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Beginning in February 2003 we start to publish some questions and answers from E-mails we received and sent. The E-mails are edited so nobody can be identified and slightly polished for better understanding. You can see whether Mark (mark (ett) worlditc.org) or Rolf (rolf (ett) worlditc.org) have given the answers. If you like to comment - please feel free to do so. Newest E-mails are on top of this list. We hope that other visitors might benefit from that. 

2005 - October 20 answered by Mark

I'm fairly new to the whole idea of ITC. I have tried it before and I'm not really sure what I did or did not get. I have read much of the site but I came across one question that I can't find an answer to.

On some of the recordings (mainly to one with the scientist and Macy I believe about the receiver), I found something that seemed strange to me. As I read along with the text and listened to the recording, it seemed like the spirit was breathing. The breathes were in the same tone of the spirit voice; so my question is......they breathe? and if they are dead.....why?

Sorry if this was asked before, but I was unable to find it. If that's the case could you simply reply with a URL so I can read the information.

(posted this in our guestbook)

Yes, the breathing caused a stir among ITC researchers too, some of whom assumed that when we no longer have a physical body there's no need to breathe, so they concluded such contacts were faked.

Our spirit team made it clear to us that they have astral bodies virtually identical to the physical body complete with functioning organs, including stomachs, lungs . . . even sex organs.

At the denser regions of the astral realm, closer to the earth in vibration, people in spirit have most of the tendencies, or behavior patterns, that they had had on Earth. They still enjoy sex, feasting, etc.

As they move to subtler, finer worlds in the astral realm, those patterns of physical world living gradually dissipate.

To contact us through ITC receiving stations, it's my understanding that they come from many levels, to an ITC sending station rather close to the Earth in vibration, and as they come to that realm, those patterns of earthly behavior return.

Anyway, to make a long story short, yes, the spirit team told us that of course they breathe; they have lungs just as we do. It's my understanding that they breathe a form of nourishing energy from their subtle environment in the way we breathe air molecules from our dense earthly environment.

Hope that resonates with you,
Mark Macy

2004 - October 02 answered by Rolf
Hi L.,
Thank you so much for those important questions hence they touch the basic understanding of ITC / TC. Let me answer those questions as good as I can after 18 years of "being involved". Readers might understand that I look at this from a technical point of view.
1. Can one actually "go back" to the precise "point of disconnect" through known techniques?

NO - in case technical means are involved like HemiSync and / or Biofeedback. More information on that in our Workgroups section.

YES - as far as experimenter use mental methods like meditation. Applying this way successful experimenter were able to get in contact with certain entities again and again.

2. Once a connection has been previously established, what is the probability of that ever occurring again with the same subject connected with, minus the exact same conditional environment and any other identical influential factors?

The probability is high in that very moment the experimenter uses the "right way" of getting in contact to beyond. Once a stable energetical bridge between Beyond and Here has been established it doesn‘t need that type of "preparation" on this side anymore--although it is very helpful. Example: the outstanding successful experimenter Adolf Homes meditated some times 2 hours before making contact to Beyond. Look at the article by Tiller in "Theories" "The preconditioning of...".

Most important is here too that one accepts that all parameter / factors are constant (that is what I learned when experimenting). But when people don‘t accept that the experimenter‘s mind / spirit plays an important (perhaps decisive as I am convinced) role, then one "influential factor" is not constant--the result you see with most experimenters: faint voices, bad pictures, not having contact to the "same" entity in beyond and so on.

3. As the original “channel” participating with me in previous scenario I would otherwise re-enlist to aid in re-creation of the previous incident is no longer available (i.e.: in contact with me, but still alive on this plane of living), should I/should I not consider that any deviation of actions to the spoken-to issue under which contact previously occurred be of any important concern?

Hoping that I understand you right: YES

4. Regarding specific time/location "reference point", previously unknown in relation to the meeting/connection, how might that information possibly be brought forth for use towards a greater successful effort?

Ask your partners in Beyond because they will tell you. As time/location might be of importance for our mood f.i. it might / will influence the contacts. Look at "A model for ITC" in "Theories".

5. Is this (converging point of time/space) where one‘s "sense" or understanding of mathematical resolution is essential, in respect to the intellectual process of "calculating", and/or even without the participation of same full "cast of characters"; and/or is this consideration even essential? (i.e.: My previous studies of various works in respect to relativity/space/time subjects I have engaged in have strongly conveyed to me understanding of the "mathematical factor" on the part of the writers, although I do not readily comprehend the same way.)

In my opinion it is not important at all for making good contacts. Just the opposite can and mostly will take place. Feeling and understanding is most important for good contacts.

6. Would the known information of either/both factors (math/reference point), or lack of, impact the intended sucessful outcome of this new effort in any manner/degree? (i.e.: do they really matter in the face of “resonance”?)

YES--since factors have influence.

7. Might "changes" in my self (atomically/intellectually) ill-serve or benefit this effort?

We have to change in order to become a partner for the enties in Beyond. They "test" us whether we are seriously interested or are gambling only. When I say that meditation helped a lot, then this will answer your question I hope.

8. Can you/they get a visual of the other entity/you, during commencement of the regenerated interest, even if you/they are unable to see Him or her/you during this time?

