Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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249 Summary

In this book I have tried to avoid such general concepts as God, Love, Spirit, the Good and the Bad. I know from painful personal experience how words of this kind always lead to misunderstanding and turn into huge barriers.

We only need to look more closely, for instance, at the concept of spirit and spirituality. Under spirit we generally understand the opposite of the material, more or less like energy and matter, light and darkness. But today we know that energy and matter are basically the same, and that energy can turn into matter and matter into energy. In other words, we have defined the concept of spirit as the opposite of matter without however having discovered the border between the one and the other.

Considered biologically, for example, a flower consists mainly of water and in short represents a physical reaction process. How prosaic this may sound, it is correct and cannot be denied. But at the same time a flower represents beauty and grace that reveals itself through color, form and fragrance; a fact that also cannot be denied.

The objection from the materialistic side that the flower just consists of water doesn’t change a thing. Just the fact that water, combined with other elements can contribute to the creation of a flower only increases the miracle of a blossom; because the work of art in itself is what matters.

Where are the borders here, what is beauty, fragrance, spirit?

Without question we have only managed to explore our coarse material dimension in a one-sided fashion. This applies in the first instance to ourselves and our fellow humans whom we assess, 250 measure and treat according to their checking account, title, position, race and standing.

We transfer the same snobby yardstick to the “spiritual level” that we ourselves have constructed. This is true all the way from “student” to “master”, from the “Earthbound astral plane” up into “Nirvana”.

But all these remain empty words until we have experienced with our own flesh and blood our true essence in all the density of matter. Only then will we understand that all of the dividing layers are boundaries put in place by the selfish consciousness, because the essence of spirit knows no demarcation and denial – spirit is being.

I have often been asked whether it is better to use headphones to listen to the tape recordings, or whether it is sufficient to make do with the built in speaker. This depends first of all on the strength of the sound, the timbre and clarity of the recording. Headphones do not always reproduce all of the frequencies, they exaggerate certain sounds and can reduce some of the hissing background noise.

The speaker, on the other hand, conveys in a more “general” way the content of a recording. In both cases, the decisive role is played by the individual absorption capability of the human ear. In any case it is advisable to make use of both opportunities in that one primarily employs the built-in loudspeaker, but makes use of the headphones for control purposes in difficult cases.

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