Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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110 CHAPTER 25

They observe me and read my thoughts- The “radar” phenomena and time change - The tasks of the ‘copyists’ and the ‘popsers’ - Virtuosi of free improvisation - The central investigation station

As soon as I was able to establish a radio contact with Lena’s help, I could be sure that I was being observed by her via a kind of radar screen. Lena did not only see my body sitting in front of the radio receiver, but she was able to read my thoughts at the same time and even before I had thought them out completely. However, I did not always succeed in catching Lena’s rapid instructions correctly. For instance when certain wave lengths seemed irrelevant to me, but were important for Lena, and when I lost my patience and started to turn the dial, Lena popped in fast as lightning and shouted impatiently: Maintain!…maintain!…direct contact!

In such cases of these direct contacts I only had to pose my questions mentally after which I received an answer immediately via the radio directly to my tape. These direct recordings provided the best proof of how the radar method succeeded flawlessly in executing the connecting function.

An additional task of the radar consisted in interpreting our earth time to the denizens of a timeless and space less dimension. For this purpose the radar method made use of a certain “time change” mechanism.

In this connection the radar (used by our contacts) was described as a “time radar” and our “earth time” as “standard time”. I am sorry that I am unable at this time to report in greater detail concerning this function, not to mention the construction of this mythical radar. 111 I frequently recorded the word “radar” via microphone or radio, that is to say every time when direct transmissions were beamed in my direction. As of today I am familiar up to a point with the technical side of these recordings with the cooperation of several German scientists who managed on the one hand to build an electromagnetic bridgehead in an amazing, not to say genial fashion, and on the other to localize the source of the sounds through a very complicated screening and amplification process. It is difficult to predict when this long-term research will yield concrete results.

Let us now turn our attention to the activity of the so-called “copyists” and “popsers” who have been made responsible for a significant as well as interesting liaison task. The word “copyist” is meant here as “imitators”, whereas the English word to “pop” has been rendered into German as a “popser”, but one could also say someone who ‘pops in’ glides into (the conversation). The work of the copyist centers on linguistic technology, that is to say the modulations of the human voice. On the other hand the popsers are masters of oscillation in song and music. Basically both are using the enormous advantage of their location beyond and outside of our own time environment. They are able by means of a certain contracting and stretching of time to change unnoticeably the syllables and words used by radio announcers or the sounds of any musical instruments.

These vocal changes and metamorphoses are taking place completely unnoticed and without any interruption of the song or spoken word. They only change the text and not the sound of the speaker or singer.

In these cases the radar performed a kind of text filtering function in which the exchange of text would by no means extend throughout the 112 entire broadcast band but only include my receiver whether located in Stockholm or Moelnbo.

I wish to emphasize especially here that these word transformations can hardly be spotted without the assistance of an operating tape recorder. In the course of “listening” to a transmission one is unable to detect the lightning fast changes even if one listens very carefully, besides the copyists prefer to make use of exotic languages to which one rarely pays any attention.

In spite of my many years of training and Lena’s indispensable assistance, I only succeeded on rare occasions to detect such word changes in the course of an original transmission. Even today I am irritated with myself about this, but I also have to admire the virtuosity of the copyists and popsers who succeeded in a masterful way to carry out these textual changes imperceptibly. Unfortunately I only discovered later that I terminated many of these superb text exchange transmissions prematurely because I was convinced that they were ordinary radio transmissions.

In most cases the actual wording of the communications could only be picked out after numerous repetitions. Once I understood it correctly there were no longer any difficulties.

But then it could happen that, for instance, an Arabic announcer would begin speaking in German, Swedish, Estonian, Italian and also Russian without any change of emphasis in his voice! Suddenly he would call me by name, bring me personal news, mention Moelnbo, Maelarhoedjen and the names of my friends that had passed on, mix in a few Arabic words again, and once again quickly, casually, send words of greetings to my wife Monika and our poodle Carino and then end his commentary in the original language. 

113 Occasionally it even happened that the copyists delivered themselves of fictitious commentaries in exotic languages using their own voices, but actually spoke German or Swedish. The changeover could be detected more easily in these cases especially when the voice of the copyist was familiar to me. Such direct imitations were often voiced at normal strength using the so-called “radar” (connection), which acted like a kind of loudspeaker.

The same exchange technique was used by the popsers in the case of songs and instrumental music. In the case of comedies, operettas or classical oratorios where spoken and sung words, recitative segments and music alternated, the copyists and popsers worked together. The popsers are masters of improvisation, they know how to use every appropriate occasion in a flash and they always sound innovative because they consistently avoid the stereotypical.

Whereas the copyists cause surprise with their amazing voice imitations, the abilities of the popsers seems to be pure magic. The musical inserts of the popsers are always filled with a rapturous joie de vie that one could describe most appropriately as Dionysian. It really is admirable how spontaneously and easily these unseen human beings are able to present humor and drama, high spirits and poignancy in iridescent variations.