"Seing" as far as our eyes are concerned: only very very seldom. "Recognizing / perceiving" via ESP might happen more often.

Since everything is Energy one can understand that contacts to Beyond in one or both directions demand energy. We have to supply our part and the other side will do so too if interested. It is a process of "tuning-in" from one stage of consciousness (our side) to the other stage (Beyond) and then Resonance can take place. And the stronger resonance is and the longer it lasts the better are the contacts.

We should not forget: LIKE attract LIKE.

2004 - September 28 answered by Mark

I was wondering if there has been any instances of ITC contact with Non-Human Discarnate Entities?  If yes, where would I be able to read about them?  Any web links available? -- JT

I've seen some pictures of nonhuman entities that have come through from "the other side."  The INIT network of ITC researchers received a series of messages and images from a group of seven ethereal beings who have never lived in physical bodies and who have monitored humanity for tens of thousands of years. Most of those messages are included in my book, Miracles in the Storm. Please have a look also in Hildegard Schaefer's book, Bridge between the Terrestrial and Beyond.

Is there any documentation about ITC in Cyberspace?  I work with Avatar Communties in Cyberspace and I think that would be a great venue for transcommunication.  I have co-produced a documentary about an Avatar Community who inhabit the "Traveler" software: www.digitalspace.com/traveler The documentary is at www.armedrabble.org/avatara --JT

I'm not familiar with ITC in Cyberspace. The internet is so saturated with troubled thoughtforms, that it would be difficult for a positive, supportive spirit team to work with people on Earth through that public medium, I believe. On the other hand, a group of us have set up a private internet forum, and we are fostering spirit connection in that way.

With regards to "like attracts like", are there theories that explain why we could still get pleasant spirits even though Humankind constantly has dark thoughts throughout our subconscious? -- JT

If a group can close down to the public and remain positive (avoiding chronic fears, doubts, and animosities), then spirit can find them and attune to them. Not an easy thing for us humans to do.

Has a portable or domestic version of Spiricom been developed yet? -- JT

Spiricom, like most other successful ITC systems, seemed to be custom-made for and by the one experimenter who used it. In this case, Bill O'Neil. Other people built Spiricoms, but none of them worked. The hardware of these devices is not very important, while the attitudes and psyche of the experimenter are VERY important.

2003 - March 08 answered by Mark

I have probably a very odd question. I was wondering if you knew the nature of "maleness" and "femaleness" in regards to the spirit world? are we only male and female here because of.."mating" purposes? or do spirits and other "beings" also have the sexes. Also some religions believe there is a reason some people are male and some people are female, have you heard of this? Do you understand what I am asking? -- JA

Dear JA,
As I understand it, the gender difference is necessary only in the physical realm, for mating purposes. However, our sexuality becomes a strong and deeply etched pattern during our lives on Earth, and that is one of the patterns that we carry over into the next world--the astral realm, which is a sort of buffer zone between physical world behavior and higher spiritual behavior. Our astral friends tell us they can still enjoy sex, but they don't get pregnant. (They also enjoy eating, skiing, motorcycling, and other worldly pleasures.)

As they grow spiritually, their vibration becomes finer or subtler, and they move to realms where these earthly behavior patterns become less and less important. Eventually they move beyond the human realms altogether to enjoy a blissful existence of incredible understanding, and loving service. Meanwhile, many souls live many lifetimes on Earth, and I am told that one often chooses to be either male or female in a particular lifetime in order to fulfill certain missions and enjoy certain experiences. I hope that answers your question.  -- Mark Macy

2003 - February 21 answered by Rolf

Hello Rolf,
May you ask spirits something, that could be useful? I mean what velocity can develop typical terrestrial spirit (it is preferable to well developed one). You can ask a spirit, e. g. to fly to Jupiter and back and ask, how many seconds it left on this fly. If it cannot realize this time correctly, you may offer it to use a clock: to mark start time and finish time and tell the difference. Actually, i think, that everyone spirit can develop velocity more than velocity of light, but i want to know, what think about it spirits themselves.

those questions have been answered often in the following way:
there is no speed and time in beyond - in the other stage of consciousness. In the very same moment a "spirit" thinks of something it is connected to the other spirits that are thinking the same or similar way (resonance or like attract like). Thinking is faster than light. I tried to understand that whole matter and suddenly I knew what to write: "Time" - an essay which you can find in our Theories section. Perhaps you will agree when reading that essay: time only exists when there is a consciousness that could be aware of it.

And I don't know, what the word "omniverse" means. Can you explain it to me?

Quote from "Roadmap of the spirit worlds":

"...  The totality of creation is sometimes called the omniverse. At the farthest reaches of the omniverse is the physical realm, where consciousness vibrates at its very slowest rate, becoming very dense and manifesting as forms, stuctures, and the dense, "heavy" energies of the electromagnetic spectrum. ..."

As I understand this definition it includes everything: material and nonmaterial  way of existence (and that includes f.e. also thinking). And existence could mean: everything that can be perceived and/or recognized by our fives senses and via ESP and in general: by consciousnesses of any kind. Do you understand how I mean that?

2003 - February, 13 answered by Rolf
Subject: ITC with computers
Hey, do you have any links on how to achieve ITC with a computer?

