Mark Macy, USA
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I was born in 1949 and grew up in a liberal Christian family. In my teens I rejected religion because it left many questions unanswered, and I remained agnostic—assuming that all notions of God and afterlife were just wishful thinking—until I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1988. Then, at age 38, I became preoccupied by the question, "What really happens to us after we die?"

A few years later I met George Meek, father of modern ITC and author of the groundbreaking book, After We Die, What Then? George Meek answered many of my questions and introduced me to some of the best known ITC researchers in Europe—men and women committed to their work in the face of public skepticism, ridicule, and accusations of fraud. I was moved by their bravery and dedication, and a spiritual hole inside me was suddenly filled by the miraculous communications from invisible colleagues being received, analyzed, and carefully documented by these spiritual pioneers from various cultures and walks of life.

Before long I set up a basic spirit communication system, patterned loosely after the equipment being used successfully elsewhere for voice contacts with spirit. I purchased a couple of broadband radios and a cassette tape recorder and began experimenting. I was well into my fourth month of experimenting, and I was beginning to get a little discouraged before I captured my first spirit voice on tape.

Spirit contacts by radio

Early one summer morning in 1992, with a bowl of fruit and glass of water on the table beside me, I turned on the radios and recorder and, as usual, asked a series of questions. Then I turned the system off and brought the tape over the couch to lie down and try to stay awake long enough to listen to the entire forty-five-minute session. As I listened, the soft radio voices recorded on tape faded in and out of the static. Several times I drifted off into light sleep for a few seconds, then awakened. It was all rather surreal and dream-like. Then I heard one of my questions, "Can you tell me about any breakthroughs...?"

Suddenly my eyes bolted wide open as I heard a loud whisper: "...minds...much...term." I played it back numerous times, and each time the message became a bit clearer, and the voice became a familiar one. It was the unmistakable voice of Konstantin Raudive conveying an unmistakable message:

MP3-file - 162 KB - 10 sec

"Your mind’s too much in turmoil."  

It was my long-awaited breakthrough. At last I had gotten my first voice, and it was advice from the other side on how to improve my techniques for better results. Progress would accelerate in the coming months as I learned to focus my thoughts and clear my mind.

As months passed I captured hundreds of small voices on tape—mostly positive and helpful in nature. For a period of time I would hear a friendly female voice with a French accent. One morning I thought it might be one of our spirit friends named Anne Guigne, and I asked if she was present. Anne Guigne died in France in 1922 at age 10, then 71 years later a picture of her received was received via computer in Luxembourg, along with an accompanying message from Miss Guigne. The picture and letter indicated that she is now a beautiful young woman in the spirit worlds and dedicates her efforts to alleviating the suffering of children on Earth.

(picture of Anne Guigne)

So, during my experiment that morning I asked if the remarkable young spirit woman Anne Guigne was present. Several spirit voices emerged through the radio sounds in rapid succession. The first was a male spirit voice—very likely Bill O'Neil, who had a playful, jesting sense of humor:  

"Want a date?" 

Then two other, more serious male voices:.

"You'll know when your self knows."  

"Stand by Sarah Estep."  

Then, the final message, apparently in French, came through loud and clear in a young, feminine voice:

MP3-file - 454 KB - 28 sec

"Definit! Comment de suer-la?"

I received a fax from Luxembourg on October 29, 1993—a Friday. Maggy Harsch-Fischbach reported receiving a note from Timestream Spirit Group. She had discovered it in her computer upon arriving home from work:

"Louise C— T— arrived here two weeks ago and is going to help Bill to reach the ITC group around Mark Macy. The higher being Isar will monitor and facilitate the group’s progress."

This was the first I had heard of the higher being Isar. I was absolutely delighted to be getting ethereal assistance in our project. It was a crucial step toward enhanced ITC contacts.

In the coming weeks I got a call from a Minnesota man who was a subscriber to our ITC journal. He informed me that Louise C— T— was his late wife, but that was the last I heard from him. I heard no further mention of Louise from our spirit friends either.

It was not unusual for a person to become immersed in the miracles of ITC—to soak up the wonderful and exotic information to the point that their mind became boggled. Then the mind would shut down, and the person would turn their back on ITC. ITC had that effect on some people, and there was not much I could do about it. That might have been the case with the man from Minnesota.

"Bill" referred to Bill O’Neil, the man who had developed the Spiricom device in 1980. He had died in 1992 and was now working with me. As a matter of fact, thanks to the efforts of Bill O’Neil, I was now starting to get some encouraging results in my experiments. A new sound was coming through the radio noises. It was a loud, incessant buzzing, reminiscent of the old Spiricom sounds. I could hear Bill O’Neil trying to talk through the loud sounds, but it was extremely difficult to decipher what was being said.

