The Rediscovered Beyond
by Prof. Père François Brune

Curriculum Vitae
Father Fran
çois Brune received his secondary school diplomas in Latin, Greek, and Philosophy. After four years at the Sorbonne, he graduated in Latin and Greek, and then did five years of postgraduate studies in philosophy and theology at the Catholic Institute in Paris, and a further year at the University of Tuebingen in Germany. He holds Higher Degrees in Theology, in Biblical Greek and Hebrew, and in hieroglyphical Egyptian and Assyro-Babylonian. He also pursued postgraduate studies at the Biblical Institute of Rome, where he graduated in Holy Scriptures. 

Father Brune was ordained priest in 1960, and held professorships in a number of leading seminaries.

He is the author of numerous scholarly publications, and of a number of books (listed below) on theological issues and paranormal phenomena, with special reference to the survival of death and the communication with deceased.

  • „Pour que L’homme devienne Dieu“, Éditions Dangles, new edition 1992

  • „Christ et Karma“, Éditions Dangles, 1995

  • „Les Morts Nous Parlent“, Philippe Lebaud/OXUS, new edition 1996

  • „Les Miracles et Autres Prodiges“, Éditions Philippe Lebaud/OXUS, 2000

  • „La Vierge du Mexique“, Éditions Le Jardin des Livres, 2002

  • „Le Nouveau Mystère du Vatican“, Éditions Albin Michel, 2002

  • „Saint Paul, Témoin Mystique“, OXUS, 2003

  • „À L’écoute de L’Au-Delà“ (with Professeur Rémy Chauvin), OXUS, 2003

It has been indispensable to incorporate the phenomenon of instrumental transcommunication into a far bigger complex, and Rémy Chauvin did it with the knowledge and the openmindedness he always has witnessed. Without any doubt, these electronic means are a novelty, but, with a certain continuity, this novelty joins all the messages that over milleniums have been received from the Beyond with the more classical means. The ‚transcommunicators’ themselves have accepted this tacidly, and at many opportunities therefore did not separate the instrumental transcommunication from its (purely) mental form. Marcello Bacci (translator’s note: mediumistically gifted experimenter in Grosseto, Italy) often used both ways at the same time. George Meek † (translator’s note: Leader of the research group of „Metascience Foundation“, Franklin, USA) has taken recourse to the assistance of mediums with the aim of rendering these electronic processes preciser, though with the target of making them (the mediums) superfluous. Finally, a small group of researchers, f.i., Ernst Senkowski and Ralf Determeyer, found together around Hildegard Schaefer for learning and collecting the via a medium transmitted messages from Claudius in the Beyond, who presented himself as the former Roman emperor [1].

     [1] Hildegard Schaefer: Dialog mit Claudius. Impulse aus einer anderen Welt (In dialogue with Claudius. Impulses from an other world). Drei Eichen Verlag, 3 volumes      

It appears to me also – again in full agreement with my friend Rémy Chauvin – that one should sufficiently clearly distinguish between the generally short, absolutely personal messages, and the mostly long, sometimes endless messages of philosophical, scientifical, or religious pretensions. Despite of some exceptions, the personal messages normally do not present any problems. They give inestimable consolation to all those who have lost a loved one, but, of course, one even cannot dream of publishing them all. There contents necessarily repeat, and it is only the relatives for whom they are of true interest.

The messages with richer intellectual content join the enormous, since long via mediums received literature that continues to break through, now as before, in all countries and languages.

The designation „channels“ is a means to stress the pretension of supplying us revelations said to come from the Beyond. The term „medium“ expresses the same sense, since the medium is regarded merely as a mediator between the Beyond and our world. A new vocable does not generate a new phenomenon. Even though the literature of American origin is better known, I yet can confirm that this kind of ‚revelations’ exists as abundantly in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and French [2]; it seems to me that it has everywhere the same very doubtful value, that it turns around almost the same subjects, with countless variations that do not avert a certain monotony. Often the receipt of communications from the Beyond extends over very long years. It is frequently accompanied by extraordinary signs that several witnesses can perceive with full objectivity, and that quite obviously increase the credibility of these messages with their receivers. 

   [2] François Brune: Christ et Karma (Christ and Karma). Dangles, 1995, p. 83-108    

It is true however that several truly splendid texts stand out against this huge volume, and can attain the level of the great mystics, but their number is very small. On these I spoke abundantly on some other occasion.  

