Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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4 Foreword

This book has changed my life. It marks a turning point. Today I know that it has answered questions and offered solutions for which I have unconsciously waited a long time. First I had however the same skeptical objections as everyone. Because after all, the author is claiming in all seriousness that with the use of an audio tape recorder you can talk with the deceased. That such contact can be made anytime, and above all, that it can be done by anyone, which nevertheless seemed to be a daring statement.

Remarkably my doubts vanished after reading the first pages. In an inexplicable way a spark connected and I believed the author’s honest intention not to deceive himself or others. I have lived and suffered with him through the high and low points of this journey into the unknown. The book did not release me from its grip. While it reads like a gripping adventure novel or good science fiction it this is a true autobiographical presentation. Juergenson has proved his admirable courage by admitting publicly to its discovery and confronting its consequences, even though he knew that he would encounter rejection and make many enemies. His courage impressed me and I decided to follow in his footsteps.

First I worked with a borrowed and very old piece of equipment, which proved to be a mistake, because the amplification left much to be desired and this was most likely which most likely was the reason why I experimented six months with no results. I assume that this would not have happened with a more modern recorder - I was then mostly working with the microphone method. I’m still amazed over my endurance back then, which I credit to my strong motivation that came from reading Juergenson’s book.

5 Finally I got my first results, which increased rapidly with the better recorder. Now I know for sure. The paranormal voices on tape exist! And besides that I obtained unique evidence and experience that cannot be denied by any discussion, that I was dealing with real personalities with each of these voices. I ask questions and received sensible answers that at times were highly surprising. I was addressed, by name and was given evidence that they participated in my life. Now I could no longer let go of this project.

For many years I experimented alone and had only the book of Friedrich Juergenson as a guide. Later I joined with other colleagues who because of the book got involved the same way as I did and who were also conducting their research alone. Today, thousands are experimenting all over the world, either alone or in groups. A colleague, Hanna Buschbeck from Horb, had created a working group of interested people very early, who could exchange their experience by mail and at conferences. It was from this circle in 1975 when the VTF ‘Association For Tape Voice Research’ evolved, which publicly promotes and coordinates research and provides information for those who are interested.

This work has already borne fruit, especially since Friedrich Juergenson gave his full support. Early on, in the mass media (press, radio and television) almost all comments have been ironical. Today the tape voices are argued with greater substance and objectivity. They are very well known among the general public, particularly in the German-speaking countries. A German television broadcast in January 1980 (Talk show, “ Three after Nine ”) brought 2,500 letters to the VTF with requests for information. I was able to attend many courses at schools, where I lectured participants how to record the tape voices.

6 This created some attention and excitement and has contributed to the tape voices being taken seriously. Juergensons book has directly or indirectly touched countless people in the entire world that responded breathing a sensible sigh of relief: “So it is true, there is a life after death!” This has always been suspected, but it is a decisive step to actually know. Even many people who consider themselves believing Christians shrug their shoulders if asked on their honor and conscience if they believed that life would continue after death. Much that was previously taken as an article of faith became demystified so that one no longer knows what to hold on to anymore. But the knowledge of life continuing after death is a part of humanity. If man ever loses this, mankind will lose a decisive part of being human.

In this day and age of conceptual uncertainty, Friedrich Juergenson makes his epochal discovery. And it is nothing less than technology that is lending a helping hand. Here it would be hard not to think of some kind of providence by a higher power. Interestingly enough, it was not Juergenson who was trying to establish contact; on the contrary, the initiative came from the deceased. They addressed him and called his attention to their presence. At first he was totally surprised and absolutely confused. But he did not allow himself to be diverted, because he could clearly feel the importance of this breakthrough from another world. He was no ignoramus; from the days of his youth onward he was aware that contacts with the hereafter existed.

He was only baffled by this new means of communication with a tape recorder. Now for the first time a technical piece of equipment was being used as a means to relay the connection between both worlds. He recognized the crucial advantage, which consisted in the elimination of the subjective factor 7 which can never be excluded completely when it comes to living persons. And if the interpretation of the voices manifested on the tapes is influenced by subjective factors, then it is easy to protect yourself by letting others check and confirm them.

For the first time in the history of mankind, we now have an information channel to the other side free of subjective influences. Something very important is yet still added, nobody has to “believe” anyone anymore, that is to say that we don’t have to rely on the integrity of the reporter. The method is so easy that everyone can get at least some information first hand. Today, almost every household owns a cassette recorder that with a little “know how” can be a completely adequate tool for successful recordings.