Hello XXX, use the computer with the sound card and the mike connected to it in the same way as you use a cassette recorder. Feel free to come back with more questions. Greetings Rolf

Thanks, Just one more question: I have a webcam connected to my computer, can I try ITC via video using my webcam? Thanks again, XXX.

of course: you can try everything. But keep in mind: as we know and experienced ITC contacts one should use another way:
a) start with EVP and train yourself when listening to the voices which will hopefully appear
b) stabilize the bridge to beyond and that is shown when you are able to get in contact with certain entities almost at will.
c) those from beyond will tell you what equipment should be used from your side in order to allow them in beyond to manifest themselves.
Good luck! Rolf 

2003 - February, 08 answered by Rolf

There is a point on the EVP techniques that I want some clarification on it. To write their voices on tape, the spirits have some interaction with their energetic field and the circuits of the tape recorder and NOT by means of their direct voice (because we must hear something!), true?

yes, of course and that is called: direct voice. Please look at our website or go to "Leslie Flint". There are many experimenter that hear the voices coming from beyond through the loudspeaker of the radios used.
Please study our information given in the section: "Introduction" and be a little bit more patient because ITC is a very complex matter. It needs years of study to understand. :-))
Greetings  Rolf

Another question. There is someone that have tried to make the germanium device posted on your site, with some success? Thank you. Bye.

yes - of course. We often say: you can get in contact with beyond using with a rusty stove pipe - or with nothing (no technical devices) as the mediums do. There are hundreds of different devices used successfully by different experimenter.

Thank you for the info about Spiricom. I'm trying to construct the device. There is a point in the Meek's seech with spirits that make non-sense. They are discussing impedences matches in the preamplifier of the communication device, saying they would need 150 ohm 100 watt resistor. That does no make sense; you don't need a 100w resistor in a preamp; thats a thing the size of a flashlight,and runs hot. Why this?

Please understand my hint now: "normal" technical understanding will not lead to success in ITC. If the entities in beyond recommend to use certain equipment like pendulum, IR-lamp, quartzcristall and other strange ligth sources as you can find them in the reports everywhere then because those additional materials fit into the field of energy needed to get good contacts. I strongly recommend to try to understand the principle behind ITC: it is resonance as layed down in several articles. "Normal" technical understanding would not have allowed the videos Claus Schreiber received.

What is the Psichophone?

Please have a look at our website and use the search function!

There are other groups that have reported success with Germanium Receptor?

Yes, but I can't mention them to you. Not because it is secret but I don't know them all. Did you visit the Scole Group website too?

2003 - January 22 answered by Mark

Good morning Mark,
…I have had many different spiritual happenings in my life and I am receptive to things that most others would view as nonsense. These different events started when I was 7 years old and have continued since I had a NDE when I was 17 years old in 1967….

Over the last few nights my husband and I have been practicing "lucid dreaming." The night before I was successful and was awaken by a TV sound of just coming on. We bought a new wide screen TV this past weekend and the one in the den was moved into our bedroom. It is an ongoing process and connecting it to cable and buying a stand for it so the TV was placed on the floor and not connected to anything. It is where the sound came from when I was awakened from my dream state. I told my husband at the time that I had been awakened from lucid dreaming by what sounded like the TV turning on.

We dismissed it and talked the next day about the lucid dream. Yesterday before we went to sleep Mike, my husband, placed the TV on a stand and plugged it in, but did not connect it to the cable. During the night, I was dreaming that the TV was going to come on and I opened my eyes, and the TV came on. We both were startled and Mike got out of bed and turned it off. The remotes where by the TV on the stand. Mike is an engineer and a very bright person who is earning his PhD in Information Communications. We spoke this morning and he could not place a plausible solution to the reason that the TV just turned on. I did tell him about your book that I had just read and that I had placed a meditation and prayer asking for communication from loving spirits via my computer.

So, I am asking if any of this sounds of interest to you, and if you could shed any light on our recent unexplained experience. -- CA

Hi CA,
Thanks for the email. First, in case you haven't seen our website, I'll direct you there when you have the time and inclination to explore the work more deeply. It includes a page on how to get started in this work.

It sounds like you might have a proclivity toward ITC, considering the lucid dreaming, the psychic tendencies, and the interest to connect to higher levels of spirit this way.

There's no way for me to be sure about the causes of your TV experience, but my sense is that it is most likely the work of spirit influences facilitated by your psychospiritual qualities.

I certainly wish you the best of success in your efforts, and I'd really appreciate any reports from you about your results….    
Mark Macy

2003 - January 19 answered by Mark
Hi GA, I'll answer some of your questions below...........

I am a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer, and Light Trance Channel for Divine Spirit…. I would like your help in locating a few things mentioned in Mark's book so I can use them to show examples of spirit communcications in my spiritual development classes. Please let me know where I can find and hopefull buy the following:

1) Do you know where I can locate/purchase any cassettes or CDs of spirit voices recorded on phone calls and on home tape recorders (i.e. Konstantin Raudive's phone calls to George Meek and Sarah Estep in 1994) and other similar voice recordings by other people?

My colleague Rolf Ehrhardt and I have posted a lot of voices and images on (our) this website, www.worlditc.org which are available to the public. Although they're copyrighted (we discourage inappropriate use of ITC materials), you're welcome to use them in any classes that are spiritually Light and positive, as yours seem to be, judging by your website.