I would be more reserved than my friend Rémy Chauvin in seeing in all this egregores (translator’s note: designation for beings, or delusions created by thoughts and willpower, in contrast to beings created by God). Not that I would exclude this possibility à priori. I myself did mention it. To me, however, it appears to be more probable that one has to have participate all of the population of the Beyond, which presumably is much richer and much more varied than we generally imagine: the (empty) soul hulls that would be nothing but the remainders of well defined personalities who in fact had lived on our earth; the egregores as an emanation of the thoughts and feelings of individuals as well as of whole communities; the deceased that probably, according to their (respective) spiritual evolution, ‚stay’ in worlds of infinite diversity; entities coming from parallel or far.away worlds; other, not incarnated, entities that correspond to what the ancient traditions called angels ... 

I believe that, as several of these messages assure us, we in fact are never alone. Some deceased, once they have arrived in the Beyond, appear to have the wish of continuing their life through us, and come to sponge on us [3].  

   [3] See Carl Wickland’s impressive work: „Dreißig Jahre unter den Toten“ (Thirty years among the dead), as well as Dr. Edith Fiore: „Les Esprits Possessifs“ (The possessive spirits).    

Other more developed departed, once they have penetrated the veil, spend a great deal of their activities for helping us with all the means they dispose of. Many of them tell us that, in order to be able to communicate with us, they have to construct instruments that correspond to ours’. Besides, they seem to exercise a kind of control over the communications. Others claim that an invention made here on earth has been made made in their world before. It could very well be that a great part of the evolution of our civilizations actually was the common work of those living on the earth, and of those living on other levels. Probably this would be true not only for our technical progresses, but also for our creations in arts and literature. It might perhaps be correct even for a certain moral development of our societies. 

Do we have to go even further? Perhaps this also is valid for the evolution of the us surrounding worlds of plants and animals, the geological development of our planet? It seems to me that in this point I would be close enough to Rémy Chauvin’s thinking for joining him. Perhaps God does not do everything directly personally. May be he leaves much room to the participation and initiative of all his creatures? Perhaps our humanity and our planet belong to an infinitely more extended, jointly and separately liable whole? The revolt of the angels, tells us the Bible, was earlier in time than the creation of man. 

With this in mind, it is easily understandable that the contents of the messages received can differ, depending on the source that sends them. May be Marduk exists somewhere[4].

   [4] According to information received by the experimenters Harsch-Fischbach in Luxemburg, Marduk is the name of a to us unknown planet.  

Perhaps on that planet exists a being/an entity that never has incarnated, or that honestly believes not having been incarnated; perhaps there lives somebody who actually thinks to be Richard Burton, or someone else who thinks to be Paracelsus, another who thinks to be Saint Thomas Becket. But apart from the messages received in Luxemburg, Rivenich, and now also in Darmstadt, messages that all are connected with the same group „Zeitstrom“ (time stream) in the Beyond, we do not dispose of any other evidence of the existence of this planet, of not any other ITC center, of not any message that, in whatever country, has come about through automatic writing, out-of-body experience, or in trance. Nevertheless there is no lack of – sometimes more, sometimes less – credible testimonies, that often are accompanied by a lot of signs, as well as of pertinent messages that correspond with our world, and very well tend to prove the authenticity of the contact. So, what now? 

But perhaps all this story of the planet Marduk is true, despite of the amazing coincidences with the novels of Philip José Farmer. The basic error with all these messages would be the assertion that all the deceased of our planet would go there in order to join this beautiful world. For, perhaps are true as well the other worlds, which many other messages received by other groups and via other ways describe us, and which every time are quite different. Every time there are new descriptions, new stories, new explanations. It appears as if there were in fact many abodes in our Father’s kingdom. Perhaps everyone is able to build, through a kind of thought projection, that world that suits him, like many deceased explain it to us. Perhaps they group themselves according to their affinities and the spiritual level attained. 

However it may be, this complexity does not in the least destroy the grand meeting of our world with the Beyond. It appears to be sufficiently sure that in a big number of cases we can by this way get in contact with our departed again. That this meeting is not so easy should neither surprise us a lot, nor should it disappoint us too much. Our learned men do not cease in endeavouring to understand our world a little better. That also the Beyond is complicated, nothing is more normal than that. This planet, that in these days to us appears to be too small, still showed many white spots on our maps in a time hardly behind us. 

