Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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Medical counselor Felix Kersten and his tape – Who are the best informed commentators? – The strings of fate are strangely intertwined

One evening an old friend of mine, Felix Kersten, came to visit with his wife. Kersten was a medical counselor and an unusually gifted massage therapist. The world press has written so much about Kersten (his book is well known too), that it is enough when I mention that thanks to his enormous influence on Himmler, he managed to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Kersten had practiced in many countries since the end of the War. His family had their main residence in Stockholm. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and we entered immediately into an open and lively conversation. I played some of my tapes that seemed to awaken great interest in both. Felix asked me to come to his home with my tape recorder. He wanted to play a radio program he originated that was transmitted by the West German Broadcasting Corp. The title was “Man Among the Brutes” and it dealt with his rescue activities during the “Third Reich”.

One evening as we gathered in a circle of friends and were listening to the tape recording from Kersten, a young man and I noticed that every now and then during the pauses of the speakers breathing, quiet secondary voices were audible. Later we replayed those particular parts and we managed to recognize a male voice that was commenting on the presentation that, though soft spoken, was quite clearly heard in German.

What seemed like technical problems, had nothing to do with the 68 comments by the unknown speaker that could be clearly discerned at many spots on the tape.

I was able to hear one woman’s voice and two male voices. The female voice seemed to be singing. When for example, the rescue of Polish Jews that were brought to Sweden was mentioned, there sounded a very light and happy “Mercy!” It sounded very probable that it was sung by the same soprano that made an appearance for us on New Years Eve during the organ solo.

Also, I was able to recognize the voice of one of the commentators. The man spoke a pure bureaucratic standard German and offered his comments in a dry humoristic tone, but simultaneously threw in some sarcastic replies. No doubt he was incredibly good informed and must have been very close to the leading circles of the Third Reich.

There was no doubt for me anymore that this presentation that was recorded on his tape, was listened to by someone, somewhere in the ether, and that these unknown entities managed to get their own criticisms and comments onto the tape. Wasn’t it interesting that especially this tape should find its way into my hands? I gained the firm impression that someone had again knotted the strings of fate together. I made a copy of this tape later and subjected it to thorough checking, transcribing the text down word for word. I took the tape home with me for examination and when I listened to it carefully with my headphones, I was able to determine that these were the same voice phenomenon as on my own tapes.

However, I discovered at the same time the existence of so-called ”echoes”, that is to say, a soft repetition of certain words, which by the way also happens with long playing records.

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