Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

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The question about Anastasia – I’m very curious – Listening is a difficult art – I am being observed – Where are these voices coming from?

To understand the following better, I must mention that in the past years I have done a few radio specials on cultural history with the Swedish Broadcasting Company. My last show was about the dramatic fate of the Tsarist empire ending with the murder of the Russian imperial family in Ekaterinburg. The question was still open: Was the drama of the imperial family on that terrible night finally closed? I was following the case of “ Anastasia” vigilantly, and I was able to obtain many informative Russian books, among them, some that were not translated into any other language. Through my own studies I thought I had come a step closer to the truth, and I decided to offer my manuscript with its pertinent explanations to the Swedish Broadcasting Company.

Since I came up against certain resistance from the program director, the whole thing was placed on hold until further notice. However, the fate of Anastasia left me restless and I quietly continued with my research. The history of mankind shows enough drastic examples, where the most unbelievable proved to be the horrifying truth.

It seems that in the case of Anastasia the tragic contradiction of her fate lay with her seemingly miraculous rescue, followed by endless chain of suffering for the rescued. The consequences of her rescue proved to be so tragically hopeless, that one could ask if death would not have been more merciful for Anastasia.

20 My whole table was covered with translations, plans, notes and books on the subject of Anastasia, and I devoted almost all my time to this. Only in the evening did I care to turn my tape recorder on to record, since I hoped to record some more transmissions from the mysterious source from which the Norwegian bird sounds originated which also left me restless.

Nothing remarkable happened until July 12. I don’t remember how late it was exactly, it was already dark outside and the half moon was shining through the window on an angle. I had not obtained a set of headphones yet, which allow your ears to identify otherwise nearly inaudible sounds. So I had to rely on observing the small control lamp on the recorder, which flickers orange red to indicate that electromagnetic impulses were being received.

It was dark and quiet in the room and I started to become sleepy. Then something happened that left me wide-awake. Suddenly the control lamp started to flash, flicker and twitch, and to go out completely, then start flickering again. Something was coming in on the tape that one should be able to be hear. I was standing by the tape recorder tense and impatient.

As the flashing stopped and I then listened during the replay of the tape, it turned out to be very little that I could clearly perceive, because a vibrating roar made it difficult to listen. That evening I was too tired and decided to check the recording again a little closer the next morning.

Over the next days it was becoming clear to me that I was not yet trained for the difficult task of listening. I was constantly letting myself be confused and distracted by loud surrounding noises and I had no clue how to eliminate these disturbances. 21 Above all, as mentioned, I was missing the headphones that would have helped during the listening.

After some hours of concentrated listening, and getting used to the disturbing noises, a pleasant male voice started to emerge from the chaos of sounds. The voice spoke English with deep conviction and an unusual intonation.

After a small pause the name “Churchill” was audible, then suddenly another male voice started to speak in German. Though speaking without an accent, the sentence came through ungrammatically. The voice literally said, “Tsar-region we must springtime speak about…”

“Tsar-region”, didn’t that sound strange? I immediately had to think about Anastasia.

“Friedrich, you’re being observed…” added the same voice with firm emphasis.

Before the transmission ended, a sentence was thrust out very hurriedly: “Friedrich” the voice called out my name, “when you translate and interpret into German during the day, try to solve the truth every evening with the ship…with the ship in the dark!”

This charade-like phrase set my fantasy in motion. Though it left me puzzled, it became clear to me that the transmission was meant for me personally.

On the same day I was able to capture a strange sound on my tape that reminded me of the vibrating whistling of an incoming projectile. In the middle of the whistling sound was high-pitched “Federico”, my name in Italian, and then a tremolo voice said, “In look”.

How could this strange voice be explained? In order to experiment totally undisturbed I carried the equipment over into the attic of the 22 house that was still unoccupied. Here I wouldn’t have to disturb the sleep of my wife, and it was totally quiet over here nor did I have to be concerned about anything or anyone.

As the half-moon rose above the linden trees, I placed the microphone into the open window and turned on the equipment. This time it took a little longer for the control lamp to start flashing.

A strange new feeling grabbed a hold of me in face of the possibility to receive a new personal message from somewhere in space. In our totally rational world where the everyday seems soberly and prosaic, like a freight train that continuously chugs on it’s prescribed course, in this everyday there is hardly any room for an adventure of such a mysterious kind. As the flashing of the control lamp stopped, I played back the tape only once and went tired but very satisfied to bed.

The next day I obtained a set of headphones and a Polish dictionary. It was a hard test of patience, and unnerving and highly strenuous work that I had planned to undertake. This new recording was especially hard to grasp, because the voices were speaking Swedish, Russian, German, Polish and Italian simultaneously.

On thing is for sure, the voices mentioned Anastasia, and brought up details about the dramatic rescue of the Tsar’s daughter by two men.

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