The contacts multiply, they intensify. Yet, we are still in the initial phase. Countless ways open up before us, perhaps a real jungle. In any case, it is no longer possible to ignore this. Without any doubt, great caution is advised, an internal retreat before each experiment. This, as it appears to me, is what often lacks the experimenters who are too much captured by the adventure they live. Every exploration of unknow territories is an adventure; wonderful and dangerous. One always takes the risk of going astray. 

May be that, one future day, one will even discover that the one or the other researcher one has been confident in has a little bit forced his results in the then given situation, like it sufficiently often happened with the mediums of the past century. Everything is possible. I just hope that the reaction will not be the same, and that such an incident is not sufficient to bring the whole of these phenomena into discredit. The number of those searching has become already much too big, and this in many countries and since many years. The scientific works, although still insufficient, nevertheless have advanced to such extent that the reality of the phenomenon can no longer be denied, whatever surprises it might yet have in store for us.  

One of the most spectacular developments one owes to the evolution of the communications with the Beyond, is the rather radical change of the positions of the Catholic Church in respect of this topic. Are well known the traditional reactions one generally meets with the clergy, even more accentuated among the protestants than with the Catholics. These are the ancient interdictions that go back to the Old Testament: „You shall not evoke the dead, you shall not have any relation with those committing such abominablenesses, etc.“. 

But now a change of attitude can be observed, and this on the highest level. In November 1996, R.P. Gino Concetti made a statement before the Italian news agency ANSA that received great attention, a statement that is the more important as R.P. Concetti is a regular collaborator of the Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s quasi-official organ. He is the person generally in charge of the cultural page of this journal. In particular one will notice that R.P. Concetti expresses not merely a personal opinion, but speaks expressly in the Church’s name. A man of such importance, who normally fulfills such functions cannot do this without being absolutely sure of having covering. So we actually have to do with a ripe decision made by a high authority. Here now follows the essential of this text: 

‚According to the modern Catechism, God allows our dear deceased who live in the dimension outside of the earth, to send messages in order to guide us in specific moments of our life. As a result of the new discoveries in the field of the psychology on the paranormal, the Church decided to no longer forbid the experiments/experiences of dialogues with the deceased under the precondition that they be undertaken with scientific and religious purposes. 

Everything starts from the idea that the Church is a unique organism whose head is Jesus Christ. This organism composes of the living, is to say the people of believers on the earth, and the deceased, be it the saints and the blissful who enjoy their peace of spirit/mind in paradise, as well as the souls that have to do penance and atone for their sins in the purgatory. These three dimensions are not only united with Jesus according to the concept of the Communion of the Holy, they are connected with each other, what signifies the possibility of communicating. 

The messages cannot only come via words and sounds, is to say through normal systems of communication of the human spirits/ghosts/minds [5], but also by means of various signals. For instance, through dreams that sometimes may even be precognitive, or by means of mental impulses that penetrate our mind. These impulses can transform into visions, images, and ideas.“

   [5] this refers to mediums and sensitives  

Then Father Concetti mentions the role of the mediums or sensitives who often serve as mediators, and he immediately renders more precisely: 

‚Yes, the Church accepts that one turns to these so special persons, but this with great caution, and subject to certain conditions. The sensitives one may consult must be persons who develop their experience, even by means of modern technique, in letting themselves be inspired by their belief. If the latter are priests, it is still better.’ 

In the following Father Concetti reminds of the indispensable advices to be cautious: not to consult our dear disappeared for trifles, keep our critical sense awake as regards the messages, not make a new drug of these communications, and not to open by this way the door for powers in the Beyond that then we might not be able to control ourselves. This last point shall incessantly and insistently be remembered[6]. 

   [6] If you want to read the complete text, see, f.i., no. 29 of the periodical „Parasciences“.  

We do not have to do with an official change of the Church’s position. But it is in fact an evolution that without any doubt is due to the realization that the phenomena exist, and that they – how complex they ever may be – indeed correspond very often to an authentic communication with our ‚dead’. To this comes a further observation: whether allowed or forbidden, a growing number of people and even believers resort to them. After all, there is not any doubt that in the epoch we live in, in the course of which the belief in the eternal life is more and more called into question, even by the theologians themselves, these phenomena already have helped a lot of people in mourning despair, to find back to belief, and with this to the sense of life.   

