Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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My tape recorder becomes a radio receiver – a Christmas surprise – Who puffed?

One evening I had just turned on the tape recorder when Freddy T., our American friend, entered the studio. When he saw the turning tape he nodded, half amused, half skeptically and said with a smile: ”I’m Thomas.” He was followed immediately by a male voice adding in Swedish: ”You are bragging…”

So, on that first evening the voices had tuned in again.

I recognized among them the tireless female voice speaking in High German that was trying for the past two months to come through to me using different sound frequencies. Now that her voice was coming from the tape, I could clearly hear her soft and expressive tone of voice that betrayed warm, intensive feelings.

Over the next days a new phenomenon surfaced, it happened frequently during the recordings that radio transmissions were recorded on tape. I had the microphone standing on its usual spot in the studio at all times, and our radio receiver was in the living room and was always turned off during my recording sessions. Most transmissions that were recorded originated from Swedish radio stations, also every now and then there were sound segments from foreign radio stations as well, that at times had a strong volume in sound. What struck me as curious, was that right before the radio transmission was recorded, a “switching-on” tone became audible, followed by the “showering noise”, leaving one with the impression of someone constantly adjusting the volume control knob.

46 One evening I was sitting again in front of my tape recorder, turned it on “record” and thought in silence; I wish that my unknown friends would make their own voice audible instead of those meaningless radio stations.

No sooner had I finished the thought, than a very high tenor voice sang very quickly in English and German: “Hoer (hear) our voice!…”

After I finally understood that the reason for all misunderstandings thus far have been my own doing, my mental balance and my happiness in my work have returned. I decided to warmly “invite” my unseen friends for the Christmas celebration, and for this purpose I placed a new tape onto my tape recorder. With a microphone connected to the tape recorder, I let the equipment record our family conversations during the holidays.

The result from the first recording was unusually interesting. Right at the beginning there were several voices audible that were speaking German and Swedish simultaneously and it didn’t lack points of humor. One female voice stood out clearly, she spoke Swedish with a decidedly French accent.

The next day, I played back the whole recording at slow speed as usual. By doing that I discovered a curious sound phenomenon. A whisper was clearly audible within my recorded voice when played back at the slow speed. To my great surprise I recognized the tireless woman’s voice that often addressed me by my name, and especially the word “help” when it was called out. The voice spoke German and Swedish too, and placed a few words in Italian in-between.

47 Interestingly enough it was my first name that the voices were trying to say in various ways, for example, every now and then I was addressed as “farbror Pelle” (uncle Pelle) as the children of my wife are used to calling me. More often one could hear: Friedrich, Friedel, Freddie, Frederick, Federico and finally Friedibus. These variations seemed to have the purpose to dissipate any doubt that I was being addressed personally. On the first day of Christmas a one-of-a-kind occurrence took place that had a highly positive psychological impact on me.

My equipment was running for a while in the “record” mode. It was in the afternoon and I was alone in the studio. I was just getting ready to place the headphones on, when suddenly a intensive “puffing” was audible simultaneously through the headphones and in the room.

The noise was so loud that at first it gave me a real shock. Then I got feeling of happy certainty that the “puffing” sound would no doubt be picked up by the microphone. This sound was unmistakably the likes of a person forcefully exhaling, repeated twice. It sounded just like someone demonstrating a breathing technique. With that, the lungs were emptied so much that you could hear the whistling sound of the bronchial membranes.

After the second exhalation a male voice said in German:”…so cold!…”

This sound was the first that I was able to hear at the same time from the outside, that is to say the room, and from the inside, which are the headphones, and it was recorded on tape. It was an absolute “bull’seye”. When you replay the tape you can hear me enter the studio, walking to the table and placing the headphones on. 48 All of these sounds can be clearly recognized, also the curious breathing sounds and the call “so cold”.

Here again I had 100% proof that I was not suffering from hallucinations, dreams, fantasies, or any kind of mental disturbance. I inwardly thanked these unknown friends that have freed me from the last wisp of doubt, and decided on that same evening to get the advice of a well-known Swedish scientist. Before I get into this, however, I must ask the reader for a little patience, because the recording hid two other pleasant surprises that I only realized after approximately two weeks. First of all, in my eagerness and inexperience I had missed a voice at the very beginning of the recording.

In the beginning of January, I received some sad news. My childhood friend Boris Sacharow had died in a car accident in October of 1959. His wife was still in critical condition and was in a coma, in a Bayreuth hospital. I received the news from a German publishing company, and a copy of the published book by Boris Sacharow, ”The Big Secret”, which they had sent to me. This book has countless photos that show Boris in different yoga positions. These pictures brought back the memories of a shared childhood and teenage years along with the pain of a lost friend.

On the last page of his book, you can see Boris practicing deep breathing exercises. He had emptied his lungs, standing there with pulled in diaphragm, and is smiling. As I was looking more closely at these photos, I suddenly remembered those two “blowing” and “breathing” sounds and decided immediately to listen to this particular tape again.

49 This time I was listening with much more alertness and discovered right at the beginning a muffled male voice that said slightly strained but in very audible German: “At equipment…your Boris!…” The name Boris was pronounced painfully as “Boerris” with a rasping “rrr”.

So after all, it was my faithful friend Boris Sacharow that had succeeded to drive all doubt from me once and for all.

Now back to January 1960. Encouraged by the clear audible recordings I decided to consult a known Swedish scientist via telephone.

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