Monroe Institute Workshops
September and October 2005


As summer turns to autumn this year I’m spending two incredible weekends with advanced students at the Monroe Institute (TMI) near Charlottesville VA, working with TMI Program Director Dar Miller, Ph.D. to help her facilitate a three-day workshops with the luminator. For those of you unfamiliar with the work of the Monroe Institute, it involves Hemi-Sync® techniques which move the brain into altered states of consciousness in an effective, safe, and reliable way.


Essentially, TMI students explore reality beyond the physical realm. Through technology they help individuals to reach meditative states in a few days (in some cases a few minutes!) that would ordinarily take months or years of advanced spiritual training to achieve. The technique was developed by Robert Monroe, founder of TMI, who once said, “The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations.” Since Robert’s death in 1995, the Institute has flourished in the able hands of his daughter, Laurie Monroe.


We held our meetings in Robert’s isolated mountaintop cabin, and over the course of two long weekends we took many remarkable photos in the presence of the luminator, some of which I’ll share here.


Jennifer took her first Gateway course in June 2005, after reading Robert Monroe’s book Far Journeys, which “popped off the shelf, as I understand Bob’s books quite often tend to do,” she says. The course allowed Jennifer, for the first time in her life, to quiet her mind enough to go into a meditative state.


“I never thought I could be one of those people who meditate,” Jennifer said. “Even after the training I didn’t think I’d ever be able to quiet my mind without the Monroe frequencies and technologies. Now it’s as though certain synapses have been activated in my brain so that I can go to those focus levels at will.”


One of the participants at the October workshop brought a friend’s Polaroid camera along. Late one evening after I’d gone to bed, she, Jennifer, and some others spent some time in the cabin taking pictures of each other. In the first photo you see Jennifer. In the second, her face is replaced by the face of a young man. Notice the big belly on the fellow, which Jennifer was quick to point out was not hers.

Click on the images to enlarge them!




Jennifer “superimposed”:
by a male presence.



Basil had his introductory Gateway course at TMI in early 2002, after which he felt an increased spiritual sensitivity. A year and a half after the course he participated in a paranormal investigation aboard the Queen Mary, an ocean liner known to be haunted since being retired and docked permanently as a hotel in Long Beach CA. One day the investigating team was gathered at the edge of the empty First Class swimming pool. As Basil stood with his back against the protective railing, he suddenly felt a presence behind him. There was a ten-foot drop into the empty pool, so it was physically impossible for someone to be standing behind him. He mentioned the presence to John, the team leader, who happened to be standing in front of him.


John asked Basil if he could tell anything about the presence, or if the presence could speak.

Basil replied, “I don’t know, let’s try.”


So John and the group began asking questions, which the spirit answered through Basil. The being said his name was Mr. Smith, but he had been misidentified on his death certificate as “Mr. Brown.” Apparently Smith and Brown had both been orphans. They had been “left on the doorstep” of an orphanage in Liverpool, England. The authorities at the time had no idea who their mothers were, so the two infants were both named Smith and Brown. The two boys became inseparable friends growing up.


As a young man, Mr. Brown eventually moved to Chicago, and then Smith later boarded the Queen Mary to emigrate to America, meet up with his old friend Brown, and start a new life in the States. While on board ship, Smith said he had had the fatal misfortune of falling from one deck to another, striking his head, and dying midway through the cruise. When the ship’s purser wrote up the death certificate, he listed the deceased passenger incorrectly as Mr. Brown.


Basil explains that he himself had come over to the States in 1947 by ship. In those days a traveler’s luggage had to have a tag that gave the name of the traveler on one side, and on the other side the name of his or her sponsor, or the person who would pay the immigrant’s expenses upon arrival in America. Apparently after Smith died aboard ship, the purser read the wrong side of the tag on Smith’s luggage.


Smith had been residing aboard the Queen Mary since his death early last century, and now he was apparently delighted to have someone (Basil) with whom to speak, so when Basil returned to his cabin after the incident at the pool, Smith followed him. Basil asked the spirit three times to leave the cabin, but when Smith left, he came right back a few minutes later. He couldn’t stay away. Basil says he wasn’t frightened; he just didn’t want to get in the habit of talking to spirits alone, as people overhearing him might think he was schizophrenic. Basil asked his spirit guides and guardians to take Smith out of the room, which they did, and the ghost remained out for the rest of the night.


The next morning Smith was standing behind Basil at the breakfast table. As Basil began to announce Smith’s presence, a clairvoyant said at the same time, “Basil, I can see the fellow behind you.”

Aware of Basil’s discomfort with the tenacious ghost, the group did an experiment to try to bring Smith and Brown, both long dead, together. Hopefully that would allow Smith to detach from the Earth and move “home” to paradise. With the ghost of Mr. Smith standing beside him, Basil again opened himself up to serve as a medium. The team invited Brown to join them here on the Queen Mary.

