Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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196 CHAPTER 39

A flashback to 1918/19 – Was that Hitler’s baritone? – Erna Falck’s testimony – A masterpiece of four-dimensional technology

In the spring and summer of 1962 transmissions were coming in large quantities. Most of the recordings held personal messages from childhood friends and acquaintances. Among them, we received a very suggestive presentation that was dedicated to my sister Elly.

“Finally we have contact with Elly” began the transmission. We could recognize most friends by their voices. A song that Elly used to sing often as a young girl among a circle of friends was sung in German and Russian.

The scenes and pictures that were awakened by this performance were about the eventful years of 1918 and 1919, when Odessa found itself under Austrian occupation. Back then the city experienced a short, but very intensive economic upturn. It seemed that sounds of the Viennese music had conquered far more hearts of the people from Odessa than weapons ever did. One danced, sang and flirted, one savored life to the fullest, until suddenly the hell of civil war broke loose and all merriment abruptly ceased.

One evening I had recorded a unique singing solo. The voice was a resounding baritone that reminded me vividly of Hitler. Hitler could also have been responsible for the text of the song, for it resembled Hitler’s postmortem mentality. However, I didn’t know then that in fact Hitler had a sonorous baritone voice, for only in the spring of 1963 did I come upon a interesting article that was written by two Viennese musicians, and from which I found out that in his youth Hitler had auditioned for the Vienna opera. 197 However, because he didn’t have a tailcoat he was not allowed to take part in the dress rehearsal. A tailcoat could have changed Europe’s fate, is how the article closed.

At the beginning of August a friend in Italy died suddenly. An acute chest inflammation ended his life abruptly. At first his death seemed inconceivable to us, because the deceased was in his best years. Moreover he was a patient and industrious human being, whose personality radiated a calm balance and tolerance. Though he went through the horror of war and concentration camps, you could not detect any grudge or hate.

Since this involves an unusually interesting tape contact followed by a series of baffling events, I have to provide some explanations without which the events might not be correctly understood. I had mentioned this case in a Swedish article in January of 1964, however out of respect for the privacy of the widow, I had changed his first and family name. Before I organized my second international press conference in June of 1964, I asked the widow to come and visit us in Nysund, for I thought that after two years her great grief might have subsided a little so that I could dare play the voice of the deceased to her.

What actually happened is difficult to describe. The words emotion, consternation, rapture do not suffice. You need to have been a witness to grasp the liberating and redeeming effect of such recordings. Together we discovered a series of personal references and details, of 198 which I could not have had any knowledge, but were understood by the widow immediately.

At the end, the widow asked me if she could appear as a witness in the upcoming press conference. In addition she authorized me spontaneously to make her own name and that of her deceased husband public.

But now back to August 1962 when Mrs. Elna Falck - that was the name of the widow - visited us in Nysund shortly after the death of her husband Arne. Mrs. Falck told of strange sound phenomena occurring right after the death of her husband. She had the clear feeling that her husband was somehow trying to make contact. Since she was still grieving strongly I did not propose any tape recorder contacts at the time for I knew that not all people can face hearing the voice of their departed love one soon after their death.

After Mrs. Falck drove away, I put a new tape on the recorder and turned on the radio.

It didn’t take long until I came upon that familiar static noise that meant Lena was coming through, I let the tape roll. I was very excited then, for I knew that the noise originated from the carrier frequency of my friends. This time you could hear an accompanying melodic tone that seemed to vibrate and create an echo in rhythmic beats.

Then I heard a female voice well known to me that brought me a personal message alternately singing and speaking. Once again the voice sang and spoke in Russian and German.

From the contents of her message it was clear that she was familiar with my private family matters. Even though I have heard this voice often and it reminded me vividly of someone from my childhood, I could not think of who it could be.

199 I regret that to this day the voice has not identified itself. As the singing stopped the characteristic radio noise appeared. A male voice called out “Contact!…”, which reminded me of Churchill. The voice sounded like a long distance call or a radar conversation.

Out from the singing acoustic emptiness a male voice suddenly started to speak quietly. “Falck”, it whispered. “Falck” it repeated louder and clearer. “Now comes Falck” it added half-singing in Swedish.
“Churchill, now comes the old friend…” it said again, the last words spoken in Swedish and German, and that which followed was spoken in the polyglot language mix.

“That is Arne…is Mrs. Falck coming?” asked the voice half singing.

I recognized Falck’s voice immediately. He was Norwegian and he spoke with a characteristic Norwegian accent.

“I know…I live…no dying…I can talk with Pelle!” (Monika and the children call me Pelle) came the loud voice.

“I…with Juergenson…on tape…” “Here lives Falck, and there…tralalalaaa!”

The last words were sung out loud, the voice sounded content, yes even a little amused. “One gets a ship soon!” Falck suddenly went into a minor key and sang in a pure tone.

A few unclear sentences followed in polyglot and fantasy language. Falck mentioned his name twice more, and then an extended pause took place. Suddenly the first male voice resumed, it sounded as if from a distance, it spoke German and the intonation seemed friendly and happy.

“Speak with the little radar…Friedel controls the dead…”

200 “Oh let it be! Here lives Falck” continued Arne singing without worry.

“Falck, Berlin…East Berlin…aah-aaah!…” Again you could hear the switching on of the long distance call, and the lively male voice called out in Swedish: “You’re getting to book!”

“Juergenson…thank you…”, sang Arne half aloud, then he finished his singing with a satisfying: “Here lives Falck…and there, …la,la,laaaa!”

A robot instrument, perhaps an artificial voice from a popser, announced in a mechanical German: “Moelnbo sit and listen…Maerlarhoejden!” The voice could have added “calm, happy and thankful” because I was sitting excitedly in front of my equipment and was as happy as a little child about this unique transmission.

Does one need further proof? What could have been more convincing then the contents of this tape?

At the same time this whole thing resembled a masterpiece of fourdimensional technology, for it was a direct transmission from the ether that apparently runs parallel to the radar screen. This recording would stand up to all skepticism in the world, it spoke for itself and needs no commentary.

Actually I should have done an international press conference then, but I hesitated still. It seemed that the right day had not come yet.

Basically, it was in part my own uncertainty, and lack of selfconfidence that kept me from going public. Meanwhile I came to the conclusion that the dead expect something from us who are alive, at least from those of us who want to be involved in the building of the new bridge. It was also obvious that the external contact work represented only part of the bridge construction .

201 As far as my work was concerned, it was not enough that I kept records of the transmissions, tested and translated them. The whole thing came down to me making this connection known to the world.

But this did not complete my task. Already in the summer of 1959, I had received a hint in that direction, when during my first microphone recordings I found a mysterious sentence on tape: “Friedrich…when you translate and interpret during the day, every evening try to solve the truth with the ship…with the ship in the dark!…”

Evidently the dead still expected more from me, but what that would be I had to decide for myself, and to find the “true course” despite my personal inadequacy.

I only grasped this slowly, but my wife had understood this much sooner. Since I was chosen to be the first contact person, it was my duty to interest people living on this earth who could work in their own ways on this bridge construction depending on their mental maturity, objectivity and open-mindedness.

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