Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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118 CHAPTER 26

Eight perennial questions and their answers – The four dimensional levels of unrestrained psychic impulses – Many questions and problems remain open

Before I talk in greater detail about the communications of those who have passed on, I consider it important to clarify a few basic concepts. I believe that the questions that will surface in each reader can best be answered if I consider all of the frequently asked questions as if they had been posed by readers of this book and if I answer them one after the other. After all most of these questions cover the same ground.

Question 1
Has it not already been proven by science; that after physical death, which is to say after the disintegration of the body, all consciousness ceases and that life without a body can be absolutely excluded.

This purely materialistic view of human life has lost much of its authority in the age of nuclear research, electronic brains and computers. On the other hand, an entirely new branch of science known as parapsychology has been developed. Even in Soviet Russia there exist no fewer than eight parapsychological research institutions.

I just want to mention a few internationally known researchers: C. G. Jung, Nobel Prize Winner Sir Oliver Lodge, Prof. Rhine, Prof. Broad, Prof. Mattiesen, Prof. Hans Driesch whose revolutionary research not only demonstrated the existence of a sphere of life and consciousness outside of time and space, but also proved that the human being has 119 the capability of greatly transcending the limitation of his physical body and the five senses. Today there exist parapsychological faculties at several universities and special sections of the American and Soviet armed forces, which are studying telepathy, clairvoyance, hypnosis, telekinesis and other extrasensory perceptions that can thus be considered to be recognized by science. Besides, the exploration of the subconscious – mainly to the credit of C.G. Jung – has opened entirely new areas for psychology and psychiatry that unavoidably lead to parapsychology.

Among others, the research conducted by the Swedish physician Dr. Bjoerkhem has placed the problem of reincarnation (the repeated sequential earthly lives of human souls) in an entirely new light. These millennial teachings that have been forgotten or denied for centuries in Europe because of church doctrines and materialism can no longer be ignored today since there are scientifically proven cases of reincarnation. In this connection let me mention the case of Shanti Deva whose memories of previous lives have been demonstrated as absolutely accurate. The results obtained by C. G. Jung, Dr. Bjoerkhem, Oliver Lodge and many other researchers in parapsychology have the same great and revolutionary significance for the exploration of the human soul as the results in physics obtained previously by Einstein and Max Planck.

Question 2
Is it not possible that the voices that can be heard on your tapes are the product of your imagination that you unconsciously transfer to by suggestion?

120 Answer:
Of course, it could be imagination or suggestion if this would only involve very weak and unclear words or shouts. It happened to me on numerous occasions with my 140 tapes that contain five to six thousand recordings, which I misinterpreted one or another communication because of strong interference or faulty reception. Such mistakes are unavoidable in all research activity. But even if I reduce the number of my recordings to one third by eliminating all those that are doubtful, there still remain approximately two thousand recordings characterized by clear text and unmistakable communications that can be understood without any doubt by all who possess normal hearing.

I have tested a large number of recordings with different groups of listeners without revealing the text beforehand. It became evident that 80% of the listeners could immediately understand the text with the remaining 20% not completely understanding words, especially foreign words unknown to them.

We should not ignore that the art of concentrated listening is a relatively rare gift. It is one that can be learned under certain conditions with much patience. Basically we are dealing with an introspective concentration capability to focus exclusively on the sounds or frequencies that need to be researched without allowing oneself to be distracted and mistaken by simultaneous interference.

In conclusion I would like to add that I possess a few tape segments that can be understood 100% by everyone immediately and correctly. They belong to my most excellent recordings and they suffice to render any suspicion of suggestion absolutely absurd.

121 Question 3
If we are not dealing here with the power of suggestion or the transmissions of a secret radio station, the possibility still exists that you, Mr. Juergenson are able to project this sound and voice phenomena completely unconsciously unto a tape through the power of your subconscious. Perhaps you are a kind of medium with the peculiar gift, possibly for the first time in the history of psychical research, to produce electromagnetic impulses and to send these into the ether. What would be your answer to this?

I should feel extremely flattered by such a supposition if vanity had been my strong suit. But if want to get to the bottom of the issue of a possible mediumistic capability on my part in a rationally we will first have to clarify the physical origin of the voice and sound phenomena. We know today that all sounds whether generated by the larynx or mechanical instruments not only produce sound waves that travel through the air but consist of electromagnetic oscillations that spread through the ether depending on their power source either as radio waves or as sound waves. Since our phenomena cannot be sound waves - otherwise every one in the room would hear the voices - they must consist of electromagnetic frequencies sent into the ether by some kind of power source.

Now if we want to suppose that my subconscious represents such a power center I would have the honor of being the biggest genius in the world capable of subconsciously producing the entire dynamics of a radio station including antenna, studio, technical personnel, musical instruments, choirs, soloists and commentators of all kind. 122 Besides, I would need to possess the magical gift of imitating perfectly the voices of dead people of every gender and age in the most varied languages including voices never previously known or heard by me. But that’s not all. The most absurd “miracle” would consist in my ability to overpower willy nilly any radio wave oscillating in the ether, namely to totally or partially alter any current radio transmission, such as the British BBC or the West German Radio Network using the “program” of my own “subconscious transmitter.” Not even the most powerful Russian jamming station would be capable of such an achievement.