It is clear to me that the tape voices still pose a challenge to common sense in most people. The thought of an existence beyond your material body is difficult to conceive because of the triumphant advances over the last two centuries in natural science and technique in the western and eastern world. For the materialists, the soul is like an organ of the body which ceases to function at death. One of the arguments preferred is that once your body dies, you wont have a larynx anymore, so how can the deceased still talk? When someone speaks like that, it is clear that they have never involved themselves with the broad field of parapsychological research. Besides the tape voices there are other indications for an individual postmortem existence of the human personality.

The authenticity of paranormal voices on tape was accepted surprisingly early on by the “official scientific community” Unfortunately that is as far as it has gone, that is to say they have not accepted that much that is new has happened over the past twenty years. Some parapsychologists who do not conduct experiments of 8 their own will explain the origins of the voices by saying that the experimenter is producing them subconsciously.

The theorists would not be able to uphold their hypothesis if they only knew all the information from the spirit world that we know today. Luckily the researchers in the field are free of such biases. They think it absurd to accept that they are talking with their own subconscious via a tape recorder. It is about time that the universities acknowledge the results of the widespread amateur research, so they will not miss the connection and repeat what they said twenty years ago, which was forgivable then because they did not have all the facts, but which is inexcusable today.

After Juergenson’s book there have been a whole series of valuable publications (Dr. Konstantin Raudive “The Inaudible becomes Audible” and “Do We Survive Death?”, Minister Leo Schmid: “When the Dead Talk”, Hildegard Schaefer: “Voices from Another World”), but it was his book that opened the door for the first time. Since then we can listen to a world that up until now was closed off from us. His book has historical significance. Without exaggeration, his discovery can be compared with that of Columbus . Both have researched a new world and both discoveries had consequently unforeseeable effects on our lives. As in the case of Columbus there were forerunners whose activity however, did not lead to concrete results. Only when someone devotes his entire life to the service of discovery does a breakthrough occur.

Juergenson neglected his profession and forgot all about earning money because he felt a responsibility for these communications. He did not just receive them for himself, but because the time was right, he was to pass them on. It showed how Juergenson was prepared for that task. It was the time in his life to be awake, open and alert for 9 whatever may confront him must be checked and confirmed for authenticity and true contents. He intelligently kept a distance from any solid conclusions. For him it became a question of clarity and selfknowledge, which is why illusions and self-deception had no chance. Every reader feels a total involvement when he or she grasps the authenticity of the argumentation.

But for those who know Juergenson, and I consider myself very fortunate to be his friend, they know that the enthusiasm for this tasks never slackens once it has seized you. Today, at 78, he is still working tirelessly to construct a bridge to the other side. He speaks with his friends during daily recording sessions. Like he himself, many others have devoted their whole life to the service of this significant task, and the work gives them a great deal of satisfaction.

When we experience almost daily how happy people are when they hear from family members or friends who have passed on, and when they exclaim excitedly ”they are really alive!” then we know that with this work we render a immeasurable and priceless service that has a great future. The Catholic Church, which raises no objections to the sincere research of the paranormal voices on tape, also acknowledges this. Many people have found a way back to religion after finding out about the tape voices.

Since these beginning there have been interesting new discoveries. For instance, the late engineer, Franz Seidl of Vienna developed a ‘psychophone’ which transmits well-modulated voices and which deserves to be investigated more thoroughly than has been the case until now. Hans Luksch in Vienna obtained successes in solving crimes by asking murder victims on tape about their murderers.

Juergenson already noted that paranormal voices played backward also contained statements. 10 The systematic evaluation of different voices also showed that the reverse voices should not sound at all the way they do which continues to confound physicists and electronics experts. Undiscovered treasures are to be expected with the use of variable speeds and filters that can sometimes eliminate irritating interference. Research is underway to determine whether phase conversions at around 180 degrees would bring improvements. These are just a few indications concerning the variety of individual aspects that still need to be researched within the ‘voices on tape’ phenomena.

I see it as my life’s mission to bring the tape voices and their message to as many human beings as possible, on one hand to help them orient their worldview, and on the other hand to reach professionals with specialized knowledge who can support the diverse areas of research. Therefore I welcome that this pioneering book by Friedrich Juergenson is being published as a high volume edition, and offers the chance to involve many people in this fascinating research.

There are hardly any adventures left in our modern world, and when they exist their objectives are often senseless. The research with the voices on tape represents the greatest adventure of our day, its risks are calculable and controllable. It is probably the most meaningful activity to be engaged in for oneself and our fellow human beings. May a spark of the enthusiasm with which this book has been written leap across to the reader and cause him, as so many before, able to raise his gaze with confidence and gratitude to the stars with the certainty of knowing that we are not lost even though we must die.

February 1981

Fidelio Koeberle
Chairman VTF, Verein fuer Tonbandstimmen Forschung (Association for Tape Voice Research)

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