Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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192 CHAPTER 38

A recording session in the presence of guests – The transmissions come in droves – A visit by Doctor Bjoerkhem

In the beginning of December I received a transmission, which after Hitler’s monolog, could be described as the “historic recording number two”.

The transmission in its own way was unique. It represents an astonishing document of the human psyche. One receives a glimpse into the depths of a human soul, which recently played a very great role in our religious world. In consideration of his family, I will call him “Aristoanimus” here, and will not go into any further detail. I would just like to point out that with the appearance of Aristoanimus on my tape recorder, I once again became aware of the extent of our moral bankruptcy. I hardly noticed the winter’s passing. Time seemed to have doubled its speed.

In the spring guests started to arrive more frequently. Most could not believe their ears when I played my tapes to them. They couldn’t grasp a thing. Only the ones who had some personal experience with the supernatural were more understanding.

Only after the first shock had passed and my guests became convinced of the real nature of these contacts, did the mood change and a kind of radiant anticipation begin to prevail. Most listeners found it difficult to be relaxed and to concentrate at the same time. Especially when observing someone listening you are able to recognize the inner character of a person, especially how far he has been damaged by the general rat race because restlessness, impatience and internal fragmentation is typical of the condition of the soul in our day and age.

193 I noticed that even my friends and associates were having difficulty while reviewing the tapes, despite their open and positive attitude towards my research work. Most tired quickly and became impatient, especially when they did not understand the text immediately. When I told them the words then they seemed so clear and simple to them, so that they were annoyed with themselves (not to recognize them right away). Most of them did not consider that I had many years of hard training behind me, a fact that is of decisive importance. It was only the very loud and distinct recordings that were understood by all.

A Swedish author visited me one day. Since he was an open-minded and unconventional person, I decided to do a recording in his presence. I never knew if my friends on the other side would come or not. Well, this time they came. We obtained a recording that had a dramatic impact. The wife of the author, who had committed suicide, was being awakened. They called for her by name and she awoke with a startled scream.

I saw the anguish and shock with which my guest took in the scene. With him I did not need to mince any words, here the facts spoke for themselves, realistic and indisputable.

I have not received any messages from Hugo for a long time, but instead I received news about him.

“Hugo knows facts, Hugo benone (“he’s doing good” in Italian)…Hugo is examining moon satellites…Hugo is making space flights”, and finally “Hugo is examining a nuclear plant…”

I had a short contact with Hugo in April. A woman’s voice called quickly: “Hugo, make contact with Federico!”

194 Upon which Hugo called out his characteristic “I’m cooomiing!”

Other voices appeared, but nothing further came of it. I had the impression that Hugo missed the radar. Half a year would pass before Hugo spoke on tape clearly audible again. A phenomenon that became more noticeable in recent years consisted of the fact that the number of contacts were subject to periodic fluctuations. There were weeks where only sparse transmissions arrived, but then came one transmission after another. The deceased called this the “quantum”. I just never knew when these “quanta” began and when they ended.

Individual spirits appeared to be taking turns, which is to say, certain personalities were dominant for a while, until others moved to the foreground.

My wife and I were invited to Dr. Bjoerkhem on April 14th. Since the health of Dr. Bjoerkhem had declined lately and since he was not up to driving a car, I decided to take my equipment along, including a few tapes, which I normally would not have done.

Dr. Bjoerkhem looked tired and as if suffering, but despite that his interest for the recordings was awake and alive as never before.

After I played a few recordings to him, we tried to do another recording session. Since we could not connect the radio directly to the tape recorder, we recorded via the microphone instead. For this purpose we used two smaller radios, I remember that Monika held one of them on her lap.

195 Despite the unfavorable conditions, a few transmissions came in. A woman’s voice known to me spoke and then the Italian Count Ciano, who mentioned in passing that the “piccola radio” was better for reception than the larger models. We left some time later. Dr. Bjoerkhem accompanied us to our car. For some time I could still see his tall figure standing there. He seemed to be lost in thought.

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