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"If you believe in ghosts, proof is not necessary. If you don't believe in ghosts, proof doesn't matter....."
- Patti Starr  (USA)
  Email: patti (ett)

Education:  High School and College

Certification:  Certified Ghost Hunter

Appointments:  Notary Public

Inner Circle Member of International Ghost Hunter Society

- International Ghost Hunter Society

- American Society of Dowsers

- Keen Speaker

Occupation: Managing Director of Collectors Gallery Gift Shop & Mail-

                      Order Division
Part time:
  A staff member of the University of Kentucky Lexington Community College teaching “Introductory to Ghost Hunting” (four week course) and “Advanced Ghost Hunting” (six week course including three field ghost investigations).

The Ghost Chasers International, Inc. Team 

Patti Starr is the President and owner of Ghost Chasers International, Inc., which is based in Lexington, Kentucky. She leads an experienced, accomplished, group of investigators with a goal to prove that life goes on even after death. Patti sets out to find and document paranormal activity in the field of ghost hunting. Her investigative research for ghosts includes electromagnetic field detection, observing electrostatic field disturbances, capturing anomalous images with infrared videography, 3-D photography, digital photography, 35 mm photography, recorded EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) with audio recording devices, monitoring the temperature with laser thermal scanners, along with other advanced techniques to collect data. Patti substantiates these findings by catching anomalies in her photos and videos, in addition to EVPs being captured on audio recorders and videos, along with the recorded results of the devices she uses to measure temperature changes and electromagnetic field disturbances.

Ghost Chasers International, Inc., (GCI) was founded in 1996 with only six members.  Since that time they have grown to thirty members actively doing ghost investigations. Twelve of their members are certified ghost hunters and have completed the required courses, field investigations and passed an exam that prepared them to be certified.

Patti Starr and the member of her team are using instruments while making their investigations. Here are some of them:

Dr. Gauss Meter
Electricity is all around us.  In order to transmit electricity, it is necessary to transform it into an alternating current (AC) which reverses polarity 60 times per second (60 Hz).  When alternating currents are sent through wires and appliances, they produce Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs). 
The Dr. Gauss meter accurately measures extremely low fields. 
To perform a detailed check of an area for EMF disturbance stand in the middle of the room.  Depress the side panel of the Dr. Gauss meter and keep pressing to measure the background EMFs from 0.1 milligauss (mG) to 1MG (1/10th of the value shown on scale).  If you are getting a reading and audio signal at this extremely low-level, release the side panel.  Now you are measuring the true reading shown on the scale (0 mG to 10 mG) which is the scale used for detailed checks.
Detailed checks are performed using this 0 mG to 10 mG scale by moving the Dr. Gauss meter around the area to be surveyed and paying special attention to appliances, light fixtures and electrical outlets in the area.  Detail checks will help pinpoint the sources of EMF in your environment.
Once you have isolated a source of the EMFs you will get a more accurate reading of that source by slowly rotating the Gauss meter in different directions (horizontally, vertically, and sideways) and watching for the highest reading.  At this point the meter’s interior coil will be best aligned with the source and will produce a more precise measurement of the field.

The Multidetector II Profi
The Multidetector II Profi’s high quality, externally convertible frequency filter enables the user to categorize the frequency range of the disruptive sources.  It provides two frequency ranges.  In the ELF mode (low pass) the Multidetector II Profi only measures electrosmog frequency which is below 500 Hz.  This frequency range contains mostly mains fields which are caused by electric cables, halogen lamps, transformers as well as overhead tram cables.  In contrast the VLF mode (high pass) ignores frequencies below 500 Hz.
Disruptive sources can thus be identified significantly more easily and more accurately by the Multidetector II Profi.  This device provides the certainty that could otherwise only be obtained with extremely expensive professional units.  Futhermore, the high accuracy of 1% provides very good reproducibility of the readings.
The Multidetector II Profi has 4 extremely accurate measuring ranges for electrical and magnetic fields with 10 calibrated grades each and extreme sensitivity of 0.1 V/m or 1nT.
I have been able to ask yes and no questions of the spirit while using the Cell Sensor meter and I've asked the spirit to answer me through the signals.  I had my husband to video one short session to show that I do not move to make a false reading and I'm perfectly still while getting the answers through the signal.  The other times I've done this I recorded it on audio with witnesses but it has more credibility if it is captured on video.  Sometimes when the spirit comes through my husband may be off in another area with the camcorder and I'm afraid if I leave my area I will loose the signal so I continue without him, knowing that I will at least have it recorded on audio.

The Cell Sensor
This meter will allow you to detect and measure ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Field) generated by AC electrical current, which pulsates at 50 to 60 Hz.
The Cell Sensor is furnished with a remote probe that when connected to the unit, makes it an ELF detection meter.  The probe allows you to measure fields in all places, while making it easier for you to watch the readings on the display of the meter.
The Cell Sensor measure ELF fields in milliGauss (mG).  The meter measures in two different ELF scales.  The “high sensitivity” scale is 1 to 5 milliGauss while the “normal sensitivity” scale is 1 to 50 milliGauss.
After using the unit, depress and release the On/Off button in order to turn it off.

We will give here some examples of her research results. You can see and hear much more on here website.


Vortex Near the Camera

This Photo was taken by Patti Starr, CGH, during the investigation of the Mansion of Griffin Gate at the Marriott, Lexington, KY.  During Patti’s dowsing for ghosts, the dowsing rods led her to this place as being the most active for ghosts.  She took this picture and was delighted to have gotten a vortex with her Polaroid 35 mm camera in that same location where the rods had led her.  None of Patti’s cameras have straps.


WAV-file - 120 KB - 5 sec   I’ve been sittin’ here all day.”

This EVP was captured at an abandon TB hospital that had been deserted for about 20 years. This little girl EVP was captured on the first floor just around from the nurses station.  This same EVP was captured on our video as well.  It is one of the few EVPs that I have been fortunate enough to capture on more than one medium.  We learned that a lot of patients during that time were very lonely because their family members were afraid of getting the disease so they didn’t visit very often.


Ghost Chasers International is investigating an abandoned TB hospital when Chuck Captures this orb dipping down from the top of the screen and over Jennifer’s head.  It is not a flashlight. Click here for investigation report

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