At one point I began asking him to focus on the vowel sounds—A, E, I, O, and U—since it seemed to be those sounds in particular that were getting lost in his efforts to talk to me. After several days of asking him to say the vowel sounds, I began to hear efforts in that direction, and then one morning, suddenly, they broke through loudly and clearly:

MP3-file - 410 KB - 26 sec

"Ay - eee - ah-e - oh-h - you-u-u-u-u-u."

For several weeks, O’Neil would enunciate the vowel sounds from time to time during our experiments, and then the efforts ceased. He continued to work diligently to break through with clear voices, but it was frustratingly difficult. Many of our sessions lasted between 45 minutes and two hours, and of the many dozens of comments O’Neil spoke during a session, maybe only one or two would be comprehensible to some degree. A few months after our beloved cat Konrad was killed by a raccoon in the neighborhood, Bill said through the radio sounds:

MP3-file - 319 KB - 20 sec

"Konrad the cat is Arthur's pet."

On October 7, 1995, the Timestream spirit group sent a fascinating letter, via computer in Luxembourg, containing very detailed information which I was asked to research:

"Dear Mrs Harsch-Fischbach,

"This letter is addressed to you as I know you are the main communicator on your side for messages like this. My name is Arthur Beckwith. I suppose you don’t know me, although I know you very well.

"I am in charge over here at Timestream station doing analyses of your newsletter, also the comments resulting which are published in different countries (for example my home colleague Mark Macy).

"With this I intend to give my fellow researchers in the States...some details allowing them to make serious and complementary research on "deceased persons" such as I.

"I was born in Houghton-le-Spring Sunderland (UK). I was in Jamaica in 1857 where I met my beloved wife Susan. And I was employed at the Sun, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the Citizen.

"I am here now, Group Timestream, together with Scott Joplin, Marjorie Hamilton, Bill O’Neil, Jeannette D (Meek) and my friend Bill H. Lynch who was (as he told me) in his terrestrial days rector of St John’s Roman Catholic Church in Lambertville NJ (he seems to have had some difficulties in offering to perform marriages during 1912 without cost) and Francis H Glazebrook of Morristown (a medical doctor)."

Many of the obscure facts in the letter were confirmed through phone calls and letters to England and Brooklyn, many hours of scouring old newspapers at the Brooklyn Public Library, and a trip to Lambertville, New Jersey. I did much of the research myself, with Regina’s support. A large quantity of verifying information was dug up by Betsy M., a subscriber to my journal. This interested reader spent hours digging through the national census records in Washington D.C. and uncovered a lot of family and household information about Arthur Beckwith in Brooklyn.

On October 17, 1996, I was working on a speech on the computer in my office. The radios in the lab in the next room were emitting a steady drone of white noise, when all of a sudden a voice boomed out, "Time just passes here." It was my first "direct voice"—that is, a voice that can be heard loudly and clearly at the time it’s created. Most spirit voices planted on tape are inaudible by the normal human ear until playback. 

MP3-file - 104 KB - 6 sec

"Time just passes here."

The following day we received, through computer at Station Luxembourg, a short message from our spirit friends at Timestream about my direct voice contact:

"Tell Mark it was the voice of Arthur Beckwith."

In the coming months, either Arthur Beckwith or Bill O’Neil, or both of them, were present at all my experiments. Following are a few of the more interesting direct-voice messages they sent through the radio sounds in the coming weeks:

MP3-file - 61 KB - 3 sec

"The face on Mars must be looking up at a spacecraft."

This was apparently in regards to a controversial subject of recent years. Several large, geologic formations were discovered on Mars that seemed to be manmade, including one that resembled a monkey face.

MP3-file - 69 KB - 4 sec

"Thomas A to Winston"

I believe this message was Thomas Alva Edison trying to forge a link with Winston Franklin, then head of the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS). The previous president of IONS, Willis Harman, was an acquaintance of mine who had died recently. He had been a highly regarded scientist and a silent supporter of ITC research. Our spirit friends had told us that Willis Harman was settled in now on the other side, and he would try to help my spirit team open my contact bridge in Colorado. So, I was aware that Willis Harman was trying to work with me from the other side.

I made a copy of the contact and sent it to Winston Franklin at IONS, and never heard another word about it. Whereas I had exchanged letters and phone calls with Willis Harman on several occasions, I never heard a word from anyone else at IONS about my ITC research, giving me the impression that the institute's serious interest in this work disappeared with the passing of the physical form of its late president.

MP3-file - 108 KB - 6 sec

"Cukor comes through, comes through the doorway."

This message came through within seconds of the preceding one from "Thomas A," and I believe it was referring to George Cukor, the late Hollywood film director who had died in January 1983. Apparently my spirit team was working with me that morning in the winter of 1997 when George Cukor in spirit came through "the doorway" into the research area.