A few moments later, Basil saw the form of a man in spirit walking slowly toward them along one of the ship’s corridors. When Smith recognized the man as his inseparable childhood friend, the two spirits embraced like long-lost brothers. Not long afterwards, as Basil once again departed for his stateroom, he noticed that now Smith and Brown both followed him, and he grew concerned. He didn’t want a spirit fan club developing around him. As it turned out, though, the two old friends were just escorting Basil to his room, as a sort of gesture of gratitude and farewell, for as soon as they reached Basil’s cabin they left for good.


Basil felt quite good about that, and looking back on the experience, he believes that his English heritage helped to forge the connection with the two ghosts from Liverpool. Also, Basil says he was open to the communication, thanks to his TMI experience.


“I know that Gateway opened me up to this type of paranormal activity,” he said, “even though it was more than a year since I’d taken the course.” The incident on the Queen Mary was his first of that kind, but since then he has had many experiences in which spirits have spoken through him.


“They’re usually messages about love and enlightenment, or how to live a better life. They come from people on the other side who feel they have a story they want us on Earth to know.”


Basil continued his connection with TMI, taking their Lifeline, Explorer 27, and Starlines courses. When he attended my Afterlife Communication workshop in October, we received some interesting images in the presence of the luminator. The first shows the real Basil covered by a light streak. In the second, his face seems to be divided down the middle into two different half-faces. The third and fourth pictures are mirrored composites of those two half-faces.


Using Adobe Photoshop, I extracted each half-face from the photo, flipped it to create a mirror image, and brought the two half-faces together to create a full face that shows the character and personality of that spirit. These are probably two of Basil’s guides.


I’ve learned that popular psychics such as James van Praagh and Jon Edwards have teams of spirit guides who assemble and keep order among the many spirits who show up at these psychics’ popular channeling sessions to communicate with their loved ones on Earth. I suspect that novice channelers such as Basil also have spirit teams evolving around them for protection and guidance.


Basil with a light anomaly.



Basil with spirit guides
superimposed over his face.

A composite of the right side
of Basil’s face and a mirror image.

A composite of the left side
of Basil’s face and a mirror image.



Keli is a flight attendant by profession, and by nature a delightful woman who captivates and entertains people with her true-life stories and earthy descriptions. She said she frequently encounters people in spirit who are stuck near the Earth, and she helps them move to the subtler and nicer paradise worlds where they belong. She keeps especially busy after such disasters as 9/11 and the recent tsunami.


Keli is an author and popular guest on radio shows, where she shares highly personal psychic insights with listeners who call in. On one occasion, the spirit of a beautiful, well-groomed sheltie hopped into the back seat of her car on the way to the studio, and Keli had a strong feeling that one of her call-in guests later that evening would know about that dog. Sure enough, a female caller asked about her dog who had recently died, and Keli described the dog who was now sitting at her feet there in the studio. The female caller let out a healing sob, and “the station manager freaked, as usual,” said Keli.


Keli is in the first photo. The second shows Keli’s face completely replaced by a man’s face.

The real Keli.

Keli’s face replaced
by a male presence.



Pete has died several times and been revived, and as a result has zero fear of death, and he enjoys frequent spirit-world adventures, most of them spontaneous. These adventures are similar to what most people would call dreams, but much more vivid than the usual dream. During one of those out-of-body journeys he found himself in a government installation, where he encountered several men sitting in suits and ties, working at computer terminals. Startled by Pete’s sudden appearance in their top-secret facility, they all stopped working and stared at him.


Apparently they were working and existing at a subtler-than-physical level of existence, so Pete was visible to them during his OBE journey. Normally during his journeys he is invisible to average people in their day-to-day waking lives. He said that because of trips like that one he’s firmly convinced that the US government is involved in other-worldly research that is not made public. A colleague of Pete’s once told him it’s possible for a person to bring some items, such as papers, back from out-of-body journeys, simply by cradling them in one’s arms close to the chest, but Pete has never tried that. (Many remote viewers were trained by the government, and some of them, such as Joe McMoneagle, work with TMI.)


Dee Jay and I were among those who shared a shuttle to the airport after the workshop, and she recalled a time several years earlier when she was on a precarious bus ride up a rough mountain road in Peru. (Many of these advanced TMI students are adventurous by nature, exploring our world as well as other realms.) During that trip to Peru, the careless bus driver had nearly driven off the road a couple of times, which would have meant almost certain death. Dee Jay told me during our calm ride to the Charlottesville airport that she hadn’t really been scared in Peru, thanks to her TMI training.


