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I made this photograph in a laboratory in Puerto Rico. A bar magnet is held by a piece of cellophane tape in front of a TV tube. By this technique I made visible to the eye, the energy fields which surround the magnet. Note that the energy at one end of the magnet differs from that at the other end.
Perhaps in high school physics you performed a somewhat less sophisticated experiment by watching the movement of iron filings on top of a piece of paper when you placed a magnet below the paper. The energy field of the magnet moved the small pieces of iron and arranged them in a definite pattern.
Such a magnetic energy field is actually three- dimensional.
It can penetrate blood, flesh, and bone as shown in this photo. A small but powerful electro- magnet has picked up thousands of pieces of iron filings and arranged them in these lines of force extending above my hand. This invisible force is so strong it overcomes the force of gravity! The photo is evidence that an invisible energy field can "organize" or cause assembly of physical matter.


This photograph taken in the laboratory of my good friend, Prof. Dennis Milner of the University of Birmingham in England, shows the energy fields around a compass needle (which is a piece of mag- netized steel) and a plant leaf.
Notice that the patterns along the edges of the two ends differ from each other as do the fields around the north and south poles of the bar magnet in front of the TV tube. Notice that the white band which is the energy field of the leaf, extends completely around the leaf. Hence, the leaf's normally invisible energy pattern has been pulled closer on the right side by the pull of the energy field of the compass needle.



This picture was taken a few years ago at a Christmas party in Connecticut. There were many mediumistic people present so that the air was charged with psychic energy. Taken with a flash and an ordinary instamatic camera, it shows that the atmosphere at this party was literally filled with energy fields, even though they were invisible to those present.



This picture, taken in Florida, shows sun shining through jalousie windows. The ultraviolet wavelengths of sunlight are interacting with the energy fields around the small child in such a way that the effect is registered dramatically in the emulsions on the photographic film.

Taken in Germany, the emulsion on the photographic film shows the energy fields (the swirling white bands) generated in the presence of a very psychic small girl.
Neither the father who took the picture, nor her mother had any awareness of these energies. The father thought he had wasted his film until I exclaimed in delight at his unique accomplishment in bringing these "invisible" fields into visibility.


While studying healers living in the rice fields of a northern part of the Philippines, I was fortunate to capture on film this red-orange blast of healing energy. Josefina Sisson is just starting to treat the eye of a patient who has come from the out-back area of Australia.
This momentary blast of healing energy was invisible to the members of the 5-man team of specialists I had taken with me but it was detected and recorded by the emulsions on the photographic film.

Here, Jose Mercado, another Filipino healer, is treating a woman patient from Alaska. Note the 3-dimensional ribbon of pulsating white light that was captured on the camera film. (It was not seen by any of the observers.)

In trying to understand what kind of magic is going on in these unusual pictures, it is helpful to consider two invisible energy systems of our body, about which modern medical science knows very little. As of now we cannot see or photograph these systems directly.

One system is known as the acupuncture meridians. It is almost as though the surface of our body has printed circuits like our TV sets.


Even though invisible, the reality of these acupuncture meridians has been known in China for more than 1900 years. I took this picture in 1979 in a museum in 500 Chow, China. The large bronze figure in the glass case has small holes drilled at specific points in the acupuncture meridians.

The professor of the medical school 200 years ago would coat the figure with a dark colored wax, fill the hollow casting with water and then challenge the medical students to insert the needle in a specific hole on one of the acupuncture meridians. If the student had placed the needle properly, upon its removal he would have a stream of water to confirm his accuracy.

Later, in a hospital in Nanking, China I had the opportunity to personally verify the reality of the acu-puncture system by observing a series of operations in which acupuncture was used as the only anaesthetic.

In this case, a middle-aged woman is being operated on for suspected cancer of the stomach. The only anaesthetic is provided by three small needles placed in the periphery of the ear and supplied with a pulsed 3-volt DC current. She was fully awake and could converse with us through the administrator of the hospital, who served as translator. She reported that she felt no pain.


The surgeon removed 60% of the stomach, but there would be very little post- operative pain or discomfort. If this had not been an operation on her stomach, she would be able to eat a full meal thirty minutes after the operation.
Further, if you are to understand the magic by which you will be living forever, you need to learn about the other invisible energy system which powers your body with cosmic energy. The chakra system, known to readers of esoteric literature, involves a series of brightly colored energy vortexes at the points indicated above: the top of the head, the forehead, the throat, three places on the chest, solar plexus and the base of the spine.

This photo of a Miami, Florida couple and their small child is one of the first to bring into visibility the energy flow at the chakra level. Note the stream of light energy arching up from the child's crown chakra and curving back down toward the father's crown chakra.
Following years of travel and research on these subjects, I decided the time had come to set up my own facilities to explore these energy fields in a more scientifically controlled fashion. After months of painstaking effort, I produced two astonishing photographs in my laboratory.




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