I think that in this respect has to be particularly mentioned the „Movimento della speranza“ (movement of hope), brought into being in Italy by parents who have lost their children and who, since more than ten years, are organizing, or have inspired throughout Italy congresses at which countless parents have found again their belief, and their confidence in God. It is certainly for a great part the spreading of this action across the whole country – with meetings of 400, 800, 1000, 2000 persons – that has led to this change of the (Church’s) position. I personally had the pleasure of participating in many of these congresses, and of admiring the transformations that were taking place there. Almost every time there were, in reserved halls, about ten mediums at the service of persons reduced to despair, for giving them the consolation of a contact with their dear passed away. 

Personally I would add that I very much regret the rupture that occurred, at a time much too long back from today, between the Christian churches and the spiritual movement, mainly its Kardec version. Kardec no more believed in Jesus Christ’s godliness, and I acknowledge that, in view of this attitude, the churches could not do otherwise than to again confirm their belief. But it strikes me that, if the churches had not condemned all these contacts with the Beyond and, against all evidence, had not seen in them nothing else than fraud or delusion, or demonic manifestations, many of the useless separations could have been avoided. In many towns of Brazil, Porto Rico, and elsewhere, I myself could observe the admirable abandonment of a great number of Kardec’s spiritualists to the poorest and the sick. I could perceive the ardent love with which several of them spoke of Jesus Christ – often better than our priests -, and I know that many of them have preserved in their heart an authentic Christian belief, and continue to practise it. However, it is also true that other spiritual believers are clear antichristians. Whose fault is it? Without any doubt, the change of the attitude of the Roman-Catholic Church is welcome, but it comes rather late! And while the church set itself against this whole stream, what teaching and what consolation had it itself to offer to those struck by mourning sorrow?  

It is true, in the Catholic Church things are on the way to change, in Italy, in Spain – while the scientific world is still far from having accomplished the same revolution. Has to be appreciated, however, that it is more troublesome for them, since, after all, the belief in the continuance of life (after death) has during many centuries been the constant teaching of the church, while our scientists allege not to believe in it, and often – to the better or the worse – to be not willing to take interest in it. Looking at how these communications spread, I nevertheless begin to hope that our great minds, who regard themselves to be the vanguardists of thinking, some day will discover that they are standing there all alone, left to their fine certainties. 

It is perhaps that what soon will happen; no. 280 of the periodical „Folha Espirita“, São Paulo, of July 1997, announces that the University of Princeton begins to show interest in the paranormal voices, and is doing preparatives for studying them. By this way, instrumental transcommunication would become a US American discovery, and suddenly the whole world would begin to take it for serious; what surely would not mean the end of the problems. 

Anyway, the contact experiments are going to continue, and the phenomenon is spreading gradually. It is true, in the course of the years several deceases have carried some of the best researchers away from us. I will just name those I have known personally: Hildegard Schaefer, Peter Haerting, Adolf Homes, Silvana Pagnotta, Marlene Dohrmann, and the spouse of my friend Senkowski, Adelheid. But already several of them have made contact with those they have left behind in this world. As a consequence of it, certain periodicals disappear, others come about elsewhere.  

In Germany the technical developments realized by Hans Otto Koenig are impressive. He ‚multiplies’ the experiments with ultrasonics ‚generators’, infrared- and ultraviolet light. He orientates his works first of all towards the receipt of pictures on the TV screen [7]. 

   [7] His schematic representations can be found in his information paper „Parastimme“.  

Using this way, he received, in 1993, during a demonstration before public, an image that was clear enough to perfectly recognize Karl Liebknecht, a German politician murdered in 1919. In 1997, during an other public meeting, he received 16 pictures from the Beyond, and one of these was identified with ease. In these two cases the comparison (of the pictures) with photos taken of these persons during their lifetime, does not leave any doubt [8]. 

   [8] „Parastimme, no. 3-4, December 2002    

Later Koenig developed another system, the „Hyperraum-System“ (hyperspace system) that he uses together with a rock-crystal exposed to radiation of ultraviolet light of 300 nanometer. It is his helpers in the Beyond who insisted on the use of crystals: ‚The crystals are a powerful aid for the contacts with other levels of existence.’ [9]

   [9] Ibid., p. 47, and no. 1-2 of July 2003, pp. 7-14, and 36-37    

In fact, as regards the voices, as well as of the images, the results have improved to such an extent that several (observers) see a change in the research into ITC. But, as to the pictures we receive by that way, let us not forget what our passed themselves say to our question on how they proceed for sending them to us: ‚We memorize/store the pictures of our higher consciousness and our subconsciousness. We memorize/store the pictures of our bodies. 

