Sonia Rinaldi, Brazil


I started researching ITC in 1988, together with the Brazilian scientist Dr. Hernani guimarães Andrade, in his institute (IBPP - Instituto Brasileiro de Pesquisas Psicobiofísicas).

In 1990 I founded the ANT- AssociaçÃo Nacional de Trancomunicadores, our ITC-association, today with about 1.700 members from all around Brazil.

In 2000 we took the research to a scientific Lab working together with engineers, physicists and scientists.  The results of those studies made possible to reach the point where we are today:  we make phonecalls to Beyond, stablishing dialogs of till 10 minutes.   All this always follows scientific control parameters.  We made up to this month (July-02) 163 phonecalls.  All well documented, witnessed etc.  The most important:  the formated we are using make possible the contact between any person and his/her deceased via my station.  From the 163 phonecalls recorded, about 130 were made by parents who lost their children, and they recognize the voice recorded as being of the one who departed.  See one case enclosed of Rita, who spoke to her decased daugther Danielle for +- 10 minutes via my station at home.

Please find enclosed one case of a phonecall.  The audio samples is pointed in the text in blue.

- PHONE CALL  number 146  with  Rita Barcellos Goulart
MOTHER’S COMMENTS about the phone call 

Spirits requested to introduce the reception of pictures while recording the phonecalls, as they intend to speak and appear simultaneously.   Also we are taking ahead an internation research including France, Italy and Brazil, so that our common scientists may work together and discuss the best way to prove the authenticity of the samples of the 3 countries.  

July 13, 2002

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