Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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Trials of patience – Lena introduces herself – What about these hints involving the radio?

In those days I often spoke softly into the microphone. I asked questions and tried later, after switching to the slower speed of 9.5 cm, to peel replies out of certain whispered sounds. I have saved all of my tapes with these self-conversations because those experiments clearly show the steps in the development of my contacts. Of course my own failures and misunderstandings are also clearly revealed by them.

The downside of these attempted contacts was the tremendous loss of time that occurred during listening due to the reduced speed. For example, when the tape uses one hour for recording at a speed of 19 cm, then the time doubles during playback at half speed. When I wanted to have a clear picture of certain recordings, then I had to count on 10 – 12 hours of listening-time in which of course I could not lose my patience.

The “whispered conversation” of the already familiar woman’s voice, that incidentally introduced herself as ”Lena”, wasn’t always that easy to understand. It was very interesting and exciting to follow her expressions and her speaking, when she was shaping her words with tireless patience by using the available frequencies of my voice and other noises. Only rarely did this result in longer sentences. Every now and then she succeeded to mix in small exclamations or comments with lighting speed, whereas the same attempts were unsuccessful in other segments of the tape.

65 “Help…make contact with radio…radio we have…day contact…evening radio helps…help my man…” were the phrases repeated often phrases that I did not yet understand correctly.

“ We need voice amplification,” said a female voice once. Apparently it was about certain sound frequencies that were to be transformed into words. During the beginning I had misunderstood the advice about radio contacts. In that particular winter it seemed to happen frequently, that when I held a “conversation” with my invisible friends via the microphone, the tape would suddenly record radio broadcasts, that strangely enough would seem to supply answers to my questions. On these occasions our radio was turned off.

One time I had put a record on the player that was connected with our radio and turned the volume up slightly. The famous Russian pianist Horovitz was presenting a Skriabin piano sonata, and I asked my friends if the music disturbed them.

The answer came like lightning in a singing voice: “Oh no! Happiness you give us always!” sounded lively in Swedish. On another evening I asked if my voice was heard steadily on the other side. There was no answer. I repeated the question several times. After a while I heard that the already known static roar was switched on and that a voice was trying hard to get through, until suddenly a voice in Swedish burst out loud, but in stammered phrase with pauses: “One must…have so much time…for the…calls…and…”

Back then I didn’t know for sure if this just happened to be parts of a radio program or if they were a direct communication from my friends. If they were successful in “mixing in” their transmissions into radio program, then it was proof that the experimenters on the other side operated outside the limits of our space and time.

66 Apparently I had misunderstood the call to “make contact with radio”, because Lena’s challenge was repeated frequently.

A very interesting new phenomenon happened during this phase of development, mostly late in the evening, when we were sitting very quietly in front of the tape recorder during recording sessions and were cherishing the peace and quiet of the evening. None of us had perceived even the slightest sound, but as I later played back the tape, a soft male choir became audible suddenly out the of the silence room: “Listen brothers…we are praying…”

The singing was soft and in unison similar to medieval chants.

On a different occasion the voices sang in the same tone and melody: “We hear from heaven…” Then one evening a beautiful woman’s voice was audible: “We’re praying from heaven…we listen…”

I had surely heard this voice with its warm vibrato sometime before.

All the singers had until now preferred to remain anonymous. Only a few years later, as the connection continued by different means and a large part of the existing inhibitions and disturbances disappeared, our relationship started to become more open.

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