The reason I believe that Tom Edison and George Cukor were both with me in my lab that morning is that they had already been reported as part of the group of spirits calling themselves "Timestream." The Timestream spirit group had been working since the mid-1980s to open up a good ITC bridge with the Earth, and their main point of focus seemed to be researcher Maggy Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg. The two men had appeared together in a picture sent from our Timestream to the computer of Mrs Harsch-Fischbach in 1991.

The picture showed the two men in suits and ties, standing among hi-technology equipment in a spirit-world lab. The picture was accompanied by the following text:

George Cukor presents a picture of Thomas Alva Edison scanned by the method developed by Timestream. Actually at the moment of this snapshot, T.A. Edison is about 3,000 miles away at the stairs of the opera house. The picture of Jeannette Meek will follow in a few days. Both George Cukor and Thomas Edison are close friends of Klaus Schreiber who works together with them in order to improve picture quality. Greetings to all friends of Timestream.

Spirit contacts by phone

I received my first phone call from spirit group Timestream on January 21, 1994, but was not set up to record it. During that call Konstantin Raudive announced a new communication bridge to the States. On January 27, calls from Konstantin Raudive were received by American ITC researchers George Meek, Sarah Estep, and Walter Uphoff. George and Sarah recorded their phone dialogs; Walter did not. The next day George Meek's secretary Sande received a phone call from Raudive and took a message that our spirit friends would try to establish contact through Mrs. Jean Peterson, a psychic who was working with me in my ITC experiments. They would try to make contact on Feb. 1, at 3 pm. So on that day I went to Jean's home. We waited for a phone call from our spirit friends, but it did not come. We were disappointed.

The next day, Feb. 2, George received another phone contact from Timestream, but his tape recorder failed to work. Raudive told him that further contacts to the US would require a stronger psychic field, or contact field. That same day I received a message from Raudive on my answering machine. He said:

MP3-file - 914 KB - 58 sec "This is Konstantin Raudive. We just tried to contact George Meek. We succeeded, but he didn't get what we wanted to told—tell—him. We were talking to him that we tried to make mediumistic contact with Jean Peterson, and he registered (thought we meant) by other means—electric means. There will be no telephone contacts to your ITC group, Colleague Mark, until you will have strengthened the bridge, the mediumistic bridge, to our Timestream Group. This is Konstantin Raudive."

Negative spirits leak through a cracked contact field

Around 1998 some of the best-known researchers in the international ITC community fell into conflict. We had learned by then that the miraculous ITC contacts of recent years had been made possible by harmony and friendship among researchers. Those positive feelings had set up a clear "contact field" which allowed our friendly spirit team to see into our world and work with our equipment. When conflict erupted in 1998, generating resentment, fear and animosity, the contact field became very difficult for our spirit team to protect and penetrate. The dark, troubled feelings attracted a dark, troubling spirit group into the work and into the lives of several researchers. The intention of this negative group was clearly to stir up confusion, fear, and uncertainty among researchers.

I personally received at least one phone call and one radio contact from the negative spirit group. The phone call was short. A demonic voice simply repeated the statement, "This is Konstantin Raudive" three times, each time a bit differently. Our positive spirit team contacted my European colleagues the next day to assure us it was not Raudive on the phone to me, but a negative spirit misrepresenting himself. They identified the negative spirit by name, and it was a name we hadn't heard before.

The negative radio contact I received was longer. During my early morning experiments on September 15, 1998, the radio sounds were replaced suddenly by a spirit message which lasted about a minute, breaking down at one point and the resuming. The voice said,

MP3-file - 788 KB - 50 sec "Let's keep this secret close to us, a reminder to make our secret radio-telephone calls on the high frequency band that will support the communications. For example... (The contact broke down for a few seconds, and the voices of the radio broadcast returned. Then the spirit voice resumed) ...a 12-MHz venue. Should be 12 MHz. For direct dial, call 905-4448."

It took me several months to admit to myself that it was a negative spirit contact. The excitement at having received a long spirit contact via radio blinded my sense of discernment. I wanted to believe that my spirit team had actually created a radio-telephone system in which I would be able to contact them. I even took steps to complete the system in my lab. I determined that the phone number prefix specified in the message—905—was a legitimate cell phone prefix in the Denver metro area, so I purchased a cell phone for the lab.

But the more I listened to the message, the more I noticed it had a tinny or cackling timbre similar to the negative spirit voice that had come through my telephone. Eventually I was certain it was the negative spirit group. After that I spent less time experimenting and more time strengthening my rapport with my positive spirit friends and the Timestream spirit group.

Spirit images on film

Meanwhile I purchased a radical new subtle energy device called a Luminator (more information to be found at, which allowed me to capture spirit faces on Polaroid film in my lab. During many of the weekly meetings of my local research team, we found faces of our spirit colleagues posing with us in the pictures. Their faces would replace our faces either in part or in full. There are several examples of these Luminator images elsewhere in this website. To end this article I include pictures taken of me at three of our meetings. In each set you can see that in one of the pictures my face has been replaced by a spirit face.

August 21, 2002