As the virtuosity of these artists knows no bounds, it is sometimes difficult to determine in which case we are dealing with imitation, text-exchanges or original presentations. I am convinced that no normal radio listener could detect these contact attempts without the help of certain keywords, the transmission of personal communications or most of all the multilingual confusion.

114 One time I received a transmission in which the popsers had exchanged the voices of a Czech male choir in such a way that a personal communication to my wife and myself was clearly received in four languages. At the same time, they maintained the orchestra and the applause without any change.

These multilingual song presentations were textually put together so unequivocally and personally that any doubt as to their intent would have to be completely excluded. Our first and family names were often called out or sung to clarify even further the personal character of these transmissions.

All of these cases involved sizeable groups of trained musicians, singers and actors who used free improvisation to display their artistic talents.

There were also certain performances that were given by amateurs as well as children involving smaller comedies, dialogues and choirs that were presented informally and with lots of humor.

All these countless transmissions that were captured by me in the course of around eight years doubtlessly represent a highly interesting, invaluable and above all an objective basis of evidence for my contacts. Just the fact that these mostly expensive presentations were transmitted on Europe’s strongest radio frequencies is of decisive significance. One needs hardly to make the point that no radio station in the world would dare broadcast such completely senseless and incomprehensible transmissions to the general public without triggering an immediate avalanche of protests.

However despite my irrefutable evidence I have to assume the determined resistance of certain circles who deny the existence of a 115 higher dimension or that of another worldly sphere, and since my tape recordings obviously could not originate with a legal radio station I will probably be suspected of operating my own, secret private radio transmitter. Of course such allegations could easily be refuted because which private person would be able to broadcast such curious transmissions over a period of several years without causing notice or opposition, not to mention the huge costs that would be associated with such a risky enterprise. And it would be impossible to realize such a pirate radio station with its varied program without numerous technicians, artists and well-equipped studios. And how would one make sure that all of these fellow conspirators would keep their mouths shut? No, the idea of accusing me of organizing and operating a secret radio station is plainly absurd.

No matter how strange and fantastic it may all sound, it is certain that what we are dealing with here are the voices of dead people who are seeking from their own perspective and with their own initiative to bridge the abyss between their sphere and ours. For this purpose the organizers on the other side are not only using a radar-like installation, but they evidently are in control of their own electromagnetic carrier frequencies that they know how to “fade in” at will, with our short, medium and long wave frequencies.

All contacts that are started with our sphere are subject to the supervision of a so-called “Central Investigation Station” and evidently cannot take place without the latter’s mediation.

For instance if the copyists and popsers exchange words within radio transmissions or put new texts into more extensive performances by 116 means of their radar, this takes place exclusively in my radio receiver or tape-recorder either in Stockholm or out in the country in Nysund near Moelnbo. However, the radio transmissions of the Investigation Station are crossing the ether unchecked and can be heard simultaneously in the entire world. This fact is of decisive significance because it presupposes the creation of an ongoing future connection between the two worlds.

The radio transmissions of the investigation station differ substantially from the radar contacts of the copyists and the popsers not only because of their special strength (loudness), but also because they can be recognized by their special security measures that are drastically enforced.

These security measures are based on the following considerations:

Since the planned connection with our world is intended to create a new mental attitude, the general public will have to be confronted gradually with the undeniable facts. Inasmuch as this entire action is intended to create an easing of tensions, (the organizers) are concerned to avoid as much as possible all elements of surprise that could cause confusion or shock. This is the main reason why all announcements over direct transmissions took place in a camouflaged fashion. One who does not recognize the different voices and their multilingual expressions gets the impression that it involves some ordinary radio interference. In the case of these transmissions my family name and location was never mentioned, a security measure that was deemed essential for the peace and quiet of my work. I owe it to my invisible friends that I did not have to prove to representatives of the Swedish security services that my radio contacts had nothing to do with the Fifth Column, but only with the Fourth Dimension.

117 As mentioned, the electromagnetic waves of the investigation station could be inserted into the radio transmissions of all stations. Sometimes when I listened to an ordinary musical program of the radio, I heard faint voices in the background that brought me items of information. On those occasions, pauses or the endings of a pianissimo were cleverly used for this purpose.

While these notices were generally transmitted in discrete tones, the investigation center disposes over means that permits the amplification of sounds up to deafening fortissimo. I received samples of such maximum sound strengths, sometimes only a few words, but enormously loud that I winced in surprise each time.
In this connection I have often asked myself what would happen if the voices of well-known deceased personalities like Einstein, Pope Pius XII, Annie Besant, Hitler, Stalin, Count Ciano, Caruso, etc., were suddenly to be heard full force on the radio. Probably this would lead to general confusion and reactions of shock. It is also possible that East and West would accuse each other of provocative actions and that science and religion would also chime in. Without a slow, rational preparation of the general public it would all lead to misunderstanding, damage and contestation, eventually remaining as an unsolved puzzle that would heat up popular emotions just like the UFO’s.

Undoubtedly those on the other side also have to face connection difficulties and over time I realized that we ourselves could make a contribution by means of technical improvements, better directional antennas, filters and amplifiers that will lead to a substantially clearer and more flexible connection.

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