Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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139 CHAPTER 28

The problem with the correct identification of the speaker or singer – “Get rid of cigarettes!” – A curious fantasy language – An existence without class, rank or race – What kind of flying and driven objects are those? – Heaven and hell, as the church claims, does not exist.

There was no problem in recognizing the voices of deceased relatives, intimate friends, associates and certain prominent personalities whom I had heard on the radio. When the voices of people whom I’ve never heard of before, and of whom a recorded tape does not exist, identified themselves by name or were announced by Lena, so the question “who’s who?” presented me with a real headache. I never had any doubt to the authenticity of their claims, but the difficulty was that the deceased mostly appeared in groups and spoke quickly and all together.

Not all voices could be recorded on tape, for there were also some muffled and nearly soundless mutterings that were hard to understand even by a trained ear.

I have already briefly mentioned the case of Chesman. The contacts that came in May of 1960 had very interesting contents, however of bad sound quality. I would like these recordings to undergo a technical analysis and cleaning, and only then make the text available to the public. I can say this much, based on the first contact with Chesman. He seemed to be on some sort of “craft” (airplane or vehicle), and that the term Maelarhoejden was somehow impressed on him. I found it remarkable that the name Maelarhoejden was repeated insistently by 140 Chesman several times even though it is hard to pronounce for an American.

Chesman by the way never mentioned a word about his execution or brought up his painful problems. His new situation seemed to take up all his time. Apparently he felt great relief, for his voice revealed a happy tone, yes, at times it sounded almost exuberant and it was noticeably hard for him to contain his high spirits.

The next afternoon a remarkable event happened. At the time I had not quit smoking yet, and a half empty cigarette pack was lying on the table next to the radio.

I pressed “record” and had contact immediately. A known female voice spoke. First she said two keywords and then calmly and clearly added in Swedish and German: “Listen Friedel, our friend must lay low…flat to the earth…”

At this point I had turned the dial by accident and suddenly received an English report on the wedding of princess Margaret. As I went back to the previous wavelength the well-known woman’s voice was gone. I sensed that the transmission was for Chesman and waited yet a while.

Suddenly Lena started to whisper hastily; “Cigarettes away!…towards bottom!…take away, away!…” She called quickly and excited. I automatically grabbed the pack of cigarettes and threw them into the wood-burning stove.

After I placed the headphones back on again, I was to take part in a performance that would leave a very peculiar, almost surreal impression on me. I had at first the acoustic impression of a large room or hall in which different voices were audible with a kind of hollow echo. At the same time one could hear the long distance calls being switched on, a sound with a unique melodic component.

141 As I later found out, the origin of these musical sounds was a so-called “radar” or robot, of which I still knew very little then. There was a great excitement amongst those present in the hall, and everyone was talking a colorful mix of languages. I could hear German, Swedish, English, and Yiddish, and on top of that a real fantasy language, which the people on the other side apparently understood, but to me it seemed like gibberish. Apparently this was about Chesman who was a heavy smoker and besides that he seemed to be in a half-awake state.

Although, as mentioned, the quality of the recording left much to be desired, it sufficed for me to give up smoking definitely and without any difficulties from that moment on.

When at times some of the conversations of the deceased seemed peculiar and incoherent, there still seemed to be a hidden purpose within those remarks. It must be mainly about humans who have gone through tough mental crises, and now find themselves in condition of totally unfettered reaction. One got the impression that the deceased seemed constantly to work through their feelings in a spontaneous and uninhibited manner. From this viewpoint one could have considered the hereafter as the life plane of the total subconscious, where all feelings are free to roam without restraint.

In other words, it was the sphere of existence where emotion, imagination and feelings predominated. Everything seemed to happen quickly, changing, forming and then transforming again. It was this way with the language too, which in lightning speed could be transformed into a multinational conversation colored by the character of the participating language groups. The change wrought by death, 142 seemed not only to break down the barriers of language and nationality barriers, but also class, rank and race differences seemed to lose their sense and meaning.

Despite the confusing way the dead expressed themselves, their language seemed to be filled with an inner logic. Perhaps one could speak here of a “consistent irrationality” freed from the shackles of the cerebrum, carried and guided by the “truth of emotion”.

Since human nature, with some exceptions, is drawn to humor and not to sadness, so in the hereafter one finds mainly a happy and informal tone. Conditions in the new sphere of existence favor uninhibited and natural manners, and often result in for childlike high spirits and effervescent liveliness. While we who live on earth can hide our feelings, intentions and thoughts behind the thick shell of our bodies, the subtle high natural vibration of those who have passed over reflects all of their thoughts, they have no need for words to communicate among each other. In a certain way, the spirit community could be compared to a nudist colony. It is this general divesting that automatically exposes all deception and hypocrisy and also results in completely natural relationships for where one cannot conceal anything, one also need not fear anything.

As it would soon turn out, there is really no reason for fear in the postmortem plane of existence. However, at the beginning, fears can live on in memories of the past life and can be conjured up in one’s 143 imagination. This often happens in the ‘half-sleep’ of the new arrivals and because of this the awakening proceeds with special care.

