Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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The caverns of the underworld- awakening the dead –being awake is everything- the three paths to accessing the hereafter

In the last few months I have received from my friends in the beyond frequent information about conditions prevailing in certain regions of the spiritual world.

I received these bits of information gradually in tandem with the growth of my understanding of the entire system.

At first I received a comprehensive description of the so-called “Beyond” from which there emerged a fairly clear picture of a certain sphere to which my friends have devoted their special care. This location – if one wants to use this word for the want of a better one – was called the suburb and comprised an entire series of “districts” or living spheres (conditions of consciousness).

At first I received a description of the lowest layer, which actually comprises the result of a frightful deformation of the human spirit. One can define these mistaken paths as a direct result of the general (human) crudeness whose blind power has created cavern-like hollow spaces in the delicate, easily deformable lighter spheres. My friends refer to these as caverns. (from the Latin word for caves). Negatively charged thoughts and emotions, primarily fear, envy and hate create an astral environment geared exactly to the character of these emotional impulses because the astral substance is very easily formed and deformed by desire and imagination. The process itself – the creation of the environment – seems to work nearly automatically that is to say independently of individual volition.

91 Criminals and sinners of all kind that have been excluded or sentenced to death by the living generally slide into these dark caverns of the astral level.

My friends report further that the transmission of radio waves has caused a major change among the inhabitants of these lower regions. This has to do with the substance of the radio waves that somehow invigorate those who are enclosed in these dark caverns. However, because the mechanical and impersonal nature of the radio transmissions bring about a merely accidental and transitory invigoration, a group of helpful souls (that is to say my friends) decided to transmit a special carrier frequency that can create a better connection with these isolated spirits.

The “awakening of the dead” plays a very special role within the context of this great liberation activity. It may sound strange, but it seems to be that most of the dead in these lower astral regions are in a condition of deep sleep, especially those that have suffered a violent death. The “awakening” is basically similar to a psychic intervention designed to liberate the sleeping individuals from their nightmares and obsessions.

The sleepers experience the astral dream or paralysis condition as a kind of “plastic imaging process”, in effect as an objective reality. Their “awakening” eliminates a portion of the most difficult obstacles because the “dead” are now able to gain access to the community of human souls in their new sphere.

It seems plausible that only after the conditions in this “purgatory” - as one might call the lower astral regions - are changed a regular connection can be established with our three dimensional world.

92 It was obviously the intention of my friends to demolish this fatal vicious circle, which consists of the continuous and automatic repetition of the same imaginative and emotional processes. In this connection it seemed that this extensive liberation action could not be accomplished without the cooperation of those still in the body, that the realization of this plan was dependent on collaborators ‘in the flesh’ who could dedicate themselves to this task based on their insights and determined helpfulness without being misled by wishful thinking and emotional daydreaming.

As far as I am personally concerned, I to had first to gain an extensive insight into and become familiar with the otherworldly sphere and the psychic changes that humans experience with death.

When I finally mastered the practical side of the connection after many months of hard work and countless setbacks, there suddenly emerged another large obstacle that proved extremely difficult to overcome because of its subtle nature.

At that time I had reached a border region that could be called the “border crossing to the Beyond”. Rather than having to deal with a tooth-gnashing Cerberus, I had to confront another, much more dangerous adversary who threatened by stealth and inattention to degrade the clarity of my insights. The frightening element of this opponent was the fact that he resided within me and was most difficult to recognize. Speaking allegorically one could describe him as a “Guardian of the Past” trying like a robot to continually assess all that was new with a traditional yardstick limited by old concepts of time and space to the point where everything that was new would be shoehorned crippled and deformed into the archive of our experience.

93 The tough and indefatigable character of this “robot” is admirable, and it is exactly this that poses the greatest danger. How is one to understand and describe the substance and the conditions of a new dimension if one cannot liberate oneself from one’s routine template of thoughts and emotions? The conditions in the other sphere of existence are not comparable to ours; they cannot be recognized, interpreted and classified with our habitual measurements, the reach beyond the borders of our experience.

The deeper I gained an insight into this unknown sphere of existence, the clearer I saw the processes in our own world. It was startling! Both worlds seemed to be divided only by our spatially and temporally limited imagination.

Similarly to the way in which ice and steam differ from one another, even though both consist only of water, the difference between our world and the beyond consists merely in the difference of the vibration frequencies requiring a specific degree of consciousness in order to be perceived by us. The daily passage of the “bridge to another world” required the greatest degree of watchfulness from me. The smallest inattention or inexactitude on my part immediately led to all kinds of errors and confusion. The whole experience proved to be a very hard learning process for me.

There were only two paths open to me to obtain a clear and detailed picture of this celestial sphere. The first path was that using the tape recorder via the microphone – a provisional way – and the other via the radio – the direct way.

Since everyone can listen to tape recordings, they represent from a scientific perspective an invariably repeatable and controllable 94 evidence for the existence of a postmortem human condition.

The mechanical - technical character of the tape recorder eliminates from the beginning any relegation of the phenomena to subjective experience, especially since there is always the possibility of making new recordings in the presence of new witnesses. Path number two consisted of my capability of entering the otherworldly sphere by “myself” without having to die first, no matter how fairytale-like this may sound to some readers. I know that with this statement I am directly provoking the suspicion of the reader, but if he or she will concede me just a little more patience, then the reader will surely understand clearly what I have in mind.

The path of the personal crossover once again consists of three separate methods.

The first takes place in a fully awake state in which I am able to witness what is happening in the fourth dimension as if I were looking into a television screen. I see what is going on in living color, however without hearing any accompanying sounds. The second method takes place in a semiconscious state. I am no longer a passive observer, but a participating “traveler” who takes part in a way personally in the processes going on around me. The third method finally is my astral out-of-body experience while I am in a deep sleep.

In the case of these rather rare, but fully awake and conscious instances of my presence in the other world, I was able to make detailed notes, whose accuracy would be confirmed by tape recordings immediately upon my return. I will talk about this in greater detail later on. It was also my task to coordinate these methods in order to use one of them each time to control and confirm the other two.

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