2) Do you know where I can locate/purchase VHS videos of spirit pictures on the tv (i.e. the VHS video Mark Macy played for Juliet Hollister in 1993 which had the image of deceased scientist Henri Saint Claire de Ville turning his head from left to right and talking) and other similar video/tv recordings by other people of spirit people and the spirit world?

We've posted a few video clips on the website, but not the one of Henri Ste Claire de Ville. Again, for now I think it's best if you can use what we've already made public.

3) Does Ernst Senkowski have any videos or other documentation of spirit communication available for sale and if so, how would I contact him?

I suspect Ernst has a treasure of ITC results on file, but I've not been in contact with him for years, and as far as I know he's never had an email address.

4) Does anyone have any suggestions for taking Polariod 600 photos of spirit such as type of lighting required, thoughts/intentions to send out, etc.?

I use my Polaroid 600 in the presence of the Luminator. I have the flash unit covered with black tape, with a small, sesame-seed-size hole in the tape to allow a tiny flash of light out. The low lighting is vital for spirit faces on the film. You might try that without a Luminator, and PLEASE let me know if you have good results.

5) Is the best tape recorder to use still the Radio Shack Panasonic RR-DR60 and do they still sell it?

Please ask Tom and Lisa Butler at www.AAEVP.com

6) Is the best editing tool still Cool Edit Pro?

Please ask Tom and Lisa Butler at www.AAEVP.com

7) Do you have an on-going newsletter for World ITC that I can subscribe to?

No newsletter at present. Just the website, www.worlditc.org

8) How can I be advised of your future spirit communcations updates with Jack Stucki in future books and newsletters regarding the GT-21 Luminator and other experiments?

I'll almost certainly report any major breakthroughs to everyone on my email list, and that includes you...

9) What does the Luminator refered to on page 196 of your book, "Miracles in the Storm" actually do? (You refered to it by name and then you talked about using the Polaroid 600.)

Technically I know little. The inventor told me it causes a reverse spin of electrons. Functionally, it seems to melt down the barriers between the physical and spiritual realms, allowing people in spirit to show up on film.

Thanks so much everyone for all of your kind help. I look forward to hearing from you, to being a part of this exciting research, and to hopefully locating some helpful examples of documented contact by spirit for my classes…..
Two last questions for you, do you take the Polaroids in total darkness with the person standing against a plain white wall besides the camera flash covered with black tape and a small hole for a little of the flash or do you have some light in the room and a black drape behind the person?

Excellent question. There has to be lighting, but not too bright. Normal room lighting is fine usually. Not sunlight. Fluorescent lighting as in an office seems to work best as a rule. Incandescent also works. Halogen lighting I've used only once, with limited results.

Does the person ask for their relatives or guides to please show themselves before you take the picture or do you just snap it without any particular intention by the person being photographed. (You mentioned that when psychic think Divine thoughts, the faces don't show up versus when they are thinking about everyday kind of thoughts.) Blessings, GA

Yes, just mundane thoughts seems to work best. Unless you have a spirit team experienced with this kind of picture-taking (who can round up relatives and get them into the picture at the right time in the right way), it's best just to let spirit take its course. The subject should be open and invite positive spirit participation.

Good luck! Mark

2003 - January 12 answered by Mark
Hi RO,
Excellent questions, not easy to answer. But I'll try.....

Dear Mr Macy,
I've just finished your book Miracles and found it fascinating, and beautifully written. I have one or two questions if you have the time to answer them… (About the experimenters getting the best contacts): What were they doing that others were not?

I think it was their natural ability to shape realities beyond. It's something we all do in our dreams, but they seemed to be especially gifted. (As we move to the astral worlds in our dreams, we find people and places resonant with our attitudes and thoughts, and we actually begin, or resume, living in those situations... visiting people in parks and in their homes and in small shops, etc.)

That was one big factor for those experimenters (again, this is just my opinion, based on what I've learned), but a more important factor was serendipity, or synchronicity. I believe that we're going through a troubled time on Earth, and ethereal beings are moving in close, making miracles happen in an effort to help us to the next level. "The Seven" wanted to introduce ITC to the world, and specific individuals were especially well suited for the work.

Everyone I've met in life, including those researchers, have certain human limitations, and it's those limitations that get it the way of our efforts to make the world a better place. For our international group, I think I can safely say that it was the strengths of many that led to our successes, and also the limitations of many that led to our failures.

Also as a mediator I was curious about the lack of a margin for working - through differences. In other words a conflictual relationship can become better with time

And it can also get worse, depending on whether it's our lighter side or our darker side that's guiding our interactions.

yet the expectation seemed to be that relationships must be harmonious from the outset. Is that simply the way that transcommunication works regardless of terrestrial conflict resolution dynamics? Indeed was it the intention of some researchers to cocoon themselves from the push and shove of this process?

Well, the ethereal beings recognized our human-ness, and they frequently encouraged us to bring our troubles out into the open and resolve them... so I think we all recognized our position (at least we do now, looking back) as an on-going process of trying to sustain harmony, as the natural human conflicts developed. The most prolific researchers tried hard to be patient and explain problem situations as best they could as they saw them developing, but some of those situations continued to worsen, and at a certain point the patience ran out. Frankly, gifted experimenters were in a very difficult situation--caught between heaven and earth, literally.

