Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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227 CHAPTER 45

My first public lecture – a professional magician is convinced – an editor and publisher arrive from Freiburg (Germany) – the second press conference with special preparations and successes – my hardest ordeal in Nordheim

Friends ask me to give a public lecture in Stockholm. I hold this lecture, followed by a free public discussion. Many questions are put. An individual tries hard to drive me into a corner. An interesting discussion ensues with lively participation from the floor and the combative gentleman finally ends his questioning.

After a few weeks a gentleman who asked to visit me calls me, he wants to tell me something important in connection with my tape recordings.

When he appears in my home I recognize the adversarial questioner. His name is Johnie Lindell and he is a magician. What he tells me is unique. Lindell bought a mini tape recorder for my lecture that he kept hidden on his knees. He had pinned the tiny microphone to his lapel like a flower. He had done this with the intention to unmask me as a swindler. When he listened at home to his recording, he suddenly discovered a singing female voice that commented on my lecture in German and Swedish.

Most interesting was the fact that the female voice started at exactly the moment when I began to talk about Lena’s assistance. The voice sang, i.e.: “Listen – listen contact, listen, in Moelnbo the sun shines.”
228 I made a copy of the recording. Lindell gave the impression of being agitated and friendly, he found the incident sensational even though a little embarrassing for himself.

“I wanted to unmask a bluff…” he confessed, “instead Lena anticipated me, and look…”, he pointed to the window, “the sun really shines in Moelnbo today, though it has rained for many weeks before…”

In March two gentlemen visited me from Freiburg/Breisgau in Germany, Mr. Kirner of the Hermann Bauer publishing house and a Mr. Geisler who represented the periodical “Die Andere Welt” (The Other World).

The results of their visit in Nysund: we made several microphone and radio recordings together that were reported extensively in two articles in the March and April 1964 issue of the publication. I want to add that I found in Mr. Kirner and Mr. Geisler two open, objective and amiable individuals. I am convinced that their active participation in the border sciences is of much significance for Germany and other German-speaking countries.

After my book had appeared in Sweden, I got a short breathing spell. During this time I wrote a series of articles about the second “Last Days of Pompeii.” The excavated portions of Pompeii had been invaded in recent years by destructive weeds. A third of the antique town had already turned into a kind of jungle that had severely damaged numerous frescoes and mosaic floors.

My newspaper articles and photos aroused the interest of the public and Swedish television suggested that I produce a short documentary about Pompeii.

In the summer I received a visit from America. President W.G. Roll of the Parapsychology Society of North Carolina and his wife came to call. 229 We conducted several recordings. The mood was relaxed and cheerful, and we obtained several very clear and mostly humorous recordings.

In the meantime, Prof. Bender had taken up contact with several wellknown German physicists and sound experts and succeeded in organizing a scientific team for the coming fall in Nordheim with the participation of a member of the Max Planck Institute.

I invited Mrs. Irmgard Kersten and her son Arno to Nysund. We had not met after the death of Felix in April 1960.

I played the first recording of Felix. She could understand the text but wanted to hear louder recordings. I demonstrated Hitler’s monologue that both of them could understand word for word.

I then put on Stensson’s tape and did not say whose voice I was about to play, but when Felix called me twice by my name, both jumped up and called excitedly: “That’s daddy! daddy!”

Mrs. Kersten wrote me a letter afterwards in which she confirms explicitly having recognized her husband’s voice on the tape. She also agreed to take part in the upcoming press conference in Nysund.
I had also invited Mrs. Falck to the press conference, which took place June 12, 1964 in Nysund. This time we had made several special technical preparations. A friend of mine, Toernquist, who is an engineer, placed two loudspeakers in the room and had connected my tape recorder to a highly sensitive filter. Toernquist was endowed with super sensitive hearing.

Although he is past forty, his ears can detect tones up to 20,000 cycles. This time too, there were about forty 230 journalists present, however, what a difference from before! I was no longer alone. Right next to me sat Claude Thorlin with his tapes and tape recorder. Mrs. Kersten, Arno Kersten and Mrs. Falck were among the journalists and gave me a friendly wink. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere prevailed in the room.

Almost all of the journalists were well informed and had followed the developments attentively. I started with a short talk, then switched the tape demonstrations on, having selected recordings that were made in the presence of noted researchers and reliable witnesses.

After Mrs. Kersten and Mrs. Falck commented spontaneously and with deep conviction, I played the respective recordings over the loudspeakers and the last traces of doubt among the journalists seemed to disappear.

When Claude Thorlin stood up and started his presentation, you could hear a pin drop in the room. In simple words he reported how he had discovered the voices for the first time by pure accident, and how he had gradually overcome his initial skepticism and had obtained new communications step by step. Afterwards, when he started to play his recordings and the two of us alternately presented some of the voices, the conference seemed to have reached its high point. But there were still other surprises in store.

An Italian and a Swedish journalist suddenly proposed that we do a joint recording. I agreed, though with mixed feelings. My concerns involved, and I said so quite openly, that an objective control of the microphone recordings would be nearly impossible with so many listeners in the audience. I also doubted that we would manage to sit still. Above all I was not convinced that my friends on the other side would chose to appear 231 promptly, just at this moment. The journalists promised to sit still and not to speak at the same time.

In fact, on replaying the tape, we heard a male voice that said during a short pause: “Elna…the work….” Mrs. Falck spoke up. She was agitated and had tears in her eyes. “That was Arne, my late husband…my name is Elna!”

The journalists urged further recordings.

A female voice spoke out in German: “Listen…contact!…”

Now came a loud babble of voices and I suggested turning on the radio. Under these conditions the audience could not cause acoustical interference with the recordings.

In short; we obtained two recordings that could be heard by practically everyone present. The first was an older male voice that said in somewhat subdued tones and monotonously: “Listen to the dead at the press conference…we are contacting Moelnbo.” Afterwards a clear female voice sang. We first thought that we were listening to a radio broadcast, but when we listened more closely, we could hear the following German and Swedish text: “ Little Claude, Freddie…listen to Lena over the radio!”

The word radio and Lena were fused; I had often received such “synchronized” abbreviations, i.e. apparadio, a contraction of an apparatus and a radio, or Moelnbo, instead of Moelnbo-bro (bridge). The press conference ended around midnight. In the following days the newspapers carried a series of unusually objective and loyal reports.

Soon after, my wife and I left for Italy. The Pompeii excavations had in the meantime been overgrown by even denser and rougher underbrush. I made my short documentary, drove on afterwards to 232 Paestum where I came down with a bad case of rheumatic fever.

I had not recovered completely when I visited the members of the scientific evaluation team in Nordheim. President Roll had also appeared. We started our recordings under conditions that were most favorable for the scientists, numerous control installations, stereo microphones, etc. Since we still are in a initial testing phase and had projected a second meeting with newly constructed equipment at my home in Nysund for the fall of 1965, I want to give only a short mention to the following. Despite my poor health and a somewhat forced work tempo, several voices appeared and were recorded simultaneously with all the tape recorders.

I can add that after our joint recordings in Nordheim, which was a difficult challenge for me, I experienced such a feeling of relief that I started to paint again after seven years!

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