Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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157 CHAPTER 31

Dream visit to a receiving station for the dead - The man without a face - Modes of death have importance - The strange tubs for corpses

On the night from Friday to Saturday, July 30, I had a dream that can be considered one of my most interesting and strangest visits to the other side. I awoke around 5 o’clock in the morning and wrote the experience down immediately.

I was outside in the open, in front of a wide underground entrance, that led into the deep like a gently sloping incline leading to what seemed a parking garage.

A curious greenish yellow light shone from a clear evening sky, strangely dark and light at the same time. Many friendly people surrounded me. They were working at the entrance, improving and widening the way into the deep for the so-called dead, who were really alive even though they sometimes cannot free themselves for quite a while of the notion that they are dead. I am surrounded by well-meaning people who are willing and pleased to fill me in on the conditions of the hereafter.

It is strange, but with every shift in my feelings, my situation changes with lightning speed. Suddenly, without any transition, I find myself in a very large hall that is constantly expanding in front of me. It represents a curious combination of train station, church and public baths or swimming pools. Adjacent are countless waiting halls, storage rooms, public restrooms, shower stalls and swimming pools.

I enter a large room that is illuminated by unseen sources of warm golden shining light. I understand immediately that this room is very special and that it is connected somehow to something important. 158 I view this curious place with amazement. It reminds me in one-way of a funeral chapel, in another of a decorated funerary chamber, and yet it hides something else of utmost significance. The place is filled with people that stand in small groups softly conversing. There is a happy, yet somewhat solemn mood. Most are smiling quietly and contentedly, and all the faces exhibit the same certainty; it is done, we made it!

New people arrive unnoticed, and suddenly it became clear to me; this room represents a place of transition, a portal through which the dead pass through after a church burial.

The scene changes again. I meet an artist, a stonemason and a known museum director from Stockholm. I’m told that the upper floors are comprised of numerous studios, which can be used by all the artists. Yet most of them prefer to take part in collaborative work down here that includes a change in attitude and orientation.

It is becoming increasingly clear that I have found myself in a sphere that is suffused by human feelings where our emotions not only bring about changes in the external space, but that reflect our inner drives visibly on the surface of our bodies.

Here nothing could be hidden for it was precisely the nature and purpose of this place to bring to surface and work through everything that was suppressed, hidden, incomprehensible and displaced. This would not reach the point of total exhaustion but only up to where the role they played in the human life just passed was fully understood.

I came upon three women that were sitting across from one another, who were occupied with a curious “emotional demonstration”. 159 The women were visibly changing the shape of their bodies. They obviously competed with one another with the goal of outdoing certain movie stars in the grotesquely exaggeration of their female curves, which were visible temptations too. This performance seemed repelling and ridiculous. However, it revealed the urgent necessity to relieve an obsession. Perhaps these women were lonely in life, or ugly and deformed. In the next moment I find myself in the middle of a very luminous reception room that is connected to a mysterious burial chamber by a broad, open entrance. A man is standing in front of me and is speaking to me eagerly. I can clearly see his body, but I can’t make out his facial features, they seem dissolved or erased.

“My name is Hugo F., I was a cavalry officer when I was young.” he introduced himself.

I was surprised, for I didn’t know that my friend Hugo F. had a relative with the same name. The man led me to a kind of monument that had a metal emblem.

“This is our family crest,” he said with emphasis. I looked at this curious thing, which reminded me of a decorated brass wreath, and tried in vain to comprehend it symbolism.

In the next moment the scene changed again. I’m walking past a long row of rooms, corridors and hall that claim my full attention, because of their curious appearance. I come closer to what looks like the main hall of a train station with many doors.

I stop in front of a large storage room. A faint smell of flowers, pine needles and palm branches flowed towards me. It was the typical smell of a funeral chapel for it also smelled like corpses. This depositary is filled to the rafters with funeral relics and utensils; fresh 160 and partly wilted wreaths, bouquets of flowers, funerary ribbons, stuffed suitcases and the like. All these are things that express the sorrow expressed towards the deceased.

These are surely ether representations that follow the deceased who was impressed by them into the afterlife. With that I mean certain astral copies and replicas of physical things that like the astral body of the deceased continue in the fourth dimension. All these things were laying around in profusion. Who was supposed to pick them up and what was the purpose of it all? This question occupied me for a long time, only much later did I find an answer.

Initially I understood that in all there are three types of “physical dissolution”:

  1. The usual burial

  2. Cremation

  3. The destruction of body by accident, (This wasn’t all that clear to me then) for example, by drowning, massacres, explosions of various kinds and so on.

One could ask the question: Isn’t death – death, and what does it matter in what manner our body is destroyed? This argument is only partially true, because the mode of dying influences the transition into the next life. Certain laws apply in this process and the deceased have to undergo different cleansing procedures, though these proceedings are done during deep sleep.

It also became also clear to me that certain deadly illnesses, such as various cancers, leprosy and so on, somehow affect the astral body of 161 the affected deceased i.e. they continue to exist in the imagination of the disembodied mind. Anyway, all those illnesses must be cured and eradicated completely. Special bathing facilities exist for this purpose, also semicircular shower niches, odd looking massage and cosmetic salons, and various treatment rooms in which the deceased are delivered from the remnants of their illness.

It smelled badly in these rooms. I don’t know if these smells were brought upon by the fixed imagination of the deceased. However, I left the unpleasant smelling cleansing rooms and found myself in an adjoining swimming pool hall, which has left me with the deepest impression of all experiences during the astral walk.

In reality, it wasn’t only a swimming pool, but a whole row of pools that lost itself in the distance. The light was reddish yellow and a little dim, it reminded me of candlelight the source of which I could not detect. On the floor of the hall were rectangular bathtubs, hundreds maybe thousands of them. I was unable to overlook them all.

I stepped closer to the tubs in which charred human shapes are lying motionless. The bodies are totally black and mostly shapeless, one can only recognize the contours of the head, the shoulders and the chest that protrude from a dark, to me unknown liquid. Here it also smelled like flowers and corpses. In the hall are a few tall nurses who remind me of a little of visiting social welfare nurses. Strangely, they lead small black dogs around on a leash, which remind me of Scottish terriers because of their scraggly fur. The most curious thing however, is that the dogs seems to be smiling at me and wag their tails affectionately.

162 The nurses are carrying on a subdued conversation, they look kind and content.

In my notes from that night, I had marked this spot with “normal deceased”. Unfortunately I can’t recall actual true meaning of this notation. I can only remember that the majority of the deceased had to go through these cleansing baths.

As I approached the bathers, I discovered that under the black charcoal crust of the bodies, that delicate childlike pink skin would shine through here and there. Some of the faces had regained their normal skin color. I understood that some of the deceased were being bathed to health again after some kind of cleansing procedure involving fire. The dead were all sleeping, that is to say, they were unconscious.

In another friendly illuminated room stood around hundreds of waiting people. A somewhat solemn, religious mood seemed to pervade these premises. I was told that these people were waiting to cross over after the cremation of their bodies. The important condition was that the deceased had to discard many of their ways of thinking and feeling, after which their crossover to the astral plane would gradually take place. This, however, applied only to those who died a normal death. Others had different passageways available that were unknown to me.

I awoke with the clear feeling that I had received an important glimpse into a particular sphere of the hereafter, a kind of reception center maybe, which had to be passed by most of the deceased.

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