Finally I have a question of a purely personal nature. My dad died about twelve months ago. Would it be possible to hear from him regardless of whether or not he knows of Timestream? Do they ever act like a telephone exchange? And if he was in a state similar to the one described by that guy who "slept" for 50 odd years after passing over could anyone over there tell me?

At present, there's no fluid, reliable exchange of information through ITC systems. That will probably change in the coming years. Meanwhile, you might try some contact efforts yourself, by methods described on our website, www.worlditc.org (I'm sending a copy of this correspondence to my friend, colleague, and webmaster, Rolf Ehrhardt).
Also, there are some skilled psychics who might be able to get information to you about your dad.
Thanks for the lucid letter, Mark Macy

Thank you for your valuable work, RO (Australia)

2002 - November 19 answered by Mark

Dear Sir/Madam,
…I come from Hong Kong. I written in English is not so good I hope you can understand my questions. My grandmother deith on 2000. But i think she always stay at home. Because sometimes i can saw her. So, I want to use computer contact her.
Q.1 : How to use computer to contact her?
Q.2 : She don't know to use computer I can contact her or not?
Q.3 : In case can do. She can written in Cantonese to contact me or not?
I miss my grandmother so much. Please give answer for me and suggestions. Thank you so much!!!

Hello BE,
Thank you for your letter. If your grandmother, in spirit, is still in your home she is probably aware of you and your thoughts and your intentions. I think it is not easy for our ancestors to contact us through computers, but it is possible. You might ask her (in your thoughts) to try to contact you on your computer, and you might leave your computer turned on a few hours each day. I do not know about Cantonese and the computer.

It is easier for them to speak onto a tape recorder or minidisc recorder. Then it does not matter--Cantonese or English or . . . . ? Do you have a tape recorder and microphone? You could try voice experiments as explained on our website www.worlditc.org That might be a good way to start to contact her.

Perhaps she will soon join her ancestors and then she will spend less time

at your home. Even then she can come to "visit" and communicate with you.

Good luck making ITC contact with your grandmother!
Warm wishes from the States, to you and to your grandmother.....
Mark Macy

2002 - July 31 answered by Mark

Hi…While i was giving a psychic reading by phone the line began going noisy like changing channel on the radio. i started hearing bells, chimes a collection of voices sounded like alien dialogue could't understand it. i kept saying who is that they kept the conversation going ( the lady i was speaking with said she has two spirits haunting her house. i mentioned to send them to God's light then they interfered with the conversation that is my guess. it was a frightening experience as my heart was pounding and was finding it hard to breathe then it went clear. i had to take a breath before speaking to lady again. any insight on this would be helpful. i had light bulbs fall out and smash on the floor but this experience is totally different. thanks for your time . A friend told me about your website.

Hi LE,
I've had long, pleasant phone and radio dialogs with my spirit team. I've also had a few short misleading and troublesome messages come to me through phone and radio. On one occasion I was on the phone with a lawyer, discussing a conflict I was involved in, and a spirit broke in with an angry, argumetative voice, saying, "Not if you. . . " But the rest of his message was buried by the dialog between the lawyer and me.

So, although there are probably "real-world" explanations for phone lines getting crossed, I would guess that the interference you heard was spirit-related.

There are all kinds of spirits around with different intentions (as I'm sure you're aware), and a lot of them have remained stuck or attached to certain people or places on Earth. Sometimes sending a trapped, troubled spirit to the Light is like taking a security blanket from an insecure child so that he can attend a class or party. He'd rather be alone with his blanket, and the result of taking it away can be kicking, screaming and angry words.

A technique I use is just to invite the troubled spirit to visit me for a moment. I'll ask him to think of someone from his childhood who gave him unconditional love. It could be a grandparent, neighbor, or even a beloved pet. Ususally that loving being will be present instantly and escort their lost friend to the Light.

Just an idea that's worked for me . . . .
Mark Macy

2002 - July 07 answered by Mark and Rolf

Hello there
I have been reading your website and Mark Macy's book "Conversations beyond the light" and have found them both fascinating and I am now very much wanting to know more and experience communication for myself.

I set up a word document Stating who I was and that I was trying to get in contact with Timestream. I detailed where I was living etc. About a week later I got a little error box come up on the screen whenever I tried to open this document. The error (which I have never seen before) said "It is not possible to create a link with this document" followed by a few more lines which I cannot remember.

I thought this rather strange considering what I was trying to do and wondered what application you use for communications with Timestream. Perhaps you could mail me back and tell me and also if you know of any groups that are interested in itc which might be in my area, I live in the south west of England.

I thank you very much for your time in reading this and look forward to your reply.
Kind regards,

Hi SI,
As explained in the book and website, most experimenters begin by taping voices.

That seems to be an effective way to develop a rapport with your spirit friends, who will eventually become a spirit team that meets regularly with you. Most people don't just start getting computer contacts unless they happen to have a very rare psychic aptitude that enables computer contacts. At the present time my research colleague Rolf Ehrhardt and I don't know exactly what that aptitude consists of, nor how to develop it.

