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Being a real estate broker in my fifties, I had no prior experience with paranormal phenomena.
It was actually a subject that I actively avoided.  Nonetheless, soon after moving into our current home in May 2000, a variety of unexplainable events began to take place throughout the day and night: loud sounds of footsteps, rapping on the walls, flashing lights and so forth.  In December of 2000,  I began to see single white lights as well as small, blue, orb-like visitations here and there and by May of 2001, audible voices emanating from the kitchen area of the house were heard by both my husband and myself. 

It soon became apparent that the voices were manifesting in conjunction with the operation of a Krups coffee maker that we had purchased in November 2000.  The coffee maker was normally operated very early in the mornings; 4-5 am.  For three months, I sat riveted, listening to my name being called out each morning and other less discernible dialogue and moaning noises, fearful, but too awestruck to get rid of the machine.  This machine is unique in it's design as it forces water up through a special, tightly packed charcoal bag in the bottom and I believe that the resulting pressure produces a frequency that the entities are able to use for voice modulation.


  is coming out of the KRUPS!!

It was mid-August 2001 when distressingly loud pleas of "Help me!" were repeated again and again while the machine was running and I ran to get my husband out of bed to witness this.  I had previously attempted to record the voices with an inexpensive cassette recorder in order to fully comprehend what was being said but it was ineffective and so, I immediately purchased a digital voice recorder to try and learn why the entities were contacting us and most importantly what kind of help they were seeking.

The digital recorder succeeded in picking up a great number of discernible male and female voices, some with different dialects and even the occasional voice of a child.  They were talking to me and talking to each other   They constantly referred to me by name, remarked about events in my life and different aspects that they observed about our home.    As I continued to record this machine it became obvious that there was predominately one, specific group of entities speaking.  Their individual names eventually became known and could be associated with their distinctive voices.

I went on to try various other methods of recording Electronic Voice Phenomena: using the computer instead of the digital recorder and  recording radio static produced the voices of relatives and other people I had known during their lives. Recording the coffee machine with some background material, (radio or TV) running 20 feet away in another room, provided the most clear and lengthy dialogues.  Reversing the recordings produces additional, relevant dialogue.  In as much as the voices emanating from the coffee machine can be readily heard in "real time", my ongoing pursuit is to simply to be able to converse back and fourth with these individuals as they are speaking, without needing to record the voices in order to understand what is being said.
I feel that this is entirely possible with continued practice from our respective planes of existence.

Voice Phenomena Recordings from a Variety of Sources

These were
recorded from the Krups with no additional background material-

This is one of my favorite recordings that pretty much says it all:


"SEYMOUR" speaks:

The Child: (sounds very sad) "THEY GET SICK"

Below are
recordings of the Krups with the addition of a police scanner 20 feet
as background material.

There are multiple EVPs on this one: "Charli, how about doing a singing request since you're on the couch sitting." (I was, BTW)

"This is not an evolved ship; there is no golden chapel"

"I could have joined this school down here"

Below, I
recorded plain static from my ham radio, (no speaking)

in an attempt to contact the TimeStream Station.  Upon playback an entity announced that it was "Control" speaking and that they were "doing a project."  They began discussing my mother and father(living) and my grandmother, (passed).

One entity wanted to know their purpose (or what their "project" was, I guess)


Control also wanted to know: "ARE THE BRIGHT, WHITE LIGHTS GETTING THROUGH NOW?"  (Yes, they are)

Here is a
reversal of an EVP found on my digital answering machine

which happens frequently: "GET OFF OF EDDIE, MR. CLAYPOOL"

Here is another clear answering machine EVP reversal:

This is a NON-reversed Answering machine EVP(mislabled)
It now sounds like "TRY FEELING ME"

July 09, 2002

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