Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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Hit tunes with a commentary – A dog barks five times – Someone hears and sees me – The baffling new and great begins to emerge

One day we borrowed a record from our neighbors, Ingrid and Lennart R., which I intended to copy onto tape. The song was called “The marionettes”, and Lennart R., who received the first prize during a music-festival in Pesaro , had himself composed the melody. I found the melody to be very suggestive and in my opinion the text had also turned out very well.

I played the record on a portable turntable and recorded the music directly through the microphone. While listening to the tape, when the last beats of the music had faded, one could hear a male voice say in Swedish, “That’s correct point for point”.

On one of the following quiet afternoons I was once again occupied with the tape recordings, as suddenly from the distance the barking of a dog was heard. The animal was on the other side of the lake at an approximate distance of 200 meters (220 yards) from me, and his five hoarse barks would naturally have been recorded on my tape. As I later played the tape back at a speed of 3 ¾ i.p.s. (inches, or 9cm, per second) that is to say, slower than the normal recording speed, instead of the dog barking the following sentence was heard in German, “Moelnbo…main block…twelve o’ twelve (as in o’clock)”

Here again a “magic metaphor” entered that will have to be solved by future parapsychological research. Four years had to pass before its mysterious and apparently meaningless phrase “Moelnbo…main block…twelve o’ twelve” 27 would make sense to me personally. After my first press conference in the summer of 1963, many visitors started coming to see me in Moelnbo, and it turned out that the people who were taking the morning train from Stockholm , would arrive at the Moelnbo train station at 12:12 p.m. (The small town of Moelnbo is located approximately 60 km south of Stockholm .) Many people who contacted me during the years 1964-1965, had recorded voice phenomena similar to mine on their own tapes .

I will revert to this in greater detail later. Anyway, soon many parallel research groups were forming around “Moelnbo’s main block” that in a sense were led and controlled by me. But now back to the fall of 1959. On one afternoon my mother-in-law visited us in Moelnbo. She also wanted to see our room in the attic, and I was helping the elderly lady up the steep stairs. My wife was occupied with the cleaning of the floor. Before my mother-in-law entered the attic room I was able to turn on the tape recorder unnoticed. I did this with intention to surprise the elderly lady with the sound of her own voice. As it turns out, my mother-in-law could care less about what her own voice sounds like when playing back the tape. She got up after a few minutes without listening to the recording.

Later, as I listened to the recording, the following happened: With my wife I started addressing her mother with a few words in normal volume, then suddenly the volume disappeared and it was strangely quiet. I turn the volume regulator to the maximum and was able to hear a conversation that oddly was conducted in German. Since none of us had spoken German, but rather all in Swedish, I placed the headphones on and I started to reconstruct the conversation with 28 suspense, and to write it down word for word.

After Monika’s brief remarks, some “turning on” sounds were audible, thereafter the volume dropped considerably. A woman’s voice sounded as if far away, and said in German: ”Now you can hear radar, seeing…let me hear…”.

“She doesn’t want to say anything!…” responded a male voice also in German, and I immediately recognized the voice as the same that had said “Friedrich you’re being observed.”

A second male voice remarked in-between: “At Monika’s it’s cozy!…”

Then suddenly my mother-in-law's voice could be heard asking her daughter a question in Swedish. After a long pause, Monika said “Don’t talk about it…” “She heard that!” the second male voice remarked in German.

“How she is working there!” was called out in surprise by the first male voice. “I can see her, I hear her directly!”

At this point I unknowingly had turned off the recording. What I had captured here was without doubt one of a kind. Here was clear proof that our conversation in the attic room, was listened to somehow and by someone with the use of “radar”, and was observed and even commented on.

I consider this proof as a large leap forward, and I asked myself if this especially clear recording doesn’t have anything to do with the magnetic influences of the full moon.

Today, when I reflect back upon the summer and fall of 1959, eight years ago, and try to state my precise mental condition, I would have to acknowledge that I had by then turned, so to speak, into a gigantic question mark with my senses and views aimed only at finding an 29 explanation for the puzzling phenomenon that was all around me. At the same time I found myself in a condition of an inner ferment.

Something sprouted and grew within me that was slowly feeling its way into the light of my conscience. With that, something was collapsing within me daily. Somehow I found myself in an interacting and alternating tension field in which death and birth were constantly changing in turns. In the same time I found myself in the center of a storm or chaos, from which a new understanding was emerging very slowly. I could also express it like this: A hidden, secret plane of existence had connected with me in two different ways. One way was from within, through my subconscious and the other was from the outside through physical acoustical means using the tape recording equipment. The tapes with the recordings that I could reproduce any place and at any time were an undisputable convincing force that proved this was a live objective reality and not imagination on my part. As far as I know, this form of knowledge is absolutely new in the history of mankind as known to us.

I have to confess that such revolutionary events are hard to describe, and harder still to experience. As path breaking and interesting as they may appear to be, they are coupled in reality with tremendous obstacles, since their “tool” needs to turn and form himself into a live “bridgehead”, an accomplishment that just isn’t possible without psychic strength and elasticity. I was selected by some unknown force to be a pioneer and at the same time to be a humble guinea pig also forced to endure with body and soul a considerable measure of stress and challenge. 30 Today I know with a high degree of certainty that especially the first two years of the breakthrough were the decisive periods of crisis and trial.

Though after these early years the difficulties and problems did not markedly diminish, a rising stability and tranquility was noticeable. It gradually launched a new orientation that turned my painful condition of endless puzzles and questions into a state of comprehension and understanding. I discovered the simple truth that the biggest difficulties and obstacles are to be found within ourselves, and that without their removal the attempted approaches by the invisible dimension of life, could not be realized and would instead inevitably lead to new misunderstandings.

In the following three episodes you can clearly see the attempted approaches that followed closely, one upon the other, and you can recognize the difficulties that have accompanied the contact between the two different spheres of life and consciousness. It’s a good thing that those on the “other side” also possess a good portion of healthy humor.

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