I don't know of any groups in SW England who are doing EVP (taping spirit voices) experiments, though I suspect there are some. I'll pass this exchange along to AAEVP, the main networkers in this country. Tom and Lisa might know of similar networkers in UK, or they might actually know of some tapers in SW England.

Good luck, (and if I were you I'd begin by taping spirit voices),
Mark Macy

Hello SI,
My colleague Mark sent me his reply and your email. Please allow me to give some more comments on your ideas.

When you try to get in contact with Timestream in beyond then the following situation can occur. I like to take our EM radio waves as an example of different (but not better or worse, not higher or lower) stages of consciousness or energies:

  1. Timestream is mainly transmitting and receiving AM waves f.e.

  2. your are able at the present time to receive FM signals. Of course you transmit also in the FM range when you try to reach them in beyond.

As you might understand: there is no communication possible unless you know that

  1. Timestream transmits AM waves

  2. Timestream has told you that it is able and willing to transmit in FM

  3. you alter your capability in order to receive AM waves

To that comes a problem which has to be faced: how do you know to whom you are talking?? Protect yourself as described in our articles (How to avoid unpleasant situations).

All that is a process of developing the bridge to beyond and developing yourself. And as my colleague Mark recommend: start with EVP (the easiest way) and strengthen the bridge. You will be told then what and how to change in order to better the qualtity, the quantity, the durance and the way contacts occur.

Good luck for your attempts and be patient (with you and those in beyond) :-))

2002 - May 05 answered by Mark

Hi Mark,
Did you get my explanation of what happened with my radio programs (Oct. 1999). I actually had programming that responded to my thoughts. Telepathic radio. Tele-radio. Even the announcer said my name. The audio exchange was all done in a radio program format. The words in the songs responded to whatever I was thinking!!! It was lovely and angelic-like. The melodies and voices sounded similar to contemporary songs. Sometimes a song would last for more than half an hour!!!

When I was contemplating an idea just instrumentals would play. I got great jokes about human behavior, instead of commercials and really funny advertisements. No kidding. A friend of mine heard it also. He believes all my paranormal stories. That's why he was able to experience it. It stopped when my husband came home for his R&R. I haven't told him because I can't prove it. You probably think it's a bit unbelievable? I didn't think about recording it. Now I wonder if recording it would have worked?

My brain actually starting to ache from thinking so much. So I tried playing CDs for a mental-mind break. My 'Romantic Guitar' CD played old religious songs!!! Like The Old Rugged Cross, Rock of Ages, Amazing Grace, In the Garden etc. (My mother heard it over the phone. She too believes my experiences.) Needless to say my mind didn't get a break. And since then, when I play this CD, it plays the romantic guitar songs. Hum? Did a dimensional shift take place or are spiritual helpers involved? Or both?

I've been waiting for an 'experienced perspective' like yours for a long time. I'm looking forward to making spiritual progress!!!

Beyond E.S.P.ecially
MI :-)

Your experiences are extraordinary, but the more I learn about spiritual matters, the less I can doubt and disbelieve. A lot of times one person can hear things that others can't hear. A lot of times those sounds are created by spirit and can't resonate in most people's minds, but a few people with sensitivities can hear them. The fact that your friend heard your sounds is interesting to me. Anyway, I have a feeling you might be a natural receiver for ITC contacts. If so, the next step is to get you aligned to a good, positive, experienced spirit team who can make good things happen with your equipment. Miracles. If it's an interest of yours, you'll have to be patient. It'll probably take some months to get this ethereal bridge in place. So, let's keep in touch.

2002 - April 24 answered by Mark

Hey Mark,
You're probably wondering why my radio connection went away? One reason: My husband came home for his R&R. I was glad for the break. It actually became annoying. I couldn't get anything else done. It captured my every thought. I even began hearing it with the radio off!!! Which is why I used my CDs. So much for that change? At least the CD music wasn't telepathic.

I've been stopped on my spiritual path by spirit contacts on more than one occasion. I truly believe these contacts were from the 'Light Workers' for this planet. The message was "slow down you're moving too fast!!!". It definitely got me over my "save the world now complex." This world will evolve as she's ready. But I'd sure like to push it along a little faster ?!!!

I was told that the souls of most of the people on the planet wanted to 'play out' their roles as humans. Free will and all. Have you heard that?
Certain groups of ethereal beings have taken it upon themselves to try and speed up mans'- earths' evolution. They know it's going to happen anyway. And if they speed it up then they get to evolve to the next experience also. Apparently we evolve as a unit? I think the Bibles' Righteous Man Theory will come into play. So it will only take a few, compared to the number of people on this planet, to shift it to the next dimensional phase.

Here's my version of the rapture: Those with the right intentions will be able to shift 'at will' between this dimension and the next. Since consciousness is the key then maybe the shift will involve ones' ability to focus in two places at once. Therefore being in two places at once? Like the masters of the far east!!!

MI :-)

Hi MI,
I agree with most of what you describe below--your view of things. There seems to be a special kind of intuition or focused mediumship that's used in ITC.

