Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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171 CHAPTER 33

How Serapo fits in – Boris Sakharow prophesies correctly

Almost a week after Hugo’s death, we received an anticipated monetary refund from an administrative office, and since my wife did not have a vacation for a year and a half, we decided to travel to Italy, taking along my sister.

We flew to Rome, rented a car there, and after we visited Pompeii for a while we drove on to Paestum. After searching for a while we settled for a somewhat modern hotel in a peaceful location, which was located near a beautiful strip of sandy beach. Luckily the idyllic countryside hadn’t lost its natural charm, and other tourists had not yet discovered the town. There were fantastic wine gardens, tomato fields, and olive groves in which black cattle were grazing. Here and there, you came upon small farms with lots of children, goats and sheep. You would come upon women carrying water while walking straight as a candle and it smelled wonderfully of thyme, fig tree leaves, pine needles, smoke and fertilizer.

One day Enzo B., who is a dear friend of ours, arrived with his car. His intentions were to take us with him to Serapo, a strip of beach by Gaeta, where his family spends the summer. It was a beautiful beach, though the town was pretty crowded.

Strange, only much later, quite a while after our return to Sweden, did I discover a spot on a tape that I had passed up with a shrug up before 172 and which said: “Friedel, just so you know, Serapo…”, and then again “Three in an aeroplane, mamma mia!”

As I finally understood the connection, I was so speechless, that I wasn’t even able to call out “Mamma mia!”

No matter how baffling this prediction may seem, I believe to have uncovered its origin given the following considerations:

My friend Enzo B. was searching for a summer residence in Serapo in the month of May, where by pure chance he met the widow of a deceased friend. Since the widow always rented out rooms for the summer season, Enzo rented with her for the summer, Serapo thus became a “fixed point” for him from then on. The second “fixed point” was the fact that we received the notice of the forthcoming funds also in May, though the official correspondence came in July.

My invisible friends no doubt knew all these factors, so they could easily draw some conclusions for the future, especially since they knew that my desire for Italy had grown greatly over the last years. Since we could not travel by car due to time pressure, air travel was the only alternative.

While I was satisfied with this attempted explanation, I was to be taught better three years hence, for as logical and sensible my deductions were, I had by no means succeeded in grasping the extended mental time horizons of the hereafter.

One morning, it was in the spring of 1964, when I checked an old recording from March 1960, from when we still lived in Stockholm, 173 that I suddenly discovered the voice of my childhood friend Boris Sakharow, who said clearly and emphatically: “Boris nota – Serapo!” and after a while he added softly: “Serapo – sunshine!”

Thus it was not two months, but one year and four months earlier that my friends must have known of my trip to Serapo.

It was obvious that our three-dimensional calculations meet up with totally unknown factors in a sphere beyond time and space that is far superior to earthly logic and cause and effect relationships.

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