Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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Tape number four – Strange game with Carino – Half an apple

On September 17, 1959 , an incident happened in which our poodle Carino was given center stage again where he carried out his role with uninhibited nature and much brilliance. With that, I had to take on the role of an understanding listener, which would be “reserved” for me for further opportunities later.

I had named this particular tape “Carino’s game on the lawn.” It carries the number four and on the other side of the tape is the recording of the opening day of my exhibition in Pompeii . The following is from my notes on this particular day: ” September 17, 1959, full moon 000, much switching – 022 – electricity, strong signals!”

I have realized, that I truly appreciate the meaning of a recording, when I listen to a previous recording once again.

On a cold February morning, in the year 1962, I was again at our property in Moelnbo. The landscape was covered with deep snow. You could only see white, black or gray, almost like a negative of a photo. I was sitting in front of my recorder and placed the tape from 1959 onto it. I waited a bit until the equipment warmed up, then a push on the play-button and…

Suddenly I am taken back a sunny fall afternoon; I’m standing in front of my equipment in my illuminated room in the attic, and have placed the headphones on and was turning the tape recorder “on” and “off”. The sun was shining nicely and warm into the room. Carino, our black poodle, was sleeping peacefully on Monika’s bed. There was no wind 32 outside. I once again turned it on, when suddenly strong signals were sounding from the recorder.

They are deafening, rattling sounding tones, that reminded me of enormously amplified dial tones as from a telephone and it was literally shaking the equipment. I’m standing closely hunched over the rotating tape and suddenly feel a prickling and shivering on my face, spreading to my neck and down to my hands. It was as if I was in the middle of some vibrating electricity. Carino suddenly jumped up, supported himself with his front paws on the windowsill, and was looking intensely down into the garden. His glance was going rapidly from left to right, and his tail was wagging with excitement.

I asked aloud:” Did an uncle come. Or aunt?…” I thought in jest about the Venusians and their flying saucers.

The equipment was giving off a series of deafening sounds. Should I consider that as an answer? The sounds were going right through my bones and the tape recorder was visibly vibrating. “Should we go down?” I asked Carino. The signals abruptly stopped.

I let the tape run and go downstairs with Carino. Once outside, I walk around the house, look attentively into the sky and listen intensely into the quiet of the forest, but don’t discover a thing.
Meanwhile Carino is jumping around wildly between the apple trees. I go back up into the attic-room and can hear Carino’s delightfully loud barking; during the second bark a woman’s voice is audible. She says: ”Snouth – bist Du blindi?…” This distorted message seemed to be addressed to Carino which could be translated as “Snout – are you blind?”

I put on the headphones on and continue listening, for a long while all is silent. This time there were no disturbances.

33 Suddenly it crackled twice strongly in the equipment. When I later listened to the crackling sounds at a slower speed of 3¾ i.p.s., a man’s voice was heard after the second crack, which said in normal German, “Be quiet!” The recording continued. Approximately 10 minutes passed when again strong signals started to shake the equipment. Carino is still o

n the lawn, even though I left the door open for he usually never leaves me alone. Far in the distance there was a distant call: ”Moelnbo!”

Outside, Carino began to whine and was snorting impatient whistling sounds through his nose. My tape recorder started sounding off, highpitched and alarming. Carino continued fussing stubbornly and impatient. I took off my headphones, said a few words to myself and went downstairs. On the tape you can clearly hear me talking to the dog outside on the lawn.

Carino is sitting on the lawn refusing to move. I do another walk-around the house. Nothing, nothing at all.

I return to the attic and position myself in front of my tape recorder. Outside you can hear Carino giving off teasing sounds. He’s jumping around among the apple trees, and then you hear him barking happily again. It’s a typical joyful bark at the same time teasing and provoking. It was intensifying, just like he does when playing ball.

“What’s going on with him?” I ask myself in astonishment, I take off the headphones, and for the third time go back down the stairs. Carino doesn’t take any notice of me acts excited and growls playfully.

My glance falls suddenly onto a swinging branch with an apple attached.

There is no wind, also no birds are in sight, and still the apple is swinging on a branch at the top of the tree. 34 Besides, the apple is sliced thru diagonally and is shining white in the sunlight.

Carino is standing undecided on the lawn. I talk with him for a little while. He makes the impression as if he was excited and confused at the same time, and he’s not coming to me either. Baffled, I look at the apple that is now hanging motionless in the tree, then I slowly go back into the house. On the recording, you can hear me close the door and replace the headphones back onto my head.

At that same moment a male voice says in German distinctly: ”…it’s very clear recording – helps the moon…”

The man speaks hurriedly and with a satisfied inflection.

After this sentence you can only hear some high pitched whistling sounds and way at the end of the tape a female voice with a typical Berlin accent says:” Today – Maelarhoejden…”

With that, the tape and the recording came to an end.

What I have reported here can be heard during the replay of the recording and understood sound for sound, word for word. Carino’s voice doesn’t need any commentary; a dog will react spontaneously and cannot fake it. The deafening signals speak for themselves, as do the voices of the unknown entities.

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