Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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233 CHAPTER 46

The risk is too great for television – A major part of the scientist’s defects – Eight persons beside myself receive voices of the dead – much depends on the personal attitude of researchers – The Anderson case

In the winter and spring of 1964/65 I received several most interesting visits, among them appeared Dr. Nils Baehrendtz, the program director of Swedish Television and his wife. In their presence I obtained and recorded two clear voices using the microphone and the tape recorder.

Prof. Laurent was a frequent guest. On one of these occasions I had also invited the Thorlin’s and put aside for them several very clear communications received from a certain editor Sting Soederlind that I will refer to later. Also the engineer Toernquist had arrived with his loudspeakers and filters. We could start confidently with our series of experiments.

The first day we heard Lena’s voice just once. She said resolutely: “Today we’ll draw a blank!” And that’s how it turned out despite all our efforts.

The next day, it was a Sunday, a new leaf turned. Not only did we get several clear voices over the microphone, but also there were voices on the radio. The same tenor who a year ago sang “Fabror Churchill Tackar Ove” this time sang a short: “Limit the frequencies!…” Laurent had the impression that the recordings were somehow connected with the moon, and he told reporters later that he was ready to install a directional antenna in Nysund.

The television situation too had not come to a conclusion. There was a circumstance, or rather an attitude that gave me pause for thought 234 and which demonstrated a scary weakness of the responsible people, to put it mildly. It was also characteristic that despite all the publicity and the positive testimony of widely known experts, there were no efforts made for the scientific side to get to the bottom of the phenomenon using technical methods. To reduce the cost of such research to a minimum at the outset, my wife and I had put our cottage in the forest, four rooms, kitchen and bath at the disposition of researchers as an experimental and residential facility. We could not afford to do more. However nothing at all happened.

Now after the news had spread that German scientists not only were studying the phenomenon with great interest, but had also started to demonstrate successful improvements with their amplifiers and filters, in other words that they were achieving a method that was stabilizing the bridge building between our world and the beyond, the interest of Swedish broadcasters was stimulated anew. Finally people were found who were willing to pull the chestnuts out of the fire. From now on here in Sweden one only had to wait quietly and politely for a publication from the German side to stay safely and comfortable in the wake of the worthy Germans.

At our last meeting in the Broadcast House I had postponed everything to an indeterminate future, I stated that in my view the privilege of a premiere performance had rather been earned by German TV just by the fact that German researchers had taken up the problem objectively and with an open mind and were assisting with word and deed.

Before I left for Italy, the following persons were active in Sweden and Germany with the type of tape recordings that I was conducting:

1. Claude Thorlin, Eskiltuna,
2. Mr. and Mrs. Urban Stensstroem, “Svenska Dagbladet” Stockholm,

3. Stig Soederlind “Eskiltuna Kuriren”,
4. Evert Hallin, “Eskiltuna Kuriren”,

5. Anderfs Elmquist, “Aftonbladet”’
6. Mr. Ture Feldin, Sunsvall,
7. Mr. Berndt Anderssonb, Keeping,
8. Engineer N., Stockhom,

9. Dr. K. Raudive, Bad Krozningen/Baden (Germany)

I had copied and examined most of the recordings made by the researchers mentioned above. The same voice phenomena could be heard incontestably in all of them. The polyglot phenomenon too, appears everywhere; however in the case of Feldin and Anderson the voices spoke predominantly Swedish, possibly in consideration of the fact that these two could only speak Swedish. In the case of Feldin, his late parents made frequent appearances.

They were bringing personal communications in their typical northern dialect. But Mr. Feldin also had a recording that was made in two languages. The sound quality is excellent. One hears the characteristic roars, the switch on noise and also the curious echo. A male voice calls out “No, shouts!” with a metallic timbre that seems to fade in as if in a giant meeting hall:“Attention! Turei (Feldin’s first name), he is listening to the radio!…”

The editor Soederlind is in possession of possibly one of the most convincing recordings. He had invited two of his friends. His wife was out of town and it had turned late. The conversation was informal and Soederlind had explained to his friend: “The voices don’t only speak Swedish, they can come even in Aramaic…”

Here we were interrupted by a strong female voice that declared in 236 Swedish “Det kan vara vilket ord some hest! (This can be any kind of word, whatever!)

Two days before my departure I met with a German engineer who was employed as a managing technician and sound expert by a Swedish firm that distributed German television and tape recorders. Engineer N. had succeeded in taping a clear male voice in a pause after a piano solo. The voice spoke German and it said: “Here I am.”