Regina and I just got back from visiting researchers in Europe. One woman in France started with no obvious psychic abilities, but as she experimented with the radios eventually she could hear spirit voices coming through. If 5 people were in the room with her, she'd probably be the only one able to hear the voices, which gave her direction in her life and work. Some voices came through loudly enough for everyone to hear. She rebels against the idea of mediumship being an asset to ITC research, preferring the idea of 'focused intuition.'

Many people seem to hear voices in radio sounds and other noises. They can be troubling to some people. A German researcher and I are starting a small, worldwide network of researchers aligned to ethereal (higher) spirit. When this core network develops into a strong, ethereal bridge, a positive, loving spirit group of astral beings will be working with us full time.

Then, people who have this intuitive gift of hearing spirit voices- -they can align themselves with our core network by focusing their thoughts and attitudes in a positive direction, and if they are successful, our spirit team will be able to lock into that person, move aside any troublesome entities, and start making 'miracles' happen in that person's life. That's my plan, and you're among the first to hear about it. I'll put it on my website probably next month. So, God bless.

2002 - February 26 answered by Mark

Dear Mark,
Thanks for the info. It's very interesting. I can see where it would be risky to expect to get pictures of loved ones consistently, and predictably.

I had a discussion with Lisa last night and she mentioned that Jack was using the Luminator to do interdimensional work. When I asked her exactly what that meant she believed he and a group were using it to aid them in doing out of body work. Do you know if the Luminator has this track record? Conscious out of body work is what I have been striving for with on and off success…. If this equipment truly can aid someone in the process of more consistent experiences of out of body travel than it is beneficial for me to buy one. Have you ever meditated in it's field? Do you know if Jack is using it for this purpose?
Thanks again, I'll chat with you again soon,


It's my experience or opinion that the luminator opens a portal between the physical world and what I call the Quantum realm and the Astral realm. Beings from the Quantum and Astral realms can then move in closer to our world to work with us and interact in our lives. For me, the most important element in luminator work is establishing what our spirit friends call a "dispassing point." That is a point where many dimensions, from the dense physical to the light ethereal realms, cross or intersect. That way you can have the support and influence of ethereal beings in your project. Ethereal presence in my work provides more pleasant results in my experiments, and that ethereal presence seems to be strengthened by a daily mindfulness of ethereal guides. I include them in my prayers every day.

I notice that when I leave my luminator on full-time, my dreams become more varied and vivid (which suggests to me that astral projection might be facilitated as well). Family dynamics seem to intensify. If there's a little tension (we have a teenager in the house who's a wonderful boy, but hormones are hormones), it can develop into more tension. My anger and impatience can move to the foreground, causing me to raise my voice. Lately I leave the luminator off until I'm ready to have an ITC session in the lab (radios or photographs). When it's off, there's a greater peacefulness here and I seem to be more inspired. I awaken with better insights for writing, etc.

Jack has had a luminator much longer than I have and uses his on a much more regular basis, and so his insights might be more useful to you….

Best regards,


Hi Mark,
…turns out a friend of mine Lisa is also interested in ITC technology and knows your collegue who lives in Colorado Springs. She emailed me to say she was also going to meet with you sometime in Boulder. I find it very interesting that many pieces seem to be falling into place suddenly to connect me with all these people.
I've been thinking almost 24 hours a day about how to use this technology in a research project of my own, as well as how it could help me make a living as I do the research - I even had breakfast this week with a man who is interested in funding such a project.....so may i ask you a few more quiestions?
1) Can you tell me what distinguishes your Luminator from the typical ones that Patrick Richards makes? How he made yours for the photo application.
2 )Have you captured spirit faces without having a living person in the picture??
3) Do you think it would cultivate positive or negative energy to offer this technology to the general public - i.e. offering spirit picture sessions with interested people for a fee?
4) Have you ever suggested to your spirit friends that come through on the pictures, to bring messages written on paper to be captured on film??
Take care,

Hi SU….
Yes, Lisa contacted me about the possibility of a joint project involving Jack, her and me. In answer to your questions:

1) I'm not sure. There are three or four luminators that have that photo capability, and I don't know what distinguishes them from the others.

2) So far, nearly all luminator pictures have had humans as the photo subjects. In my work, I don't recall taking any pictures without people in them.

3) That's a difficult question to answer. If you set up a positive field of attitudes in which you're working with positive spirit guides and intending to get images of people's departed loved ones in the pictures, and if you're successful, it could be a rewarding activity for everyone concerned, but those are very big 'if's'. Many of the faces that show up in the pictures are unpleasant, reflecting troubled personalities, and some people don't get any spirit faces at all. Many troubled spirits hang around the earth in what I call the Quantum realm, and they move in and out of the lives of people, stirring up troubled moods here on Earth. These "attached" entities form part of an unpleasant reality that most people don't want to see, not to mention to be charged for. On the other hand, if such pictures of attached entities were used in a therapeutic process in which detachment and "redemption" were included as part of the process, that too could be rewarding. So, the luminator could certainly have its applications in terms of spirit pictures, but the user should be fully aware of its assets and liabilities. Most important, I believe, is the need to attract and/or invite and/or assemble a committed team of positive spirit beings who will provide guidance, support, and protection to your work.

