Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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Enigmatic fluctuations in the volume level – An English lecture in German – A normally impossible procedure

Meanwhile spring had arrived. Stockholm’s “old town” was slowly thawing, water was dripping merrily from the rooftops, and pigeons in love were cooing on the windowsills.

It was on March 10, 1960, when a highly curious phenomenon happened, that reminded me immediately of an observation from the fall of 1957, when during my singing rehearsal for a planned radio recording the volume level of the recording began to fluctuate strongly in an inexplicable manner. Now this baffling incident, which actually was a targeted rehearsal, was to fulfill its real predetermined mission.

I was expecting company that evening. A few scientists had made an appointment, and I felt as I always do in this circumstance an uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty. Because, I still could not be sure that my invisible friends were willing to cooperate or not.

During those circumstances I had the habit to make short requests, words of greeting and questions into the microphone, hoping that during the playback at 3-3/4 i.p.s. an answer from Lena would be audible.

So there I was sitting in my studio and I had as usual placed the headphones on and spoke softly into the microphone. Suddenly I realized that the volume started to fall to its minimum. I was as mentioned, immediately reminded about the incident in the fall of 1957. This time I tried to turn the volume to its maximum for compensation.

70 Meanwhile, in the adjoining bedroom, my wife had put a record with an English lecture on the gramophone. I was suddenly able to hear the voice of the lecturer through my headphones. Being concerned that my equipment was once again malfunctioning, I spoke my concerns out loud. Because my volume was set to maximum, the recording session became possible; however, I was simultaneously forced to record the lecture from the other room.

This recording session that consisted of my concerned questions and the voice of the English-speaking lecturer from the adjoining room would become a fantastic surprise for me. For after a few minutes, when I began to listen to the recording, I discovered in amazement that the lecture was delivered in German!

First I couldn’t believe my ears, I kept rewinding and listening intensely until there was no doubt, the man was speaking in German, clearly and unmistakably, and had even changed the timbre of his voice. Unfortunately I was able to hear only a part of these German words since the rest was drowned out by my own voice.

The results of this changed speech included: ”You have to record Friedrich…”, the voice began in German, “Ready Moelnbo (The name of the little town where I have property by the lake.)…our goals and expectations…are you getting this?…until something comes clearly…Friedrich…our goal…are you getting this?…Friedrich, do you recognize Moelnbo?…our goal…are you getting this?

In short, my friends had in mind to make a “connection in the country” where something was clearly to come.

71 After I had clearly understood the wording, and the record had finished playing in the adjoining room, the recorder started to function normally again.

My happiness and satisfaction over the received message made me forget all about the speech metamorphosis. I didn’t think any more about why and how come?

Only after a year did I learn, that especially this recording played an important role of to which I will refer in greater detail later.

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