Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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I’m supposed to pray for Hitler – Remarkable code words – Was that the voice of Goering? – Unheard of perspectives reveal themselves

Spring in its full glory had gradually come to Nysund. I worked with persistence and concentration; the new reception technique was hard to learn. I knew very little then about the role of my radio assistant “Lena”, who was busy trying to guide me to the correct wavelength in a very special and rather complicated way. But since I misunderstood her instructions most of the time, I used to switch on the microphone intermittently, with the intention to get answers to my loud questions during the subsequent review of the tape at the speed of 9.5cm/sec.

My fussy declarations and constantly repeated questions seem very naïve today, most of all they were unnecessary, because my friends had already tried to answer me via radio, but I had mistaken their voices with that of some radio announcer and impatiently kept turning the tuning knob.

Yet still, I had managed to produce a few contacts by radio, and recorded them on tape. As usual, I had recorded all sessions at the speed of 19cm/sec. As I was checking one of the recordings at the lower speed of 9.5 cm, a male voice began suddenly to speak as if from a far distance. The voice was quiet and choppy in-between, however, one could understand most of the words. This voice also spoke German and Swedish and shortened the sentences in a special way. The first recording of this kind was done in Stockholm on March 4th, 1960.

The following are a few translated fragments:

85 “Listen Churchill, Fredrik, Churchill is speaking on tape…here Churchill outer space…please, from all the many deceased…we want to support the dead with heaven…” The name “Maelarhoejden”, which is an elegant residential quarter in Stockholm, was oddly mentioned often.

Years ago I had lived in Maelarhoejden, but I didn’t understand why the voices were making references to it.

The voice continued insistently, I was able to hear every single word clearly: “Who can hear in heaven?… The almighty! Friedel, pray for Hitler…Hitler is not animal anymore, death came justly…”

After a few days I got the following recording also spoken simultaneously in German and Swedish:

“You lived then in Maelarhoejden…”, the voice continued pensively, “At the beginning…Friedel, you went to Stockholm. I wanted to live with you…for a moment I came to Moelnbo…my head is dead…death came from above…” The voice was calm and relaxed. What a curious statement!

I recorded the following on March 21st:

“in Maelarhoejden…Friedel listen…coming experience flood, torture met Hitler over there. We lived in Maerlarhoejden, listen, listen to me, its green and blooms, its real happiness when it blooms. The Maelar is blooming…”

This topic of blooming apple trees and the scent of Maelar repeated itself many times. I just didn’t understand, how could the Maelar, a flowing lake, possibly bloom?

Could the person that spoke to me be Hitler? Why would he have talked to me of all things, where I have always been a strong opponent of all force, and with that I was also against his regime.

86 From a psychological perspective we know today that most tyrants and dictators are obsessed by fixed ideas or suffer from megalomania. The facts do not change, when we learn that some of them were suffering from progressive mental paralysis (softening of the brain). But it seems to me that one must judge the crime of an insane person differently than that of a person in possession of his faculties. That Hitler suffered from progressive brain paralysis was first made public by Felix Kersten’s book “Totenkopf und Treue” (Skull and Loyalty). Today this fact has also become known publicly through other sources, just as the fact that Lenin died of progressive paralysis caused by an advanced case of syphilis.

Felix Kersten writes the following in his book on page 209: “Himmler fetched a heavy briefcase out of a safe, and removed a blue ring binder and handed it over with the words: “Here, read this. It’s the secret file with the report on the Fuehrer’s illness.”

The report covered 26 pages as I noted during the first scanning of the pages. The medical report dated back to the time when Hitler was confined to the hospital at Pasewalk with a case of temporary blindness. The report disclosed that Hitler as a young soldier was poisoned by gas on the battlefield and that his condition was treated inadequately, leaving the danger of temporary spells of blindness.

In addition, syphilis-like symptoms occurred. He was treated in Pasewalk and released as cured. In the year 1937, symptoms reappeared, from which one could conclude that the syphilitic symptoms were continuing their work of destruction and at the beginning of 1942 symptoms reappeared, which left no doubt that Hitler was suffering from progressive paralysis with all its symptoms with the exception of fixed pupils and speech difficulties.”