4) Fascinating idea that hasn't been tried, to the best of my knowledge….
Best wishes,

2002 - February 17 answered by Mark

I am…attending the University at Buffalo, New York. I'm graduating with a psych degree, all of this is irrelevant, but you need some background info i guess. To make a 3.5year long story short into a couple paragraphs, I will do my best. I and two other close friends have had amazing results through the ouija as a medium of communication, as well as channeling (my one friend is better at it than the rest of us) and group autowriting as well, similar to ouija, but spelling out with a pencil.

We have been "raised" through the spiritual ranks with lots of info from an entity who has changed its names many times, but in the end admitted it was all from the same source. As of late, it has been going by the name Kronos. Our sessions can last anywheres from 15mins -3hrs long, of constant quick communication, spelling faster than we can read. I 100% agree with the fact that one person in the room, who's a non-believer, or somebody out to make fun of the communication, can spoil an entire group of willing participants efforts. I have observed this phenomena time and time again.

There have been a handful of validating experiences that i can remember, usually involving the deceased loved one of a person identifying themselves through the board, belonging to an individual in another room not even participating in the communication, and this entity having specific knowledge pertaining to the non-particpating individual's family. Through the years we have recieved numerous messages and words of wisdom to pass around, and granted, the experience has made me much of who I am and what I live by today. Kronos has been of great assistance through personal relationships, questions on life, and just common problems of life that we face, and question on a daily basis.

All that has been sent through the board, has been sent through with love, always with love. If in anyway we could be of assistance in some form or another, or to do our thing under observation sometime, i think it'd be worth it. Whoever we speak to, is very generous with information, and has been there through the years. This is a bit different than your stories of deceased loved ones communicating with living people, this is an entity which we have no relationship to in a human form, yet he/she/it is tied into our lives as a group, and knows of all that is going on, even content of significant dreams that needs to be addressed. A quote from Kronos "You are never where you want to be, but always where you planned on being."

Looking forward to your response,

Dear BR,
Thanks for the report on your communications. From what you told me, it sounds like you and your friends have succeeded in connecting with a positive, helpful guide. That's encouraging to me, knowing what I know (and recall) about college society and the prevalence of drugs and alcohol. As you probably know by now, sustaining a relationship with such a good being can't be done if drugs and alcohol are part of the process, as those influences usually open up the situation to troubled and troublesome beings. So, I assume you've managed to maintain a 'clean and clear' bridge in a college setting, and for that I heartily congratulate you.

The fact that you're graduating with a psychology degree and have 'hands-on' experience with spirit communication is also real encouraging to me. The more that the sciences and social sciences open up to spiritual reality in the coming years, the quicker our world will climb out of the quagmire it's wandered into.

Like you, I've gained a lot of important insights from my transcommunications that have helped shape my life and who I am. I've also found, as you've probably found too, that our spirit friends live in a world much different from our physical world, and their approach to some problems don't always work so well here on Earth. That's why I make it a point to keep one foot planted firmly on the ground while I test the waters over on the other side with the other foot. I always try to be discerning.

I wish you continued success and a stable anchor in realms of Light for your exciting venture, and if our paths happen to cross, I'd enjoy sitting in on one of your session.

God bless,
Mark Macy

2002 - February 15 answered by Mark

Thank you for sending me this notice. I am curious as to how you got my email address? Also, is anyone talked to you about putting together a documentary about the process and results? Is anything going to be taped/filmed? Feel free to call me if you like. I am a Producer/Director and Writer.

Dear JO,
…There's been quite a lot of talk about movies, documentaries, and news reports, but not much has come together so far. A local station came over a few months ago and did a live feature for their morning news program, during which we got spirit faces "live" in some photographs of the news team and I shared some of the images and voice contacts we've received over the years. I've been on Sightings,

The Other Side, and a couple of other paranormal programs. Tons of radio talk shows. Other than that, the conditions apparently haven't been right for widespread publicity of the work. Most people are drawn to the "spooky" aspects of spirit work instead of the awesome aspects which our work deserves, and our ITC research has been beyond most people's boggle threshold, but I hope that'll all change with the spread of my new book and this e-letter I distributed yesterday….

Best regards,
Mark Macy

2002 - February 10 answered by Mark

Dear Mr. Macy
I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through your web site about technology for contacting the spirit world. From your page it sounds as if we are on the verge of being able to facilitate the exchange of quite detailed and technical information with the other side. I confess I am intrigued by the prospect of collaboration with scientists on the other side for a variety of purposes. (And yes, after reading your page I couldn't help but spend a while last night experimenting with capturing voices on my own computer. I fear I am an experimentalist to the core!)….

Let me also extend my appreciation and congratulations for the work that you have done with ITC. We are entering a new era, and leadership such as yours is greatly needed.

Dear YO
Thanks for contacting me. It was a very pleasant surprise to get a letter of genuine interest and inquiry from a physicist. My work seems to be beyond the boggle point of most physicists.

Are we on the threshold of close collaboration with the other side? I think so. As my book explains, we already were beyond that threshold for about three years while our international panel of scientists and researchers enjoyed harmony and resonance among us. But then doubts, fears, and other dissonant feelings caused the bridge to close.

Our spirit friends told us that in a field of resonant attitudes, they can see clearly into our world and work with our equipment, but dissonance causes a cloudiness in the "contact field" through which it becomes very hard for them to work. One of my main projects now is to restore a resonant association….
Warm regards,
Mark Macy

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