In Italy – so it appears – the research works have progressed particularly in respect of the analysing of the voices. Based on exact ascertainments, Paolo Presi assumes what he calls ‚time anomalies’ at the receipt of paranormal voices. These would come forth from the meeting of an outside-of-time emission source with our appliances which are within time [10]. 

   [10] Paolo Presi in ITC Journal no. 13 of March, 2003, pp. 30-33. See also Paolo Presi’s treatise on M. Bacci’s works in „Parasciences“ no. 44.  

It is known that the recognition of the voices is even preciser and more reliable than their recognition from digital recordings. Daniele Gullà and Giuseppe Lenzi have devoted to the rigorous comparison of words spoken by a person during its lifetime with the same words spoken by the (same) person out of the Beyond. In some cases the similarity of the characteristic elements of theses voices can attain 92 % to 95 % [11]. 

   [11] Le Messager, no. 42, pp. 17-19    

But there are even more amazing things. On the basis of specific mathematical formulas, a computer is able to reconstruct the form that the oral cavity of the person must have had who had pronounced the one or the other word. Obviously it is possible to prove with living persons that this recomposition is exact. Now, the same system comes to absolutely absurd shapes and dimensions for the paranormal voices. The mouth that could have pronounced these words would have had to be bigger than a lion’s throat! This shows clearly – if it were necessary once more – that one cannot have to do with the voices of living persons [12]. 

  [12] Daniele Gullà and Giuseppe Lenzi in ITC Journal no. 13, pp. 52-53    

D. Gullà overmore pursues, together with a whole team, very interesting examinations on – as he calls them – ‚phantom images’ that one can ‚catch’ without any carrier on a screen, a glass show-case, or a wall, as soon as mediums feel a presence [13].  

   [13] Technical explanations are found in „Parasciences/Transcommunication“ nos. 45, 46, 47, and 48.    

In the United States, Mark Macy seems to have had to do more often than others (experimenters) with disturbing voices which, by the way, he has got rid of well. First of all, he worked with an interesting system, with which the receipt of paranormal images performs perfectly simply with a polaroid photo. Using a device that emits a special light energy, he takes photos of faces, and during their development appear, as an overprint on the face of the living person, faces of deceased that sometimes are recognizable [14]. 

   [14] Marc Macy in ITC Journal no. 13, pp. 17-39  

Lisa and Tom Butler of the AAEVP group, work with the technique employed by Klaus Schreiber, and have received pictures of rather good quality, some of them in colour [15].  

   [15] Le Messager, no. 42, pp. 22-23 and 31   

In France several interesting examinations have been carried out on the analysis of the voices. They confirm the works done in the other countries, but the essential part of their efforts rather had effect on the spreading of ITC across the whole country – owed to the ‚lectures days’ organized by the Association Infinitude from town to town. The three periodicals in French language are gaining importance more and more. As a closing let us point out a French medium gifted with extraordinary abilites, Jean-Claude Pantel, whose success, in the field of the voices like in that of the pictures, could well be made an object of important scientific research work. As far as I know, there exists merely one single publication on his subject [16]. 

   [16] „Parasciences/Transcommunication“, no. 51, July, 2003, pp. 53-63    

In Spain and in Portugal, the investigations are rather old already. They began with the great pioneers, at a time when in France yet nobody was interested in such. There are always (individual) researchers, so far, however, there exists just a small number of publications - when leaving aside several articles printed in magazines on paranormal phenomena in general. But meanwhile things appear to develop, in particular thanks to the very effective activities of Mrs. Anabela Cardoso, the founder of the ITC Journal.

I truly believe that with the instrumental transcommunication we dispose of new fascinating means for convincing ourselves of our survival after death. With that we should never forget, however, that via this way we only reach the immediate environment of the earth. Like Roland Jouvenel formulated it: ‚This invisible is as far from the divine God/godliness as you yourselves are from a star. ... The mystical or spiritual experience is a quite different one.’ 

So, the re-discovery of the Beyond makes only sense if we know to go beyond intellectual curiosity for plunging into an other adeventure that is far more demanding, the inner adventure, which is the genuine spiritual adventure. Nevertheless, it has to be said again: in a world where generally dreadful materialism and an often sectarian rationalism rule, in a world where much too often indications to the wrong supernatural are made, in order to bring the true one deeper into disparagement, and not to defend it, it is an eminent piece of news that instrumental transcommunication brings to us:

THE BEYOND finally has been found again !

(Translated from French into English by Heidemarie Hallmann, Kempen Germany.)

December 2006

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