Such a heroic act would not only exceed the achievements of good old Baron von Muenchhausen but would allow me to claim godlike capabilities. A man with such capabilities would be employed right away by the secret services of the major powers with a fantastic salary and retirement benefits.

Humor aside, Question 3 conceals a mental attitude on the part of the questioner that is far from humorous. In fact, it is a doomed mentality that fights desperately for its survival. Without a doubt, the number of leading researchers that have succeeded in eliminating the underpinnings of scientific materialism in the varied branches of knowledge keeps increasing. But since we humans are ourselves the sources of all hypotheses, dogmas and ideologies and human nature resists - be it from ignorance, cowardice or to save face - to freely admit errors and failures, the defenders of the materialistic world view have to use all means to protect their threatened dogma against revolutionaries from within and without.

123 It is a fact that there still exist researchers in our day and age who would rather credit my subconscious with the most absurd magic tricks than to admit honestly and courageously the proven fact that the human personality survives after death in another dimension. If these researchers had only paid attention to other possible insights rather than to the excessive cultivation of their own intellect, they would gain the courage and insights necessary to revise their obsolete views of the world and mankind. How much damage has already been wrought in our world by ideologies built on cold intellect alone!

Question 4
Why do the dead make use of a so-called polyglot or mix of languages? Why can they not talk like normal people in a single language?

Since the dead are completely knowledgeable concerning our ignorance when it comes to “death” and the “beyond” and are also aware of our skepticism and our suspicions, they decided to establish a link that could not be mistaken for any kind of radio transmission. For instance if in the course of microphone recordings the dead would only use the respective national language, suspicion could arise on listening to the tape recording that the words were spoken by one of those present. But if suddenly Russian, Hebrew, Greek or Italian words with a strange intonation are heard in the middle of a conversation conducted in German or Swedish, none of those present could be suspected of having spoken them, irrespective of the fact that none of those present even heard them.

124 Concerning recordings from the radio, we have to take the following facts into consideration: The circumstance alone that the dead appear on radio transmissions with the same characteristic multilingual voices indicates a goal-oriented consistent intent. Since there is no radio network in the world that would transmit choirs, ensembles, soloists, announcers or commentators using such a curious mix of languages we have evidence that the source of these voices cannot be found in the radio stations of the different countries. However if the dead had spoken to me in a “normal” language how could anyone have been convinced that these transmissions originated in a different four-dimensional sphere? I assure the reader that I would have been called an idiot or a clumsy swindler if I had tried to present such (normal) “voices from the beyond”. The attempts of the dead to link up with us would thus have been condemned to failure from the very beginning.

However this does not by any means resolve the questions posed by this bizarre multilingualism. One has also to consider the possibility that the way the dead express themselves has been altered by the change in their spheres of existence. Since the beyond (or the fourth dimension) is the sphere of the subconscious freed of the brain, it is entirely conceivable that strict language limitations and grammatical rules are loosened in the sense that henceforth expressions are based on unfettered psychic impulses.

One could describe the language of the subconscious as an unvarnished pictorial and symbolic language as experienced by the living in certain dreams, that is to say a language that originates in an 125 archaic world of ideas and that is not bound by mundane language limitations.

Question 5
Why do the dead prefer to speak on the radio, could they not reach us exclusively via the microphone, which has less interference?

The old principle of “twice sewn lasts longer” seems to apply here as well. As concerns the recordings with the microphone, it has been demonstrated that this method is limited at present by technical difficulties that are not as yet clearly understood. Even though this method evidently results only in the formulation of short sentences, single shouts or soft whispers, their purpose is usually achieved. These transmissions via the microphone not only have a drastic effect, they somehow speak directly to the listener.

Dr. Bjoerkhem has said: “It suffices to hear and record a single word of an unseen being in a quiet room. Stronger proof is not needed because a tape recording excludes ascribing these phenomena to subjective experience.”

Links established via the radio appear to offer much greater and better possibilities. I have recordings that last more than half an hour and whose decibel level, content and purely personal character is so totally convincing that the even the smallest doubt is excluded from the very beginning.

Question 6
Why did the dead opt for such a technically prosaic method as the tape recorder? Would not a living medium be more impressive, as has been the case until now?

126 Answer:
No matter how prosaic and sober a mechanical tape recorder may seem, its construction excludes that it is subject to any personal errors, imaginings, wishes and desires. A tape recorder will function a hundred percent objectively, it registers in a purely automatic fashion those electromagnetic impulses that come its way, either via the microphone or via a radio receiver connected directly to the tape recorder.

