renewed their wedding vows in 1998 at the famous Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, NV. It appears the spirits were there in full vortex.



August 01, 2002

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