Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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Again this roaring noise! – “Telephone Monika” – Carino hears – I sense something

On one of the following days I was standing by my tape recorder at around 10 p.m. , while turning it “on” and “off” I suddenly became aware of the already known “hissing noise”. I was wearing the headphones and listened with great concentration to the, at first, very weak voices and noises that again eventually unfolded into the mysterious transmissions from unknown and unseen intelligences. I heard voices, sounds, music, and commentaries until I suddenly realized the ringing of the telephone downstairs in the house, which brought me abrupt back to the present. I unwillingly put down the headphones, but left the activated tape recorder running, and rushed downstairs in long strides. Carino, our poodle, was following close on my heels.

My wife was on the phone and I began hastily to inform her of the ongoing recording. She wanted to know more and asked me questions, but I was sitting on pins and needles, restless and afraid that the recording would stop. For the moment my attention was diverted to Carino’s strange behavior, because the poodle suddenly, in contrast to his usual habit, quickly snuck out of the room, ran up the stairs and after awhile started making noise with the chair in which I’ve been sitting in front of the tape recorder. The running tape would of course have recorded all these sounds. I hung up the telephone and hurried concerned up the stairs back into the attic room.

24 Carino was sitting on my chair happily, waging his short tail. I picked him up, placed him quickly on my bed, replaced the headphones on my head and started to listen with concentration. The disturbances had increased in strength, I was only able to perceive a few bits of inaudible words and then the transmission broke off.

What I’m about to describe is what I discovered later after listening to the tape several times. I heard two muffled drumbeats, followed by a male voice that said “Telephone Monika!” in a slightly compressed voice. I continued listening with concentration. Then came the moment as the telephone rang and I noisily removed my headphones. In the moment when I placed them on the table the “transmission from somewhere” was abruptly ended. You could hear me noisily hurrying out of the room, when the telephone rang for the second time, a few doors are being shut then there was silence in the room.

My telephone conversation downstairs in the house was inaudible. You can only hear the slow rotation of the tape. My telephone conversation with Monika only lasted about six minutes. After this you can hear me enter the room again and immediately replace the headphones. At the same time the vibrating roaring hissing sound started again and the transmission continued without me being able to understand  anything accurately. Finally the noise subsided, and I turned the equipment off.

Later I also got the idea of listening to the six minutes when I was on the telephone with my wife, even though, as said before, the noise disappeared after I put my headphones down, and I had assumed that the transmission had ceased. Nonetheless I listened to this particular part of the tape. Right at the beginning I heard a high pitch tone that sounded like “Carino” was being called out. I was reminded of Carino’s odd behavior, and with that I started to check the tape with more alertness.

25 After the high pitch tone and the “Carino” exclamation there was two minutes of silence. Then a pleasant male voice started to hum unfortunately without words the first bars of “Volare”, a well-known Italian hit song.

I thought it fitted perfectly, because if anyone could fly, it would be you my invisible friends!

“Ah, Carino” whispered suddenly a male voice, and immediately after, you can hear Carino coming up the stairs. The tapping of his paws became louder, and in the following moment he opened the door that was left ajar. “Carino, t’annunzio?” (Do you hear me?) asked a friendly male voice in a half tone. The poodle then jumped on the chair that started to shake and rattle noisily.

“Carino, here is the apparatus”, it sounded in the silence of the room, followed by a clear question, ”Carino, do you know me?” As an answer Carino made smacking sounds several times as if he wanted to wet his dry throat.

It didn’t come to any further conversation, since I was now coming up the stairs noisily, opened the door and hurried to the table, placed Carino on the bed and shoved the headphones back on. Instantly the roaring hissing noise came back on. It is a convincing and encouraging experience to listen to the tape again and again. The more I let the sounds and words of these invisible friends flow through me, the merrier and calmer my senses become. Here I finally found the inner confidence that allowed me the premonition that all that has happened to date was only a humble beginning, from which great happenings would emerge.

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