Vatican okays Transcommunication

(All quotes taken from the periodical 'Transdimension' , 1999 Volume 1, page 33

For more information please read the interview with Father Concetti in chapter

C-18 THEOLOGY - ESOTERICISM AND SPIRITUALISM  (of Prof. Senkowski's book 'Instrumental Transcommunication')

Roman Catholics were given the Church's blessing yesterday to "contact" loved ones beyond the grave. Leading Vatican theologian Father Gino Concetti said it is no longer a sin, as long as mediums, fortune teller and palmists are not involved.

The pronouncement came after Italian magazine claims that contact with the spiritual world had produced miracles. Father Concetti dismissed that,  but added: 'We can pray for our loved ones. They will respond in dreams and inspiration. In one example, a grandmother advised a girl about her marriage choice in a dream. The girl did not heed counsel and a grave problem developed. If we pray seriously in a quiet place, with our hearts and our voices, the departed will express themselves and advise us.'

(Printed in the London Daily Mail, 29-Nov-96)

Recently Father Concetti, one of the most competent theologians in the Vatican, said in an interview:

'According to the modern catechism, God allows our dear departed persons who live in an ultra - terrestrial dimension, to send messages to guide us in certain difficult moments of our lives. The Church has decided not to forbid anymore the dialogue with the deceased with the condition that these contacts are carried out with a serious religious and scientific purpose.'

(Printed in the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano, date unspecified)

The Pope explains to us "What actually happens to us at the moment of death?"

This question has occupied mankind for centuries. Jesus promised that a final judgment will come, an all-last day. But what occurs to the souls of those who die before this point in time?

Pope John Paul II explained it in Rome before pilgrims. He said:

'One should not think life begins after death only with the final judgment. Quite special conditions prevail after natural death. It concerns a transitional phase in which the body dissolves and where the life of a mirror-image entity (the soul) begins.'

'This entity is equipped with its own consciousness and its own will, so that humans exist, although they no longer possess a physical body.'

A member of the international papal theological advises: 'At the moment of death humans make an enormous discovery. The soul does not only leave the body, but humans discover the secret of time. Because it becomes timeless, steps into eternity.'

(From the German journal Bild, 1998 October 30 in an article, "The moment of death; what occurs to our soul?') 

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