Afterwards, the engineer conducted an extensive analysis of the tape that, incidentally, agreed in all substantial respects with that of the German physicists. He came to the conclusion that the voices are not only using the microphone as the access channel, but that other sensitive parts of the tape recorder could be used by them as a receiver. An interesting circumstance consisted in the fact that in case of these recordings all of the tape tracks are irradiated at the same time and that a strange sound can be heard on all of the other tracks that are normally inaccessible for recordings.

As concerns Dr. Konstantin Raudive of Bad Krozingen (Germany) I want to make especial mention here of his research activity. He visited me in Nysund for the first time in 1964 at which time we achieved good success and jointly made recordings that were intended for Dr. Raudive personally. After his return to Germany, Dr. Raudive decided to conduct his own intensive research concerning the voices, he set up a small, but intelligently equipped laboratory for this purpose.

It was his chief concern to examine the phenomenon with purely scientific means and methods. In the course of the years he managed to invite numerous important scientists and experts to Bad Krozingen, all of whom witnessed the recordings of the voices and confirmed the existing phenomenon. 237 Denial or ignoring of the voice phenomena from the scientific side is no longer possible today, especially due to the work of Dr. Raudive.

Dr. Raudive has summed up the result of his multi-year research in a book that is available in German. This work can be considered the scientific underpinning of my present volume.

In this context I would like to clarify a concept. Since these voice phenomena are the first of their kind in the history of mankind, received by technical and physical means, they represent first of all a completely unknown field. Everything covered by these phenomena is beyond our scientific competence, irrespective of whether we are dealing with sound experts, physicists, psychologists, psychiatrists, parapsychologists or physicians.

If we continue to refer to scientific teams, tests and other technical experiments in relation to these voice phenomena, their task can only consist in the objective definition of these events. We must not forget that these inquiries consist of a groping in the dark. One is concerned not only with the elimination of illusions and trickery, one also seeks to find the energy source of the phenomenon, and one seeks to filter and amplify the weak voices and to screen out interferences.

It depends however, on the openness of mind and inner maturity of the respective researchers to capture in an objective way this entirely new, never before experienced event. The decision depends not only on the technical arrangements, but very much on the extent to which a researcher is free of any kind of ideology or doctrinal barriers and whether his personal courage is up to the task of freely publishing that which is new. 238 Too much factual knowledge can often represent a major obstacle especially when we are dealing with theory, hypotheses and doctrinal speculations.

I want to mention a small example at this pint. At my first press conference a Swedish radio technician asked me why I did not complain to the broadcasting company about the technical interference.

“What kind of interference?” I asked in surprise.

“Your voices of course!” to which he quickly added. “These could have been caused by network problems.” Thus every person uses his own small yardstick because it is difficult for people to go beyond the limits of their specialty.

Incidentally, since 1964, I have also been able to make numerous recordings with portable tape recorders both outside in the open air and in enclosed spaces. This battery-operated equipment excludes in advance any possible “network problems” and indicates plainly that the voices originate directly from the ether. One day, early in the morning, I even received Lena’s greetings in the quiet gardens of Pompeii at a time when this antique city was closed to all visitors.

Before I summarize my presentation, I want to make a short mention of the Berndt Andersson case whose simple contours provide a good example of many parallel cases.

Mr. Andersson lost his wife in 1963 through a (then) incurable kidney ailment. The tragic event brutally destroyed his happy marriage. His entire existence seemed meaningless to Andersson. He simply could not understand that such a kindhearted young woman had to suffer such a painful death. He found this cruel and unjust.

His three daughters also felt the loss keenly. 239 They did not only lose their loving mother, but they suffered having to helplessly watch the deep grief of their father.

One day Andersson read in some magazine abut the “ghostly voices of Moelnbo.” A spark of hope ignited in him.

One night his wife appeared to him. He knew that he was half asleep but he saw his wife and heard her voice.

“I live – I live!” she whispered to him and then disappeared.

Was this reality or a wishful dream? Andersson bought my book and decided to visit me after he had read it.

In short, Andersson arrived at my home in Nysund and already during the first recording the following happened: I had just greeted my invisible friends when a soft female voice added in Swedish ”We know that…” After a little pause the same voice whispered “Eivor…”

“That was my wife…” Andersson said deeply moved. “I recognized her voice immediately, her name was Eivor…”

Next week Andersson made a return visit and brought his two daughters Marianne and Rigmor who also recognized the voice of their mother.

Today, the Andersson family has new hope. The recordings that Andersson received were not only of a personal kind. I too received some information and obtained a reliable collaborator whose life has new meaning. However it is obvious that with the best of intentions I can only act here and there as an intermediary, as in the case of Andersson.

To do more would be impossible for me because of time limitations, and it is just not possible to act as an initiator of contacts for more than a few chosen ones.

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