87 Incidentally, Felix Kersten told me privately that Ribbentrop was also affected by the same illness. It’s difficult to say to what extent one can speak in these cases of genius or madness, here to there seems to be hidden a spark of truth. The history of mankind is replete with power holders obsessed by delusions not only in politics but also in religion. It’s always the case of revolutionary ideologies that are supposed to save mankind but in reality bring along only immeasurable misery, enslavement, war and death.

The number of such crazy genius power-seekers is frighteningly high and stretches from the dark dawn of mankind into our times.

In principle it has been the people themselves that had helped to ease such maniacs into power. Because of that the question arises, how can it be justified to blame mentally ill persons for their misdeeds and to make them morally responsible, hence to make them guilty in the eyes of history. We all know that the flexibility of our morals, i.e. our understanding of right and wrong, is practically limitless. If someone shoots a rival in a fit of jealousy, he will be placed behind bars or is executed. In war, successful mass murderers become heroes and are decorated with highest honors.

Our so-called “society” has always known how to justify its most brutal actions with the sonorous recitation of exalted motives. For the victims, however, it is immaterial for what reasons and by what method they are dispatched into the beyond. As far as Hitler is concerned, I was interested by the question to what extent death can create mental and spiritual change. Since Hitler was suffering from a brain illness, it seems reasonable to suppose that after death his illness would be lifted.

88 If this could be proved, it would help disclose postmortem changes in the life of the soul of a mental patient. At the same time, the problem of guilt and responsibility would have to be regarded into a new light.

The question in what way death can change the soul of a human being seemed to me to be of utmost importance, because the impacts of a new sphere of existence could provide us with better information than what we have been able to accomplish to date with objective research.

If death can eliminate a mental or emotional illness, the person concerned would feel deliverance on awakening in the hereafter. And then the memories of the deeds, how would they be perceived? I thought unintentionally of the words that I had recorded on tape in the winter: “My head is dead…death came from above…” If those were Hitler’s words, then it seems that an answer has been provided.

I played back the tape from the New Year’s Eve of 1959 and listened attentively to the broken male voice and its somnolent monologue: “We lived in the deepest confusion…” and so on.

I never heard Hitler speak with such resignation and calm. The voice sounded melancholic, I couldn’t recognize it belonging to Hitler. I followed the recording alertly, until the woman’s voice with the Jewish accent revealed Hitler’s presence. I paid little attention to her statement then because I had failed to recognize Hitler’s voice. “Heil!… That was Hitler, he’s not ashamed!”  

Then followed these curious words, which were added by this woman in a changed and embarrassed tone of voice: “That was Hitler…he sees you!…I’m telling Hitler…he loves me!”

It all started to become incredibly exciting.

89 I had still another very curious recording that I had gathered in the winter of 1959, this was directly over the microphone since at the time I was still unaware of the possibilities offered by the radio link. In this particular recording you can hear me talk and walk in the room. It so happened that a foxtrot, which was sung by a woman, was suddenly captured on my tape. At first I thought that it was a Swedish radio broadcast that somehow had made its way onto my tape, when suddenly a cheerful male voice started to sing along a little choppily with the same melody: “Apparatus Goering…Goering…Goering wonderful!…wonderful aaah…listen to Goering on the radio…” The transmission lasted about a minute, then broke off abruptly.

The voice sounded familiar. I had heard it earlier before in bits and pieces and had recorded it. If that was Goering’s voice, then it sounded uncommonly cheerful, in fact high spirited and vivacious. The voice had a relaxed tone and the English seemed flawless. I observed that the singer seemed to be in a hurry.

It was very clear that this was not any radio broadcast because of the multi lingual text. Such songs do not exist.

Wasn’t it remarkable that Hitler and Goering, these two fundamentally different characters, who played main roles in the conflagration of World War Two just happened to be appearing on my tape recordings? Hitler was conducting a curious self-conversation and Goering was singing merrily on my tapes.
I slowly started to grasp that this magic radio bridge seemed to open up endless possibilities, which revealed themselves to me step by step but not until I had overcome my own resistance and prejudice.

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