“When it looked like we might all die, I just left my body,” she said with a shrug. If the bus had wound up as a crumpled heap in a mountain ravine, Dee Jay probably would have gathered up the spirits of the other dead passengers and escorted them to paradise. No big deal. I suspect that many of TMI advanced students would take charge in the event of a catastrophe in which they and others lost their lives. They’d know what to do, where to go, and how to get there.


In the first picture is Dee Jay. (Note the anomalous “extra hand” in that picture.) The second picture contains two male faces.

Dee Jay.


Dee Jay’s face replaced by
two male presences.


George said he once entered a massive, museum-like building during his spirit-world travels, and in the lobby he passed by a large alien robot. It had bony facial features and visible ribs, and its body seemed to be composed of ceramics and metals. It was motionless, so George assumed it was just a statue. Inside the building he asked someone about the statue and was surprised to learn it was actually a living entity. He was told to ask the entity for an explanation, which George did on the way out.


The entity said, “I’m glad you finally talked to me. I’m your guide.” Since then George has had a close rapport with the being, whom he calls “Bones,” and who on one occasion took George on a visit to an alien civilization with highly advanced structures and technologies that took his breath away.


Laurie Monroe took over TMI after the death of her father, TMI founder Robert Monroe, in 1995, and she has been highly appraised by our spirit friends since then. That first became clear to me in 1997, when she and I were among a group of Americans researching spiritual sites in Brazil, and during a healing session at a spiritist hospital, Laurie received an apport. A semi-precious green stone materialized on her stomach during the session, surprising the healer and the attending nurses.


I hoped to get a good picture of Robert showing up with his daughter Laurie during the workshops, and the results exceeded expectation.


The first picture shows the real Laurie, and the next two show spirit faces very clearly superimposed. The left half of both of those faces is Robert Monroe, I believe. The second picture actually contains four spirit faces: Robert on the left, Laurie’s mom (who resembled Debbie Reynolds) on the right, her stepmom in the middle, and an unidentified male just below Laurie’s chin. This is one of the best spirit-face composites I’ve received. It takes lots of spirit-world choreography and planning to make such pictures possible, and as I said, Laurie is highly regarded on the other side because of the important work she does in this lifetime to build bridges between our world and theirs.


The third picture contains the best half-face of Robert Monroe, so I made a mirrored composite of that half-face in order to show what I think is Robert’s true character and personality. There’s lots of wisdom and deep thought reflected in that face.


The last picture in Laurie’s grouping is a mirrored composite of the half-face (mentioned above) that resembles Laurie’s mother.


Laurie Monroe.



Laurie with a rare composite of  four spirit faces replacing her face. The left third of the head area resembles her father, Robert Monroe.

Laurie with two spirit faces,
again, the one on the left
resembling her father,
Robert Monroe.

Robert on the left.


Laurie’s mother resembled the face on the right. (See composite below).


The partial face in the middle
might be her stepmother.

The lower face is an
unidentified male.


Again, Robert Monroe appears on the left half of Laurie's face.


A composite of that half-face and a mirror image to produce a complete face of Robert Monroe.


A composite that resembles Laurie's mother.


Robert Monroe
in lifetime.



Finally, we got some interesting pictures of me during the workshop too. The picture below shows two partial faces superimposed over each other. Mine is the upper left face, and the lower right face has Native American features (see highlighted picture). I was good friends with an old Oglalla Sioux named Gene Standingbear (son of well-known Luther Standingbear). It could be Gene, or it could be one of the many other Native American spirits (such as a fellow named Red Jacket) who are expressing some interest in ITC at this time (according to ITC contacts received in recent years).


Mark with a spirit face
offset from his face.


That spirit face isolated from
the rest of the picture.



On the last day of the September workshop, as everyone was packing up and getting ready to go, we decided to take pictures of the women who had spent the weekend cooking our food. One of the of those pictures amazed me more than any others taken during the weekend. It was the first picture I took of Katina, a nice-looking young woman who is part Cherokee, but I almost threw the picture away without even looking at it. I was using my new back-up Polaroid camera, which I had not used at all that weekend.


I pushed the shutter-release button once, and nothing happened. I pushed it again and nothing happened. As I began to lower the camera, the shutter activated. I knew the camera was moving while the photo was being exposed, so there was almost no chance that a clear image could result. Instead of tossing the photo in the waste basket, though, I tossed it on the table. As I took a series of other photos of the kitchen crew, I tossed them on top of the “bad” one.


Later on, Larry, one of the TMI students, told me I really should look at that picture. I was not surprised to see a photo that showed numerous “parallel” smudges and light streaks indicative of severe camera motion, but I was stunned to see, in the middle of the streaks and smudges, a very clear picture of what appeared to be a Native American man. Katina bore no resemblance whatsoever to that man. So, in the pictures below you can see the real Katina (left) and the Native American man (right).



A male Native American
replacing Katina’s face.


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