Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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The new technique requires practice – My constant “radio assistant” – Any time on any frequency – Indisputable facts and proof despite the fairytale characteristics

The patience and determination of my anonymous friends was truly admirable. It had taken them a year of persistent attempts to get through to me, until I finally got the hint and made direct contact via radio. With that, all sound-phenomenon broke off simultaneously. From that hour on, it once again became quiet around me. The faucet and the raindrops reacquired their normal sounds and Lena’s insistent whispering vanished from all the other noises in my surroundings.

I believed that now I had truly overcome the biggest difficulties. But I really deceived myself, because now began the steepest stretch uphill to the mountain peak.

At the same time it became clear to me, that without a balance of body and soul my task could not be accomplished. That meant I had to pay great attention to myself and that my lifestyle should be healthy and natural. It depended mostly on finding and maintaining the inner peace and reflection that was also a direct means of communication.

Problems still existed in abundance. For example, I had to learn the special techniques of these new radio connections that in the beginning puzzled me greatly.

The biggest difficulty with the connection via radio was that without a finely tuned ability to hear, you couldn’t understand anything. But it proved very soon that even my existing mental sharpness alone wasn’t 76 enough, rather I needed to practice again and again. Besides it required an almost limitless vigilance without which it was impossible to realize the lightning fast interaction between intuitive understanding and focused concentration.

For example, I was given instructions that were spoken with unusual haste, or Lena, my radio assistant spoke in very high frequencies that were barely distinguishable from the surrounding noise. It was these small differences that counted.

Even though today, after several years of hard training, I am more or less aware of what is involved, I still have a lot to learn, since everything is still unfolding and subject to constant changes.

The first thing I decided was to become more familiar with the frequencies and transmitters of the different broadcasting networks, and also with the frequency ranges of the amateur and eastern jamming stations. On the other hand I didn’t have to pay any attention to wireless telegraphy since my friends did not use those wavelengths.

All of this was relatively easy to learn, on the other hand, I encountered enormous difficulties when I wanted to research the transmission technique itself. The work was tough and complicated. It required my restless involvement, most of all a basic change in the habitual ways in which I perceived the world around me.

My friends were capable of using practically any wavelength and at any time. Still they avoided short wave and particular hours, as for example, when the daily news was broadcast. During solar flares and the appearance of the northern lights the transmissions were absent. During a thunderstorm, or more correctly, just before a thunderstorm, all transmissions ceased.

77 Only very rarely would I receive messages after 10:00 PM, or during the time when I was occupied with the writing of my book. Nonetheless, when I turned on the radio after a day’s work, a singing voice would suddenly wish me “good night”. In such cases nothing more was to be achieved. The “broadcasting station of the deceased” was silent, and Lena’s whispering was not to be heard regardless of the wavelength. Often I came close to losing my patience, and the work seemed unending and hopeless.

My love for art was still as strong as before, and I asked myself with a heavy heart, if I was justified to give up my painting, a creative occupation to which I had once devoted my whole life.

The fact that I gave up painting just at a time when I was starting to savor my success did not bother me greatly. However the thought of Pompeii pained me as I had been entrusted there with a unique task that was to have been accomplished in the spring.

Instead I was sitting here in Stockholm in front of a jigsaw puzzle struggling with frustration in trying to assemble a clear picture from all the countless fragments.

And yet, never before in my life had a subject grabbed and fascinated me as deeply, as these mystical contacts floating around the ether.

In the sober light of everyday common sense, the whole thing seemed like a fantastic fairytale or some crazy eccentricity. But fairytales and castles in the clouds are of not in demand in our times of hard reality. Reason and intellect rightfully demand facts, touchable, measurable things that our senses can comprehend and explore. 78 A stone, a drop of water, a invisible atom, even a abstract mathematical formula can be understood by a human mind, no matter how different they are. Rationality is our guideline, and at the same time, it is the border that may not be crossed. For sure, my tapes and radio contacts with the inhabitants of an invisible world could have been considered illusions or a fairytale, if not for the existence of the tape recordings.

To my great happiness and relief these touchable real tapes, a gift from beings out of the ether, lay before me. Their content, in word and sound, could be heard and understood by everyone who wasn’t deaf or retarded.

Despite all difficulties and mountainous obstacles, I was filled with silent gratitude, yes, I perceived it as an act of grace, for in these tapes lay a hidden wonder with undeniable proof of the reality of another world, another sphere of existence. Everything was new and original surpassing by far in significance all of my personal wishes and expectations.

That, which had happened here, which repeated itself daily and slowly gained a clear outline, possessed the explosive power of pure truth based on facts.

It was the truth, the reality, which was possibly called for to tear the curtain from the hereafter into a thousand pieces and at the same time, to bridge over the abyss between here and there. In no way could this be called an idle sensation. The one and only thing that mattered, was the fact that I was entrusted with the great and difficult task to push ahead with the construction of this bridge. 79 If I proved up to this task, then perhaps the mystery of human life and death could be solved by technical and physical means. These were the reasons why there was no turning back for me, despite all of the unpainted pictures and unaccomplished excavations in Pompeii, and despite all obstacles and anticipated setbacks.

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