However, in the case of microphone recordings other reception possibilities also seem to exist, namely under certain conditions that have not yet been entirely determined, there are other parts of the tape recorder that can be used as access channels. The supposition lies close that the communicators and singers on the other side can also make use of other parts of the instrument instead of just the microphone. As already mentioned, there is the justifiable hope that this problem can be solved soon with the assistance of scientists.

There is no doubt that a mechanical tape recorder cannot be compared to any medium because of its absolute objectivity. We know besides that genuine and dependable spiritist mediums are extremely rare; certainly this is the case in Europe. No matter how talented and basically honest a medium might be, he or she cannot completely eliminate subjectivity. Thus for instance, no medium can differentiate with absolute certainty whether the impulses arriving from its subconscious originate from the dead or from those present, because the borders in this case are fluid. I also consider it a disadvantage when participants in spirit-séances unavoidably become to a certain point dependent on the medium. Such a dependence relationship can easily paralyze personal initiative and independent research.

127 Question 7
Mr. Juergenson, can you give a rational explanation why precisely you have been selected for this path-breaking work and what were the reasons that motivated you to suddenly give up your artistic career?

First of all, I would like to counter this question with one of my own, a question that I have already asked hundreds of my visitors, and that I now direct to readers of this book. Would you be willing to give up your profession and leave your comfortable home in the city to bury yourself in isolation in the countryside to devote all your resources, strength and time to a really dubious kind of research that consists of getting to the bottom of some mystical and initially barely audible voices that appeared seemingly by accident on an audio tape?

As you already know, this is exactly what I did out of a clear, inner conviction. The fact that I was willing to reorganize my life completely both externally and internally was of great, but not decisive significance. Much more was required, an entire series of inbred and acquired capabilities that motivated the dead to entrust this difficult task to no one but me.

My endowment by nature, with a very sensitive ear and good musical talent along with the fact that I spoke five languages relatively fluently and had a working knowledge of three others was an essential precondition. Otherwise I could not have understood the multilingual shouts and communications of the dead. I also have the gift of concentration and psychic relaxation (meditation).

128 I have been occupied my entire life with the problem of death. In my youth I thoroughly studied religion and philosophy for five years. I did not fail to become closely acquainted with theosophy, the cabbala, yoga and anthroposophist teachings. I did this in a country in which all religious movements were persecuted ruthlessly, and I risked losing my freedom because of my secret studies as I had formed a small esoteric group. At the same time I could not avoid becoming acquainted with the basic theses of the Marxist dialectic.

I owe it on the one hand to my insatiable desire for knowledge, but on the other hand also to those chaotic external conditions that thickened the atmosphere, which made it possible for me to analyze the different ideologies thoroughly, and to free my mind from the all of the singletrack doctrines and dogmas. As a result of these studies, as a witness and victim of two world wars and of a destructive revolution, I discovered the source of the failures and sufferings of humanity. I started to look at life candidly and without prejudice and I was pained deeply by the suffering of humanity. Most of all, I recognized that all our anxieties and miseries could not be eliminated until we had incontestably solved the problem of death. All this too might have contributed to the reasons why it was me who was chosen to build the bridge between our world and the beyond.

Question 8
Did not the publicity that has surrounded you and your work result in many advantages, much income and benefits for you?

129 Answer:
I understand that this question might be justified under certain circumstances. For instance if I had been a poor and unknown artist, motivated and ambitious to make a name for myself at any price, or if I had been seized by some fixed ideas and decided to create a sect or movement around myself. But, as already mentioned, I was at that time at the peak of my artistic career. I had been charged with an extremely interesting task at the Vatican, had painted several portraits of Pope Pius XII and had just been planning to take part in an archeological mission in Pompeii when the voices spoke to me.

An artist who stops painting and does not exhibit his work not only looses his customary clients, he is also soon forgotten. As concerns me personally, I was suddenly required to sell the rest of my paintings, which is practically impossible to manage from a little bungalow far out in the countryside. Since I also had to acquire expensive tape recorders and large quantities of recording tape on a continuing basis, my wife Monika too was financially affected. Together we formed a very successful deficit enterprise that also had the advantage of operating without competition.

At that time we had no inkling that our quiet house would be turned into a kind of beehive, or more accurately visitor center, after our first international press conference. Today I don’t remember any longer how many hundreds of press articles were published about myself, and the voice phenomena in Sweden and abroad. But of one thing I am certain, namely that as long as I live, there won’t be any sect or movement, ideology or school that will form around me. I also have always received and will continue to receive all of my 130 visitors without any charge.

I was not only born in a country where hospitality is a matter of course, but I would become disloyal to my own principles and lose the confidence of my friends on the other side if I were to turn their bridge, built with such hard work and selfless dedication, into an income source. Of course my publicity has also had some positive effects. I got to know many people who had lost all of their joy and courage for living through the death of their loved ones. Even the wisest counsel and solace would not have lightened the burden of these grief-stricken people because words are powerless in these cases. However, that which I recorded on my tapes and what I played for them and what we sometimes recorded together changed the situation altogether. I have rarely seen people laugh and cry so happily. And I don’t want to give up these “advantages” in the future either.

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