Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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276 Corrections and Supplements


I am using the occasion of the sixth edition of this book to expand through corrections and supplementation certain important communications from the departed.

Friedrich Juergenson
Hoor, October 1987

On pages 211/212 I wrote about a communication from a certain “Hilda”. But at the time when I wrote the book I left out a sentence at the beginning of that segment because I did not understand it and it seemed senseless to me.

I wrote: “Until this day I don’t know who Hilda is”. The missing sentence was spoken in Italian, Russian and Swedish and said in translation: “No night, not for six there was no night!” In connection with this recording I was cleverly referred to a book that held the key to Hilda’s mysterious sentence and also to another very important statement to which I will come back shortly. The title of the book was: “The Death of Adolf Hitler.” It was a Soviet report by Captain Lev Besymenski, published by Christian Wegner in Hamburg, 1968.

The book was written after the fall of Berlin in May 1945 immediately upon the capture of the Chancellery and Hitler’s command bunker. It included numerous maps, autopsy reports, photos of corpses and dealt with the terrible drama that took place the evening of May 1st 1945 in the command bunker the day after Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva committed suicide. It took place in the last moments 277 before the Russians stormed the last fortress, the chancellery. Hilda was the eleven-year-old daughter of Josef and Magda Goebbels who was put to death by her mother and a doctor along with her five siblings with cyanide after first being put to sleep with morphine. “No night, not for six there was no night”. There was death.

But now back to another statement that I also misunderstood and that was clarified for me by Besymenski’s book. In chapter 19 on pages 86/89 I reported a statement of Hitler that I recorded in March 1960 and that said: “My head is dead. Death came from above!” As we will see right away, this had nothing to do with Hitler’s illness but with a dramatic incident that was not known until the publication of the book “The Death of Adolf Hitler.” It had to do with the so-called ‘last order’ that Hitler gave his adjutant Guensche, namely to put a bullet through the Fuehrer’s head ten minutes after he had poisoned himself with cyanide. After Hitler’s partially burned corpse was uncovered a big hole was found in his head: “Death came from above!” a precognition that turned out to be true after nineteen years.



This recording was made November 18th 1963 in Nysund/central Sweden in the presence of engineer Kjel Stensson, the technical director of the Swedish Broadcasting Company and his assistant Koistinen.
The recording was made under strict controls, with the equipment and a sealed tape provided by the SBC. I only operated the tuning dial of the radio. When I got a copy of the tape a few days later, I did not know that all SBC recordings are made on a single track tape which means that on replay with double track tape recorders the recording 278 would be reversed on track B. For instance the (German) word Morgen would turn into Negrom, Sonne into Ennos, etc.

After I listened to the tape recording on track A of my recorder and had discovered the clear text and voice of Felix Kersten: “Friedel listen to me, Friedel turn below!” I decided to also listen to track B. I listened patiently despite the chaos of the distorted sounds, until I clearly heard the voice of Felix Kersten in the middle of the recording calling out emphatically in Swedish: “Problem – can they really hear?” Right afterwards there followed a musical selection recorded backwards.

On close examination it became clear that at the spot where Felix Kersten called out “Friedel listen to me Friedel turn below” there appeared the text quoted above and not the gibberish that was to be expected. In other words, Kersten had succeeded in coming through with a completely normal statement. His following musical passage, like all the other sounds on the tape was recorded backwards. Electronic engineers and sound experts who examined the tape were baffled and held their tongue. For them the phenomenon was an “inexplicable technical impossibility”. Nevertheless it is a fact no matter how unbelievable it may seem. Kersten succeeded perfectly to demonstrate his postmortem appearance in an SBC recording undeniably in the ‘forward’ as well as the ‘reverse’ mode of the tape.

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