We are pleased to report that has been recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation for scientific and educational purposes (EIN #: 30-0093693).

We are currently accepting donations for costs associate with:


Money in the general fund will sometimes be channeled into special projects which are deemed to be especially important or timely by Reports of the use of the donations will be given in a restricted area of our website to those people who sponsored our work of at least $50 in one payment. Please give us your Email address so we can inform you of how to get to the Report.

Donations can be made, payable to, to the director, Mark Macy, or they can be wired directly to the bank account.

For details, please contact

markmacy (ett)

or by mail:

Mark Macy, Director
PO Box 11036
Boulder CO 80301

MM 04 January 2004