Apparently, Chesman also has found himself in such an uncomfortable condition in which awakened memories of his desire for cigarettes plagued him. My attention was often drawn to certain statements that apparently were connected with the puzzle of those mystical aircraft. The words; ”Frederic, we’re flying” or “Friedel we’re sitting in the ship of the dead”, as well as expressions like “teleship”, “craft” and so on, were heard by me often, and recorded on tape. Although I had not obtained any more details, it still was obvious that this had to do with some kind of means of transportation, most likely a way of flying. One could fly without attachment through space and time; this kind of flying overcame our earthly limitations. One could pass the speed of light when flying and end up in a condition that Einstein recognized, and of which H.G. Wells wrote about in “The Time-Machine”. The fourth dimension would have to provide an answer to this problem.

Now that the fundamental question (the survival of death) has been answered through the contacts with the deceased via tape recorder, it seems to me that the question about what kind of flying vehicles is only of secondary importance, though of course interesting. Of course the evidence that the human being will live on after death as a conscious entity is of utmost importance as is the fact that the departed can reach us by means of the tape recorder.

Prominent personalities of classical antiquity, the medieval or early baroque ages have never checked in with me. I suspect that most of them have been born again and died again many times and are currently living with other names on earth or in the hereafter.

144 Just the astonishing fact that people like Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin, Van Gogh, Elenora Duse, Annie Basant, my mother, d’Aununzio, Goering, Himmler, Felix Kersten, “Montedoro” and many other well-known known Jewish and Christian savants, musicians, composers and singers, along with simple workers appear together, call each other by their first names, and together accomplish common tasks, this fact alone is of supreme importance.

If reconciliation between the executioners and their victims has truly taken place in the hereafter, I can only welcome this fact greatly. In this I saw and recognized the first practical proof of the possibility of achieving “a community embracing all humans”. I had no doubt that all these departed have understood the true meaning of the law of cause and effect, and have tracked down the elementary secret of life and death.

This is not to say that all the dead persons are suddenly transformed into pure angels. The decisive transformation that took place in the psyche of the deceased only depends to a certain extent on the deliverance from their frail human bodies. The most significant role is played by the influence of their dimension outside time and space, a synchronicity that affords the dead the great advantage of direct perception. The practical results of this timeless perception can only be perceived with difficulty from our perspective, or not at all for most of us.

So for example, the deceased can comprehend the cause and effect of events and things as a simultaneous event. That is why it is possible for them, practical even, to see through the nonsense and distortion of all ideological doctrines, no matter if they are religious, scientific or 145 political. The dead know probably more than enough. Since on the one hand they watch over the dying and on the other receive and welcome the dead, they are well versed with the cause of what we call death. They know that even if people do not destroy each other every now and then because of class, race or religious wars they shorten their own existence anyway through a lifestyle that flies in the face of reason because they rush, drink, smoke, brag, love and hate each other to death.

Yes, basically they rob themselves of most of their lives, and only a few die at an old age of natural causes. The departed know all about it; in the hereafter the facts speak insistently and unmistakably for themselves. All of the concepts and opposing ideas that today motivate our thinking, such as annihilation and afterlife, heaven and hell, God and devil, moral and immoral, hatred and affection lose their time related character and imaginary strength beyond the grave, they perished by their own senselessness. That’s why the torturers and the tortured, the judges and the judged, the powerful and the week can start anew again in a completely harmonious balance of the opposing forces that divided them on earth.

The dead did not find Dante’s inferno or any personal God. Also the concepts of Heaven, Hell and Devil as found in the Holy Scriptures have proved to be nonexistent. Humanity alone in its imperfect imagination has created the likeness of a personal God. But since the reality exceeds our imagination and cannot be comprehended by our three dimensional thought processes, we have created a scapegoat who can be blamed for all suffering and misery. 146 With a personal God and devil as the basis for our worldview, humanity has shut the door to a true understanding of its character. The dead know all about this vicious circle and its fatal results since many of them have been transported onto the other side directly from the abysses of our earthly hells. They also know because from their timeless dimension they have an objective overview of human history with all of its cause and effect relationships.

The dead look back with great concern, for the number of earthly hells has dramatically increased in the last centuries. They understand the origins of this fatal cycle, which consists of errors in thinking and feeling that has somehow gripped humanity in a hypnotic bondage.

Yet despite all seeming hopelessness, the dead know that this vicious cycle can be broken. The main difficulty lies in the fact that those of us who still live on earth, are ensnared in a dreamlike state and hold this dream to be reality. We have heard the wake-up calls of the awakened consistently in our dreams, but take them to be the voices of our dreams. How should the awakened dead communicate with us when we have failed to heed over the past millennia all of the wake-up calls of the teachers living among us on our earthly plane?

Most of all: Did we not reject, hunt and kill a large number of these wake-up callers? And our sisters and brothers, did they not get carried by us with grief and tears to their “eternal rest”, buried or cremated and then forgotten? In truth, how many are concerned about the fate of the dead? Do we not lament and cry for our own pain, our loneliness after the loss?

147 And who among us really wishes to contact the deceased, that is to say the ghosts with their doubtful reputation? The obstacles have existed and remain exclusively on our side, because from the side of the dead, the bridge has already been built.

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