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 Judith Chisholm

I  have lived in London, England  for most of my life.  I am a journalist who was married to an architect and had two adult sons, one of whom, Paul, died suddenly and unexpectedly in August 1992. He simply went to bed one night and didn't wake up in the morning.

At the end of 1993, after having behaved, since the death of my beloved eldest son, like an advanced robot that could suffer and weep, and now determined to find him wherever he was, I began going to weekly physical sťances to which, one evening,  I took my micro-cassette tape recorder, switched it on and laid it on the table in the dark, merely to see if I could perhaps work out the direction raps were coming from or discern any other information from the recording.  I didnít really believe that what was happening - table-tilting, raps spelling out messages, scents, tinkling chandeliers, etcetera - was paranormal.  I put it down to "special effects" possibly created by one of the sitters, for reasons best known to himself.

However, several days later, on playing the recording Iíd made I was extremely surprised to hear a womanís voice whisper my name "Judith".  It was very faint but sibilant; however, it was definitely there, and as I had been the only woman at the sťance that particular evening and positively didnít whisper my own name - who did?

After some research, I found out about the electronic voice phenomenon and decided that this was what I had inadvertently tapped into. So the EVP found me in the sense that I was totally unaware of its existence although I had a life-long interest in ghosts and psychic phenomena and perhaps, what is most important, a sceptical approach coupled with an open mind.

As the "Judith" voice had been obtained by sitting in the dark and recording, my son Victor and
I decided to sit in the dark for an hour twice a  week, in the quietest room in the house and record, to see if we could get some more of these amazing voices from thin air.

Nothing happened during six months of being cooped up in an airless, blacked out room for two hours a week and listening back to endless tape recordings.  All we could hear was our own babble and we were about to give up.  Then, after what would probably have been our last sitting, I played the tape back to hear, to our enormous excitement, an unknown manís voice say conversationally: ďIíve been every week!Ē.

After that the discarnate voices arrived on tape steadily and we even recorded Paulís voice early in 1994, eighteen months after his death, saying one word ďReasonĒ.  But although it sounded exactly like his voice we could not believe that if and when he spoke (as we were sure he must and would) he would say just one rather abstract word, we dismissed it at the time, as him and it is only now, with hindsight, that we understand it was him speaking and that the word had immense meaning: everything is for a reason; he went for a reason. That is what he was trying to tell us.

I will not go into detail about the exciting years that followed discovery of this miraculous phenomenon as space does not permit, and it is fully related elsewhere. However, suffice it to say that my research, especially since my recent purchase of a digital recorder, (and the reasons why this works better than one using tape are too numerous, and possibly too subjective, to go into here) has taken a great leap forward to the point where I am now able to carry on two-way conversations with "dead" people.

I say "dead" people advisedly rather than "discarnate voices" or "aliens", "angels", "entities", "higher" or "lower beings", and so on,  because I recognise everything about the voice characteristics of some of the "dead" people who speak to me, apart from which they announce loudly and clearly who they are as well as giving a great deal of other evidential information.

As well as appearing on television and speaking on radio as often as I can, and continuing the work of The EVP & Transcommunication Society, which is now in its sixth year, I have begun to give Talks about the EVP both in Britain and abroad.  I illustrate these with extracts from spirit conversation with each other and with me.  This is a very exciting and welcome development as it allows me to reach a wider audience than might otherwise be the case.

By its nature and because it seems "impossible" that dead people can speak, most people find it very hard to accept the reality of the EVP second-hand. My aim is to present evidence of the EVP to as many people as possible and to encourage them to try the experiment for themselves.  It is in fact something anyone can try. After all you canít summon up a ghost but you can turn on a recorder and, given the constituents are right, record a voice from heaven.

To give you an idea the way Judith works and how the contacts can occur here only one example (more on her website)

WAV-file - 12 KB - 1 sec

Extract 3:
   (a) (b) and (c)

8th January 2002:

(3a) Spirit Voice (male)

Staying in a hotel in Ireland, the recorder switched itself on inside my suitcase,the morning after arrival. The previous evening I had wondered who had once lived in the 200 year-old hotel originally built as a country house. I imagined a girl wearing 18thC clothes, and a piano in the corner of the room.  On the morning in question my companion and I watched breakfast television for about an hour, coinciding with the recording being made from inside my suitcase (which hadnít been touched since the evening before). This is the very first voice on the recording and seems, judging by accent and commanding delivery, to be from an earlier, harsher period than our own time - perhaps 18thC or Victorian.  

No. 3 (a): Get that Doctor back!

WAV-file - 43,3 KB - 5 sec

3(b) Spirit voice (female)

A woman who sounds like a gangsterís moll, speaking in a  London whine. Her voice and accent do not seem to be contemporary. I would date her from around the 1950ís to the 1970ís.

No. 3 (b): Break yer legs, blow yer Ďead off, blow yer away

WAV-file - 74,4 KB - 9 sec

3(c) Piano Trill

The prior evening I had thought of the original 18thC owners of the house and of a piano which might have been in the room.  This trill, on what sounds like an early instrument, definitely didnít come from any earthly source.  The television was broadcasting a news programme throughout.

No. 3(c):    Piano Trill

Footnote:  This self-activated recording has captured communication not only from two dimensions (as you can hear my companion and myself talking and the television playing in the background) but, apparently, three time zones from the other side.

rodiehr July 31, 2002

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